Saturday Morning Sports Trivia: NFL Draft

After being reminded that this is the greatest day of these kids young lives for 6 hours over the past two days, it is only fair to make it this week’s trivia. The NFL Draft is a great thing. Letting the terrible teams keep making terrible choices and let them wonder why they are a bottom tier franchise. Meltdowns from fans and entire cities begging owners to sell the team are only half the fun. Let’s get into it with 10 questions. Be sure the share to challenge your friends and like and follow us on Twitter @soft7sports.


  1. Out of the 70 NFL Drafts, how many number 1 overall picks have been inducted in the Hall of Fame?
  2. Who is the only team that has made 4 first round draft picks?
  3. Who is the only Kentucky player to be taken first overall?
  4. Who was the last SEC player to be taken first overall?
  5. What player drafted in 2018, famously had a video of himself smoking through a gas mask leak before the draft?
  6. What player drafted in 2018, has conversations between him and his former college coach discussing payments to his mother leak before the draft?
  7. What two teams are tied for having the most first overall selections? *hint, the Browns are not one of them.
  8. Who did the New York Giants select in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft that caused a meltdown among fans?
  9. What city has hosted the NFL Draft the most?
  10. What venue in said city has hosted the NFL Draft the most?
Crazy to think this guy ended up being the GOAT.


  1. 15
  2. New York Jets
  3. Tim Couch (1999)
  4. Myles Garrett- TAMU
  5. Leremy Tunsil
  6. Also Leremy Tunsil
  7. Colts and Rams with 7
  8. Daniel Jones- Duke
  9. New York City (57)
  10. Madison Square Garden (10)