Bet on If Drake Will Have a Physical Altercation at the NBA Finals and Much More

Let’s face it. Whether we like it or not, Drake has become an integral part of the NBA Finals. Sitting courtside at every home game and being a paid ambassador for the Raptors has put him at the forefront of the international sports media. Not to mention that he curses all the teams he cheers for. We will see a lot of him in the NBA Finals between the Warriors and Raptors so thankfully, the good folks over at Bovada has let us bet on his antics. Here are the 7 Drake related prop bets for the NBA Finals:

Will Drake be removed from any NBA Finals game by security? 

Yes + 1000
No -5000

I cannot see this happening, but I can definitely see him getting confined to just his chair like his time on DeGrassi. They only way I can see him getting thrown out is if there are repeated warnings and/or a physical altercation… which may happen.

Will Drake have an on-court physical altercation with a Warriors player?

Yes +2000
No -10000

After telling Draymond Green he was trash to his face, I am 99% certain that this is going to happen. Maybe it won’t be Draymond, but a guy who has made millions off diss tracks definitely has some clever lines up his sleeve. Just takes one diss.

Will Drake have his Durant or Curry tattoos removed ahead of the series?

Yes +1400
No -10000

When did he get those?

Will Drake respond to Smash Mouth on Twitter? 

Yes +200
No -300

Hard to believe that the Shrek band with 2 good songs manages to stay relevant by chirping athletes and people more famous than them, but I once also believe that love was only true in fairytales.

Will Drake wear Golden State Warriors clothes during the NBA Finals?

Yes +225
No -350

Take no on this one. The Drake curse is done in basketball. While it is very much still alive in every other sport, Paul Pierce has proven to be the one antidote.

Will Drake massage Nick Nurse during any game of the NBA Finals?

Yes +200
No -300

If he wants to keep his job as ambassador, then no.

Will the NBA publicly warn or ban Drake regarding his on-court behavior in the NBA Finals?

Yes +650
No -1400

Adam Silver has been a phenomenal commissioner for the NBA, I would hate to see his career ended by Drake. If he does warn him, it’ll be in private.

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Steve Kerr Fined $25,000

Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr has been fined $25,000 following the Golden State’s 129-107 loss to Portland. He is being disciplined for “verbally abusing and confronting” a referee after Draymond Green was called for yet another flagrant foul. Kerr was assessed two technical fouls and ejected for yelling and Gronk-spiking his clipboard.

When interviewed about the incident Kerr said, “We’ll obviously get an explanation from the league, but I just thought it was a good, hard foul. I guess I was wrong.”

Draymond Green has his own take on the situation. He thinks there is something called the “Draymond Rule” where he and only he is treated unfairly. Give me a break. Sure the dirtiest player in the NBA, behind Zaza Pa-cheapshot (creds: Skip Bayless), is being called for too many fouls.

Steve Kerr is normally a very even-tempered coach. He never has a reason to be upset since he is always winning. I am going to give him a pass on this one. He is allowed one freak out when his team is losing and on the verge of being dismantled this offseason. Probably just in survival mode.