LSU Should NOT Have Suspended Will Wade

The news of the FBI investigation into LSU came as a shock to all of us. You can read the full wire tap transcript here, but basically what happened was LSU got caught arranging a payment to Javonte Smart and they suspended head coach Will Wade indefinitely. My only thoughts when I heard of the suspension was:

Oh no, baby, what is you doin?

Never under any circumstance do you let the NCAA think that you are accepting any guilt. Obviously, LSU is dealing with the FBI first, but they need to keep the NCAA in mind. They are the ones that can gut the program down to its bones. The FBI can arrest people and fine the program, but only the NCAA can shut it down entirely. They need to treat an NCAA investigation the same way fraternities treat hazing allegations: deny, deny, deny.

There are two ways they can go about this and they have very different outcomes. First is the North Carolina way. They were accused of academic misconduct and the NCAA had mountains of evidence. UNC basically just told them to go f*** themselves, did not comply and got off scot-free.

Then there is the Louisville way which is what LSU did. They were accused of an infraction and immediately self-imposed a penalty. Implying guilt. You don’t punish yourself just because someone THINKS you did something. Some programs will do this, because they think the NCAA will go easier on them. This could not be further from the truth. There is no case where a self-imposed penalty has helped any program.

Louisville self-imposed a post season ban and they still got their title taken away. Nothing good can come of telling the NCAA you are guilty. Give them an inch and they take a mile. Basically, the NCAA is so incompetent, they need a confession before they make a final ruling. LSU should not have given it to them.

Don’t think I’m right? Tell me how Sean Miller still has a job.

After all, if LSU would have just waited two days, their case would have been forgotten about, because Aunt Becky’s kid was too dumb for college. Read about the latest NCAA scandal here.