Stop Beating the Celtics, Giannis. They’re Already Dead

Giannis and the Bucks hit the Celtics with the reverse card in the second round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs. After the embarrassment of a Game 1 blowout at home, Milwaukee put on their monocle and top hat and politely escorted the Celtics home with a gentleman’s sweep.

If that 4-1 reversal and implosion of the team wasn’t bad enough, Giannis had to pile on when asked for a comment about the Raptors.

Come on, man. You were supposed to talk about the Raptors, not make me feel even worse about my team. I felt like I just got dunked on in my mom’s basement.

I can’t even hate Giannis for it and that makes me hate this comment even more. I know he didn’t mean this as a slight to Boston or anything, he just wanted to give a good answer. Really, the only way I could hate him is if he did Space Jam 2 and that does not seem at all likely. All I want is for Giannis to do exactly what he did against the Celtics versus the Raptors. That way, I will know that we lost to the best player instead of some role player shooting 160% from 3… like Khris Middleton.

Giannis Dunks from Free Throw Line after One Dribble Covers 3/4 of the Court

As we all know, Giannis Antetokounmpo is one of the scariest freak athletes to ever grace the hardwood. And in game 1 of his Eastern Conference Playoff series against the Pistons, he showed us exactly why. Watch:

He actually first touches the ball on Detroit’s 3 point line, takes one dribble, and dunks from the Bucks’ free throw line. I didn’t even know that was possible. Giannis is a real life Monstar. What makes me upset is that he will not be joining LeBron for Space Jam 2. So, even though I will not be able to see an alien from Moron Mountain steal his powers, I can still dream about what it would be like if he were in the movie.