BREAKING: Darron Lee Traded From Jets to Chiefs

Adam Schefter just dropped a bomb. First move by New York Jets head coach/GM Adam Gase is trade their starting middle linebacker to the Kansas City Chiefs. What for you may ask? After all, this is your starting middle linebacker, must have gotten a good haul.

Nah, they just got a 6th round pick. So, let’s put this into perspective…

Darron Lee last year was one of the stalwarts on a bad defense, being responsible for trying to keep the defense above water. Even though the defense finished as the 26th best in the NFL (aka 7th worst), the above image shows his performance grade. However, the below image will put the grade argument into perspective…

Vic Beasley is one of the better edge rushers in the NFL, and Khalil Mack was up for MVP. Darron Lee, in 2016, was horrible. However, he is now barely below Vic Beasley’s Super Bowl season. He is now on a team that will be making a run for the Super Bowl next year.

Talk about an upgrade.

But I hope you get a starter from that 6th round pick Adam, this is a great start to your dictatorship of the Jets.

Here Lies the Hopes and Dreams of Pat Mahomes

It has been officially announced by EA Sports that Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Pat Mahomes will be the cover athlete of Madden 20.

The honor of being the feature athlete comes with fame, glory, a decent chunk of change and maybe something a little more ominous… A curse, the Madden Curse. The wise tale as old as the game itself. It seems like whoever the cover athlete is always has either a terrible season or some kind of career altering injury. Career high fumbles, getting bench, fractured fibulas and elbows, interceptions on interceptions, falls from grace and skydives into irrelevancy never to be heard from again.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at a break down of the Madden Curse from CBS Sports.

Haven’t even heard the name Peyton Hillis in years. The curse does skip a generation every now and then so there is hope for Mahomes. Just don’t be surprised if he throws 30 interceptions this year.

At least he didn’t take a picture with Drake or date a Kardashian.

The Chiefs’ Rule Change Proposal Proves They Are Still Upset about the AFC Championship

After the Patriots beat the Chiefs in overtime to win the AFC Championship and punch their ticket to the Super Bowl, Kansas City fans and Patriot haters alike took to Twitter to voice their disgust about the NFL overtime rules. They were livid. “Both teams should get the ball!” “That’s not fair!” “My feelings are more important than how rational this rule actually is!”

If you don’t know, in an NFL overtime period, if the team that first possesses the ball scores a touchdown, the game is over. That is exactly what happened to Chiefs. As it turns out, Twitter was not as mad when the exact same thing happened to the Patriots the year before. Weird, Twitter is usually so consistent about that kind of stuff. The Chiefs even submitted a rule change proposal to be reviewed at the NFL Annual Meeting this past week:

Let’s break down the proposal point by point, shall we?

1. Allow both teams to possess the ball even if the first team scores a touchdown.
This may be the pettiest rule proposal ever. Instead of taking the loss to the chin, the Chiefs want to change the rules of overtime entirely. The worst part is that Chiefs fans will defend them on this.

2. No more overtime for preseason games.
Didn’t know this was an issue, but fine. The games don’t matter anyway.

3. Eliminate the overtime coin toss so that the team that won the first coin toss at the beginning of the game automatically wins it again at the beginning of overtime.
This one really made me laugh. Can you guess who won the coin toss at the beginning of the game? Can you guess who didn’t win the coin toss before overtime and lost?

This is just so ridiculous and I am glad the NFL shot it down. It also amazes me that the Chiefs are blaming the loss on the coin toss and not their god awful defense or Andy Reid’s inability to use timeouts intelligently.

Probably the most advanced “take your ball and go home” move I have ever seen.

Chiefs Have No Shot at Super Bowl

Look, I know the Kansas City Chiefs are the “hottest team in football” or whatever people want to say. I am not buying it and neither should you. The Chiefs have a very slim chance at even making the Super Bowl and almost a nonexistent chance at winning it.

Right now, the Chiefs are 11-3 including losses to the Chargers, Rams and Patriots. If the season were to end right now, KC would get the #1 seed. This means that in the second round, they would have to play the Patriots. A team they already lost to. In the AFC Championship, the Chiefs would have to play the Chargers. Again, a team they already lost to. If they do make it the Super Bowl, then there is the possibility they play the Rams who is the last of the 3 teams they have lost to this season.

If somehow they lose these last two weeks and end up with the 5 seed, they will still have to play either the Pats or Chargers in the AFC Championship and possibly the Rams in the Super Bowl. This route also includes playing the Steelers who they had trouble with earlier in the season.

The Chiefs could very well win all of the these games. But here is why I cannot put my trust in them. Losses. Not game losses, but personnel losses. Kareem Hunt is gone and Spencer Ware is dealing with a hamstring injury. Damien Williams had a good game last week, but we all know that one good game doesn’t mean anything. Sammy Watkins has also been battling injury all season. Mahomes has been magical all year, but lack of experience and failures in close games are definitely worth mentioning.

The last reason I think the Chiefs cannot win the Super Bowl is Andy Reid. Good coach? Sure. Great coach? Ha, no. In his 20 years of coaching, Reid has been to the playoffs 13 times. That is pretty good, but he has only made one Super Bowl. And lost. In fact, he is 11-13 all time in the postseason. People think that this is his year. Give me a break. It has been 20 years and this dude still can’t figure out how to use timeouts. Better luck next year.

Video: Chiefs RB Kareem Hunt’s Altercation with a Woman in Cleveland Hotel

In a video obtained by TMZ, it appears that Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt shoved and kicked a woman in a Cleveland hotel. The video dates back to February of this year. Police were called to the scene and even with the video as evidence, Hunt was not arrested nor were charges filed. It is believed that the altercation started after the woman denied advances from one of the men in Hunt’s entourage and was asked to leave. Things escalated, as they normally do, after the woman called him the N-word.

This event happened back in February. Well before the NFL Season started. Kareem Hunt has not missed a single game. Even Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt said publicly in August that he doesn’t think that Kareem would miss any time. This is damning evidence that the NFL and the Chiefs knew of the altercation, had this video and decided to do nothing. 

Roger Goodell has been trying to completely overhaul the NFL’s protocol when it comes to assault allegations. The NFL claims to have been taking a stance against violence towards women lately. They have done some good things like suspending Ray Rice for an entire year for the notorious elevator video and suspending Ezekiel Elliott 6 games for an altercation with his then girlfriend. So how did this one falls through the cracks? Especially with a video. Hopefully now that this video has surfaced, public pressure will force some kind of disciplinary action.