Apparently Some Englanders Didn’t Like Alex Morgan’s Tea Sipping Celebration

Classiness, or lack thereof, is the most tired complaint in all of sports. Anything that the losing team doesn’t like is automatically considered “classless”, or is this case “distasteful”, and it all of the sudden gives them the moral high ground.

So, she is a big fan of how the Americans celebrate and is an advocate for celebrating any way you want as long as it doesn’t reference a war from 250 years ago? Got it. In the words of the coolest white person of all time, Justin Timberlake, “Cry me a river.” Don’t like it? Maybe don’t lose the game or spend a whole week calling the other team’s best scorer arrogant.

America’s women have been besting England at it’s own sport for years now. Why is now the time they get butt hurt about it? She was probably they same person that called for Jill Ellis’ head for running up the score on Thailand. Don’t get all high and mighty on us now especially when VAR gave you a penalty as a consolation for a correct offside call.

Had England won, she would have been jumping around yelling “pip pip cherrio” or “ello guvnuh”, or whatever English people say, thinking she had defeated American arrogance. But since she lost she now has to give the Coach K speech of telling the other team how they should act when they score or win. Give me a break.

Her complaints are falling on deaf ears; mainly Alex Morgan’s who will be too busy celebrating with her Golden Boot to care about the opinion of an butt hurt media personality. On the bright side, the view of the World Cup Final is going to be pretty nice from atop her high horse.