Caron Butler Showed Up to an NBA Broadcast with a Full Head of Hair Like We Wouldn’t All Notice

I probably think more about the state of Delaware than I do Caron Butler, but he has now occupied my thoughts for 90% of the last day.

Pulling a scheme right out of Carlos Boozer’s playbook, Caron Butler put his pride aside and showed up to the NBA Broadcast booth a full head of fresh lettuce despite the fact he has been bald since at least 2011.

Just like Charlie Villanueva, Ray Allen and others, if they showed up randomly with bad hair instead of no hair, they would get roasted too. No one took it easy on Carlos Boozer or Jason Witten and no one should go easy on Caron Butler either. He looks like his head ran out of toner.

But all this clowning of Caron Butler should make him feel good in a way. Judging by how he has been irrelevant in the NBA since 2015, everyone noticing his hair means that he is remembered by a lot of fans and he is immortalized to them. But then again, I am sure he is also fearing his next appearance on the NBA Broadcast in a couple days where they have an entire segment dedicated to tweets about his hair.

Just hire Boozer’s PR guy. He’ll get you out of this.

What Team Won the Trade Deadline

This year’s trade deadline had all the drama we needed to help us with the transition from football to basketball. There was tampering from owners, tampering from VP’s of basketball operations, tampering from players, and even tampering from head coaches that weren’t involved in any trades.

The Lakers were pretty much the only team getting any headlines the week leading up to the deadline. Magic and LeBron were throwing together just about anyone and everyone trying to trade for Anthony Davis. All for nothing. Gregg Popovich may or may not have had something to do with that (he definitely did).

The Lakers only move that was of any importance was for Center Mike Muscala. So was that enough to win the deadline? Of course not. They still have the deadweight of Lonzo Ball and everyone else not named LeBron James.

Told y’all AD thinks LA is a bum ass city

What about the Mavericks? They traded DeAndre Jordan, Dennis Smith Jr., and Wesley Matthews for the superstar/unicorn Kristaps Porzingas. Put PorzinGOD on a team with Dirk Nowitzki and Luka Doncic and you almost got a little Axis Powers situation going on. Was it enough to win the deadline though? No. Just like the Axis Powers, they got second place. Porzingas being traded does not make him any less injured and useless until next season.

Philadelphia had a big week though. In a blockbuster 6-player trade with the Clippers, the 76ers managed to add Tobias Harris, Regional Manager Mike Scott and Boban Marjanovic. If that doesn’t convince you enough, they were also able to finally get rid of Markelle Fultz and even managed to get something out of it. Two picks (1st and 2nd rounders) and Johnathon Simmons to be specific. The process may finally prove to be trustworthy.

The 76ers won the 2019 Trade Deadline. As a Celtics fan, I am officially starting to worry about winning the East.

DSJ Trade Talks Ramp Up

In the wise words of J Cole, “Dennis Smith, Jr. stay solid my *****.”

While I cannot finish said quote, that is becoming the truth for him now, as trade talks have been ramping up. The Mavs, in light of Luka Doncic being the real #1 pick and RotY, are looking to get compensation for DSJ. Why? Well, to paraphase a different famous movie, “He is the captain now.”

Yes, with DSJ being plagued with injuries (and JJ Barea going down with that Achilles rupture), Luka has not only stepped up to being the primary ball handler, but is essentially the only ball handler on their team. The #4 overall vote-getter for the NBA All-Star game (#2 in the West frontcourt only behind LeBron) will unlikely relinquish or be told to relinquish the offensive reins, so the question becomes simple: who wants DSJ?

Thankfully for him, two teams have expressed heavy interest in him, and seem to be willing to give good assets in order to acquire him. Unfortunately for him, those two teams are the Suns and Magic.

While this does mean that he will be leaving the Mavs (and break my heart since I wanted to see the Luka-DSJ combo work out), he will be going to one of two teams that not only need a point guard, but will allow him to be a starter day one. Here are a few ideas for trades…

Mavs Receive – SF/PF Jonathan Isaac (3 yrs/~$5 mpy), 2nd round pick (swap best to Magic)
Magic Receive – PG Dennis Smith, Jr. (3 yrs/~$4 mpy), 2nd round pick (swap worst to Mavs)


Mavs Receive – SG/SF Mikal Bridges (4 yrs/$3.5 mil), 2nd round pick, 2nd round pick (swap worst to Magic)
Suns Receive – PG Dennis Smith, Jr. (3 yrs/~$4 mpy), 2nd round pick (swap best to Mavs)

Now, I know that the players salaries slightly match. The only reason I am including picks is to make it slightly more palatable for both teams. I completely believe that they could easily just do a player swap, but nothing is that simple in the NBA. I believe that the greed of some teams will lead them to try and off-load contracts (looking at you Suns cough cough) and maybe kill the deal on their end. However, this is a good divorce that, while it did not need to happen, it was going to happen.

Keep your head up DSJ.