NCAA Finally Addresses the Most Pressing Issue in Their Organization: Overtime

Instead of trying to fix any of the real issues going on in the NCAA, they have chosen to ignore them and are now fixing things that aren’t broken. Do they address how players are being paid? What about how some coaches are getting away with it while other are forfeiting seasons worth of wins? Nope. The ever so calculated and rational NCAA has decided that it is time for a change in the college football overtime system.

Brett McMurphy explains in this tweet:

This is the most unnecessary rule change to college football. Just so irrelevant. This only would have affected two games last year (LSU vs Texas A&M and San Jose St vs Hawaii) and only four games in the last three years. So, definitely the most pressing issue in the NCAA that desperately needed some revamping.

The only question is “why the fifth overtime?” Why was that the magical cutoff? If the reason was player safety, it would be something like the second or third over time. But let’s be real, the NCAA doesn’t care about them. Plus, the longer the game is on TV, the more money they make. It has to be about the fans. But still, why the fifth overtime? If the game gets to the fifth overtime, everyone who was going to leave has left already and everyone who is going to stay until the bitter end has already cancelled their plans for the next day.

We all just need to accept that we will never be able to please everyone when it comes to football overtime.