Kawhi Leonard Just Bought a Mansion in Los Angeles

Going from living in a 2-bedroom apartment with his best friend in San Antonio to now dropping $13.3 million on an LA mansion is quite the glow up. It’s like I don’t even know Kawhi anymore.

Toronto Raptors fans are reportedly freaking out. And rightfully so. I am not going to get into why I think Leonard went to Toronto in the first place, but I knew he would not be staying long. The conspiracy is finally coming to fruition. It looks like Kawhi may be joining LeBron in Los Angeles after all.

Or maybe he just wants a house there for all we know. After all, LA is where the rich and famous live and Kawhi is both rich and famous. But here is why I think there is more to this: you don’t drop that kind of money on a house you can’t stay in for more than 8 months out of the year. Hell, Carlos Boozer rented his LA mansion out to Prince when he was in Salt Lake City. Side note: if you haven’t heard that story, it is incredible.

Maybe Kawhi is finally growing up. This past year, he broke off a toxic multi-year relationship with Gregg Popovich, traded in his old 1996 Chevy Trailblazer he still drove in San Antonio for a sensible sedan and signed with the most adult shoe company of all time in New Balance. Now, he may be solidifying his career too.

By moving to LA with LeBron, he will most certainly win some championships. Golden State could very well be losing KD, Klay and Boogie to free agency making it a whole lot easier. Klay could even possibly be on his way to join LeBron too. We could all be reading a little too much into this, but we may also be witnessing to newest formation of a super team.

this would be scary