NBA Playoffs Take Ratings Hit… But Are Better Than Ever

Recently saw that the ratings have hit a viewership dropoff akin to when Jordan retired both times. Is this because LeBron isn’t in the playoffs? Of course it is! However, I am stuck here saying this has been one of my favorite playoffs, and there are a host of reasons…

The West has had a shockingly bad playoff stretch. The Rockets and my beloved Jazz was horrible to watch. Watching the Clips take swings at the Warriors is cute, but futile. The Spurs and Nuggets is great, but it is just painful to watch the horrible shooting both teams are displaying currently. The best series is the Thunder-Trailblazers, and that is solely for the reason Dame is big brother-ing Russ out there. Or is it because Russ and the Thunder can’t hit a three if their life depended on it?

It doesn’t matter, since the East is where the action has been. Sure, the Bucks-Pistons and Raptors-Magic series were predictable in their outcomes. And the Celtics-Pacers game was disappointing without Dipo suiting up. Yet the best series of the first round goes to the 76ers-Nets matchup, where the Night King himself Jared Dudley has cemented himself as the Meme God of the playoffs.

Image result for jared dudley vs 76ers

Even though the Nets may be down 3-1 in the series right now, Game 5 is worth your attention. With Game 4 resulting in Jared Dudley taking swipes at both Joel Embiid and Jimmy Butler, who knows what J-Dud has in store for us. However, he is not the only player to get ejected…

The real reason I am writing this is to point out why many around NBA media/Twitter are saying this is an amazing first round right now, and I think it is stemming from the animosity players are beginning to show again. Last year, there were 3 ejections in the entire playoffs. Before Sunday’s games, there were 7. AND THIS IS THE FIRST ROUND! I am getting some serious 90’s animosity levels on the court right now, and it is absolutely amazing to regain that aspect of entertainment for the NBA again.

Can’t wait for the Game 5’s to roll around. Might even make/buy some popcorn for this.

Joel Embiid’s Newest Endorsement Is Brutally Honest

Say what you will about Joel Embiid, but I cannot get enough of him in this year’s Playoffs. He’s so much fun to watch; blocking everything Jarrett Allen puts up, jumping out of the gym to dunk when he really just needs to stand on his tiptoes, just your typical 7 footer things. Even with the excitement he brings to every game, we get to see even more of him during commercial breaks. Check out his new commercial with Hulu.

Easily the best commercial of the 2019 Playoffs. Not that impressive since it is only competing with the godawful Progressive ads, but at least a third quarter Super Bowl commercial nonetheless.

What I love the most about this is how brutally honest it is. Every other commercial starring an athlete is just him or her pretending to love a product. But why does Serena Williams only drink Gatorade? Why does LeBron only wear Nike? It’s not because it is the only brand for them; it’s money.

The kid asks Joel Embiid in the tunnel (giving off a real “Mean” Joe Greene Coca-Cola Super Bowl ad vibe) why he changed his nickname. Embiid gives the answer we all knew, but did not think he would actually say…. Money. An actually original and organic take for a commercial.