Jarred Vanderbilt Showing Serious Potential in Summer League

Due to a nagging ankle injury, we have had to wait longer than expected to see how Jarred Vanderbilt would pan out in the NBA. And if his performance in this year’s Summer League is an indication of anything, well, Vanderbilt is going to be a freaking hoss.

We all know Jarred Vanderbilt as the tireless rebounder and with relentless tenacity. He has lived up to every bit of that expectation in the last couple of games. Posting 12 points and 12 boards per game has squashed every last doubt I had about him. On Wednesday alone, Vanderbilt dropped 20 points and 17 rebounds in one of the best performances in the summer so far.

In fact, the 12 rebounds per game makes him the best rebounder in the Summer League. Vando joins former Wildcat Jamal Murray on a forward heavy Nuggets team. He will have to compete with Paul Millsap, Michael Porter Jr, Mason Plumlee Torrey Craig and Jeremi Grant for playing time, but anyone who can board like him will definitely begin to earn his minutes and hopefully a larger contract. After all, board man gets paid.

I know it’s just Summer League and we should not get too excited just yet, but if this is any sign of things to come, then all of Big Blue Nation should be very excited. For more updates on the BBNBA and sports content follow us on Twitter @soft7sports and on Facebook.

How in the World Did Jamal Murray Make This Shot?

Coming off a 34 point performance in a heart breaking 4OT game, Jamal Murray needed to step up again big time in game 4. But how were the Nuggets going to neutralize the incredible guard play of the Blazers? Can’t stop Lillard and McCollum so they will just have to outscore them. Jokic was going to drop the quietest triple-double ever like always, but Murray was going to have to drop another 34 if they wanted a chance. Score a lot and score any way he can. By any way, I mean trick shots meant to give your buddy the final E in horse. Watch:

This had to have felt like a giant middle finger in the faces of all Blazers fans. Murray hitting shots like that on the first play of the game told Portland they had no chance. They will tie up the series 2-2. We are going to 6.

Wait, haven’t we seen this shot before?

Russ Westbrook Says He Needs Protection From a Fan

Late last night, when the Thunder went up against the Nuggets, Russell Westbrook was assaulted by a fan. He has been advocating since the incident for more strict restrictions on fans, saying that he is helpless since “what is he gonna do, jump in [the stands].”

This is all well and good if it wasn’t for the fact that the fan that “assaulted” Russ was…well, like 12 years old. Yes, Russ is mad that a 12 year old stood up and touched his shoulder during a game. Of course, I agree in the sense that there needs to be more protection from fans on the player side since this opens a big hole in the NBA’s stance.


Normally, a fan will receive a lifetime ban. But, this 12 year old fan will not receive a lifetime ban. However, it is becoming more and more apparent with fan’s actions this year that players are not safe at all. Multiple fans are taking actions (like the infamous fat, old white dude wearing Donovan Mitchell’s jersey at the Jazz game) that are proving as distracting and interfering with the game. I do not know if the refs are in charge of this, but this is becoming a tantamount issue. The NBA should address this issue quickly, just as quickly as the “unrelated timing” of the draft age change and Zion’s injury.