Anthony Davis Thinks LA Is a Bum A** City

AD coming in hot with this absolute scorcher of a take. While I do believe that retweets and likes are not endorsements, I do believe that liking something means you agree with it, at least a little bit. Recently, Anthony Davis was caught liking a comment on instagram:

Anyone reading this would surmise that AD does not want to go to Los Angeles and agrees that it is a bum a** city. However, if I am going to take one part of the sentence seriously, I have to take the other as well. No matter how many grammar rules it ignores.

As a Celtics fan, this is music to my ears. The top two teams gunning for Davis were the Lakers and the Celtics with the Pelicans at the distant third. The Celtics would not have been able to get AD until the end of the season without giving up Kyrie and now it looks like we have a stronger chance to get everything we want. But, the first part of this comment irks me. “He happy here.” It makes me mad, first, because of complete lack of verbs, but it implies that he is staying in New Orleans… at least until the end of the season.

Davis’ past comments state that he is, in fact, not happy in New Orleans. So I am going to go ahead and call it, Anthony Davis will be a Boston Celtic next season.