Remember When Jamal Murray Dunked on the Entire State of South Carolina

Words can’t describe how much I miss some of the one-and-done’s from Kentucky. One that I miss in particular is the best shooter in the SEC himself, Jamal Murray.

Jamal Murray is my favorite player from the Calipari era, so I felt it was only right to begin our “remember when” series with a highlight that is near and dear to my heart. The dunk that shook an entire state to its core. Good morning from Jamal Murray dunking on the entire State of South Carolina.

Stop! They’re already dead. Absolutely savage move from Murray to try to further embarrass a team he was beating by 30+. Probably the killer instinct he should have used to close out a series against the Spurs and Pop.

How in the World Did Jamal Murray Make This Shot?

Coming off a 34 point performance in a heart breaking 4OT game, Jamal Murray needed to step up again big time in game 4. But how were the Nuggets going to neutralize the incredible guard play of the Blazers? Can’t stop Lillard and McCollum so they will just have to outscore them. Jokic was going to drop the quietest triple-double ever like always, but Murray was going to have to drop another 34 if they wanted a chance. Score a lot and score any way he can. By any way, I mean trick shots meant to give your buddy the final E in horse. Watch:

This had to have felt like a giant middle finger in the faces of all Blazers fans. Murray hitting shots like that on the first play of the game told Portland they had no chance. They will tie up the series 2-2. We are going to 6.

Wait, haven’t we seen this shot before?