Karate Master Kawhi Leonard Doing Everything to Fight the Drake Curse

Yes, you read that right. Kawhi Leonard of the Toronto Raptors is a karate master. In the video below, that I too am upset I didn’t see earlier, Leonard is shown chopping boards as part of his Footlocker endorsement. Take a look:

#ChopYallUp. Still not sure why some of the boards were breaking longways instead of horizontally, but I digress. As the first martial arts master since ShaqFu, Kawhi has a great responsibility. He must use his karate skills to fight the greatest threat to the Raptors’ organization and Toronto sports as a whole, the Drake Curse.

As we all know, Drake somehow influences the outcomes of athletic events. Kentucky, Alabama, Toronto, Zion, Borussia Dortmund, Manchester City, and even AS Roma has instructed their players to not take picture with Drake in fear of imminent doom. With the Raptors recent failures in the Playoffs behind them now, Kawhi is the one new variable that could be critical to a deep playoff run.

Image result for drake at raptors game

Since dropping Game 1 to the Magic, Kawhi has put together back to back stellar performances. Dropping 37 points in Game 2 then a double-double last night. He even prevented the Raptors from going full Playoff Raptors mode at the end of Game 3. Toronto was up 6 with a minute left, Orlando hits a three. Next Raptors possession, a missed jumper that should have led to an easy rebound by the Magic went untouched only to be picked up by Kyle Lowry. Kawhi knocked down the final free throws preventing another Raptors postseason self-implosion.

Karate master Kawhi may be the only one who can lift the curse of Drake from Toronto.

AS Roma Players Prohibited from Taking Pictures with Drake as Drake Curse Spreads to Europe

There are two things that Drake loves more than anything in this world. Not his bed and his mama, but doing world tours and pretending to be friends with athletes.

Nothing wrong with world tours (or his girl’s tour), but his relationships with sports teams has brought very negative attention. The “Drake Curse”, indigenous to the US and Canada, is far worse than anything that the Kardashians could do. First, it was Kentucky. Then, the Raptors, Zion, Alabama, and now, European soccer. And the epidemic is taking the continent by storm.

Just a picture is all it takes.

Italian side, AS Roma, is doing the smart thing and getting out ahead of the disease. They have prohibited all players from taking pictures with Drake until the end of the season. Right now, Roma is in fifth place in the Serie A table which puts them just out of reach of making Champions League. They need all the help they can get, but one picture Drake could send them to relegation.

Don’t believe in the Drake curse yet? Here is all the proof you need: