If Boston Can’t Keep Kyrie, Then I.T. May Be Time for a Homecoming

For the entire year of 2019, Kyrie Irving has been playing basketball, the media and with all of our hearts. Let’s face it, we will never know how he truly feels about Boston until the offseason and he either re-signs or explores other options.

A very underwhelming Playoff performance has left many Celtics fans with an indifferent opinion of Kyrie. After shooting 8/22 in Game 3 of the Bucks series, he promised that he would never shoot 8/22 ever again. Kyrie is a lot of things, but a liar is not one of them. The next two games he shot 7/22 and 6/21. Worse, but technically living up to his promise. Regardless of how the season ended, he is still a top 3 point guard in the league and we should want a superstar like Uncle Drew back. But, if he decided not to re-sign, these are two options that should keep everyone happy.

If you couldn’t tell from my ever so clever headline, Isaiah Thomas would be an excellent player to fill in the point guard vacancy. I.T. is the epitome of a player that can thrive in the Brad Stevens coaching system. He’s a proven winner and now that LeBron is out of the East, he can lead Boston to the title series. On top of how great of a player he was in Boston, he won every Celtics fans’ heart. Being under 6 foot and still balling out, dropping 28.9 points per game, and of course, the game he played for his sister that brought us all to tears. There is not a single Boston fan that wouldn’t want him back in the green and white.

While we are on the subject of homecomings, Rondo would also be a great addition if we were to lose Terry Rozier. I know “Danny won’t trade me”, but that doesn’t mean he won’t walk away in free agency. Rondo is timeless. During the 2018 championship run, he was a triple-double MACHINE. He’s a champion that would really help a young team with 3 new first round draft picks navigate the Playoffs. He could come off the bench and still contribute his classic Rondo stat line of 6 points, 8 rebounds, and 22 assists.

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The best case scenario for this offseason would be to have a great Draft and hopefully re-sign Kyrie and convince Anthony Davis to join him. But, if that doesn’t work out, I would happily take I.T. or Rondo as a replacement.

Isaiah Thomas Confirms Return to Boston

There is something about a 5’9″ point guard and Brad Stevens that just works. To be fair, the sample size of this statistic is just one, but the point still stands. Isaiah Thomas is at his best when he is in a Celtics uniform.

The Celtics know it, the entire NBA knows it, even Isaiah Thomas knows it. That is why he is not being secretive about his future plans. Thomas becomes a unrestricted free agent this summer and his mind is set firmly on a return to Boston. Confirmed by this video:

Fan: “No fourth quarter has been the same here without you, man.”

Isaiah Thomas: “I’ll be back.”

Isaiah Thomas is either making his triumphant return to the city that loves him or quoting a line from his favorite movie.

I won’t get into why the Celtics got rid of IT in the first place, but basically he was up for a max contract that they could not give him. It was strictly business and Boston has even made a tribute video they showed before last night’s game to show that there is no bad blood.

If Boston is known for one thing, it is for the system players on the professional teams. Only difference for IT, his case actually has stats and logic to back it up. He was simply a better player in Boston. Now, it is time for a return to the Celtics and a return to greatness.

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