Rockets Win Game 5 by Default

The Utah Jazz imploded in the last 3 minutes of Game 5. Turnovers, missed threes and terrible defense all led to their second straight Playoffs defeat to the Rockets. Not to take anything away from Houston and a terrific series performance, but we would be headed to Game 6 if the Jazz did not forgot how to play basketball.

Utah clawed their way back from an 11 point deficit to take a fourth quarter lead. They had every opportunity to win the game until the 2:49 mark. Crowder had just made a three and they were only down one until Ricky Rubio decided it was a good idea to play defense from behind James Harden.

Really? Let’s give Harden a wide open lane in an elimination game. Great idea, Utah. What kind of defense is this? This wasn’t the first time either.

Look, I know there must be some kind of explanation for this, but there is no way this is something that is taught to basketball players. The only thing that this kind of defense prevents is a stepback jumper. There is just no possible way that the Jazz cared more about one of the toughest shots in the game over giving up a guaranteed two points. I’ve heard of guarding one side of a player so that they are forced to use their weaker hand, but I’ve also heard that the number one rule of defense is to be between your man and the basket. Is that not a thing anymore?

Obviously, the Jazz gave up 2 points on that possession. Rubio matches it the next time down the court and then Utah gets a defensive stop. Time for the Jazz to take the lead. Gotta find the open man and find him they did. Rubio for the wide open three and…


Follow this up with Donovan Mitchell turning the ball over and Joe Engles passing instead of taking wide open layups and you get a final score of 100-93. Credit to Houston for making free throws to close out the series, but this should not have been the gentleman’s sweep that it turned out to be.

What NBA Players Will Have Roles in Space Jam 2

With the exception of Star Wars, The Godfather and Toy Story, sequels almost always ruin whatever movie franchise it is associated with. For some reason though, we always beg for another one. This is, again, true for the Space Jam franchise. I know Space Jam 2 is going to be terrible, but I am ready to be hurt again. I want to see my favorite movie get ruined.

There may be a slight problem though. Much like LeBron in real life, nobody wants to play with him in his movie either. As of right now, the only confirmed NBA player is LeBron James. Michael Jordan, on the other hand, had no problem getting other stars to join him on the big screen. Larry Johnson, Shawn Bradley, Patrick Ewing, Muggsy Bogues and Charles Barkley all had credited roles in the 1996 film.

Even Bill Murray got a major role.

Rest assured, LeBron will eventually get another baller to be in his movie. However, the question of who? remains. Now, you can profit off the uncertainty, because of the wonderful place that the internet is. Here are the current odds from Bovada:

Here are some things that are for sure: JR Smith will be in the movie in some capacity. I don’t think he will have a credited role, but LeBron’s disciple will appear somewhere. Giannis will NOT be in the movie. He has already come out and said that he wants nothing to do with Hollywood.

My projections for who will be in Space Jam 2:
Chris Paul
Kevin Durant
Dwayne Wade
Steph Curry
James Harden
Bugs Bunny

I wouldn’t think KD would be in the movie if it wasn’t for the absolute disaster of a movie that Thunderstuck was. If you don’t know what I am talking about, just Google it for a good laugh. Also, I am 99% sure Shaq will force his way into the movie somehow.

Saturday Morning Sports Trivia, 3/9

Back by only semi-popular demand if we are being honest. Views were way down from last week. And while that is disappointing, it’s a wake up call for me do either tone it down or do better. I have chosen to do better. Be sure to share, DM, like, retweet or anything to assert your dominance on all of your followers and the Soft 7’s of the world. As always, we love you for your minds and I am going challenge them. Go 15/15? Let us know and we will send you free Soft 7 Sports stickers.


  1. LeBron James won his first championship with the Miami Heat against what team?
  2. The team (answer from #1) that LeBron beat in his first championship had 3 future MVP’s on it. Name all 3.
  3. Bill Self has been the head coach of Kansas for 16 years… How many NCAA Championships has Kansas won under him?
  4. On Thursday, March 7, Antonio Brown was nearly traded from the Pittsburgh Steelers to what NFL franchise?
  5. The Chicago Bears have finally decided on a new kicker with what hilarious name?
  6. How many offensive coordinators has Marcus Mariota had since entering the NFL?
  7. What former All-Star shortstop is the current owner of the Miami Marlins?
  8. What American team has won the most Stanley Cups?
  9. Who has scored the most goals in NHL history?
  10. To weed out the Americans who think soccer is boring, name one team that has advanced to the 2019 UEFA Champions League quarterfinals.
  11. With Case Keenum being traded to the Washington Redskins, who is now the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos?
  12. Where did Charles Barkley play his college basketball?
  13. Who was the head basketball coach of Kentucky for their 1996 NCAA national championship?
  14. True/False: Matt Stafford has more career passing yards than Troy Aikman.
  15. Khloe Kardashian has dated five current and former NBA players. Can you name three of the five?


  1. Oklahoma City Thunder
  2. Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden
  3. 1
  4. Buffalo Bills
  5. Chris Blewitt
  6. 5
  7. Derek Jeter
  8. Detroit Red Wings
  9. Wayne Gretzky
  10. Tottenham Hotspur, Porto FC, Ajax Amsterdam, Manchester United
  11. Joe Flacco
  12. Auburn
  13. Rick Pitino
  14. True
  15. Rashad McCants, Lamar Odom, Rick Fox, James Harden, Tristan Thompson