POLL: Should Barry Bonds and Roger Clemons be in the Hall of Fame?

Roger Clemons and Barry Bonds used steroids and had an unfair advantage and that’s cheating and they wouldn’t even be on the ballot without them and blah blah blah. I get it. They knowingly did something wrong to give themselves an edge over the competition. But haven’t these guys suffered enough?

Their names have been dragged though the media by the same guys that vote on the HOF inductees. The same guys that crucified them years before. Not sure why a bunch of guys who got cut from their JV baseball team and had to go to journalism school instead get the final say on whether or not the leading home run hitter of all time gets to be in a good baseball player club. What is the point of trying to have the moral high ground here?

I say let Barry Bonds and Roger Clemons in. I am sure there are steroid users they missed in the past and there will be more in the future. I have mad respect for the writers with the balls to vote for them. Come on, it’s not like they smoked weed or anything.

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A-Rod Thinks Barry Bonds and Roger Clemons Should Be in Hall of Fame

The MLB Hall of Fame Class of 2019 was absolutely star studded. Mike Mussina, Edgar Martinez and Roy Halladay (RIPIP) were all voted in along with Mariano Rivera who was the first person to ever be unanimously selected.

With every HOF selection there is always someone crying about how unfair the voting is and how lifetime cheaters got “robbed”. The debate used to be whether or not Pete Rose should be put on the ballot. As if time has made betting on games he was involved in any less of a disgrace. Now the argument has shifted to if we should vote in known steroid users like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemons.

For some reason, people though it was a good idea to ask steroid users what they thought about this. That is like asking Devin Booker if Antonio Cromartie having multiple children with multiple women is okay. One of these geniuses decided to have Alex Rodriguez share his thoughts.

Take a wild guess at what A-Rod said. Not only does he want them to be in, but he admitted that it was solely because he want to be in someday as well. Gotta respect that kind of honesty.

Personally, I could care less about if they get into the Hall of Fame or not. I know taking steroids hurt the integrity of the game or whatever, but it’s just that, a game. I know what they did was wrong and considered cheating, but they did something that very few people have managed to do… make baseball watchable.


Growing up, we all that one player who you admired and desired to be. For me, it was Mariano Rivera. All I knew about him was he had one pitch that no one could hit and he carried himself like a true professional. I wore his number, 42, and only thought of it as his number. That was until I found out he was the last ever person to wear it, due to it actually being Jackie Robinson’s number. Mo wore it well though and I’d like to think Jackie would be proud of him. Over the years I learned more and more about Mo and over the years I’ve grown into an even bigger fan of his, which brings us to yesterday. While I was sitting in Rupp Arena to see my Cats play, I checked into MLB Network and say Mariano was the first person EVER to be elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame unanimously. Before that, the highest percentage was Ken Griffey Jr with 99.31%. The thing about Mo is you knew what he was throwing, but you could not hit it. His rival, David Ortiz, became his best friend. Everyone adored him, even the Captain, who pinned this incredible letter to Mo. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/derek-jeter-mariano-rivera-baseball-hall-of-fame

Over his 19 year career in New York, Rivera recorded 652 saves, the most ever by a closer. He helped the Yankees to 5 World Series titles, all while becoming the greatest, most iconic closer in the game. In 96 appearances, 141 innings, in the postseason, Rivera finished 8-1 with a .70 ERA. He recorded 42 saves, 14 of which were more than one inning. According to ESPN….”that’s more two-inning saves than all other relievers combined in the postseason while Rivera was active.”

Rivera is the greatest closer of all time and it’s not close. Many people believe Craig Kimbrel is the best in the game right now. To put into perspective how good Mo was, Kimbrel has thrown 120 less innings in the postseason than Rivera did and has already allowed as many home runs (2). Mo gave up 2 home runs in the postseason… 2 in 141 innings pitched. He will never be touched. He is the GOAT. Another interesting fact: there have been more people to walk on the moon (12) than people who have scored on Rivera in the postseason (11). Lastly, Rivera has never allowed a postseason HR to a left handed batter, even with the short porch in right. Absolutely amazing.

My saddest moment as a Yankee Fan, thank you Mo

Mariano deserves every bit of fame he gets. This honor could not have gone to a better, more deserving person. So I’ll leave you with… thank you, Mariano. Thank you for being the inspiration that everyone needs in their life. From a poor kid in Panama using cardboard as your glove, to the first unanimous Hall of Famer in baseball history. Congratulations, Mo.

PS: Congrats to Mike Mussina, Roy Halladay, and Edgar Martinez for being elected into the Hall of Fame as well, Mo just deserves his own piece.