Devin Hester Part II: Like Father, Like Son

Devin Hester may be the fastest person to grace the football field. His kick returns were awe inspiring as we watched him leave defenders without shoes and dignity all while making Chris Berman lose his mind yelling “whoop” every second. It was like he turned on the nitrous and shifted into the 16th gear of a Fast and Furious Ferrari. My words will never do his career justice, so just watch.

“Devin Hester. You are ridiculous.”

Easily the best return man of all time. His records may never be broken… Unless, of course, he has a son who is just starting to get into football and is already making people miss worse than Luke Kuechly did on against 6th grader.

I’m hearing whispers that Mark Richt has already extended a scholarship offer to him. This kid is not going to be a problem, Dray Hester is going to be a full blown crisis. Good luck to every elementary schoolers’ ankles.

Bears Working Out Kickers

After the dreaded “double doink” that eliminated the Chicago Bears in the playoffs, they are officially looking elsewhere for another kicker. While it was not expected for the Bears to release Cody Parkey after the playoff miss, they were not happy with his recent TODAY Show appearance. In case you missed it, Parkey took a very “me not we” stance.

Kevin Garnett would be ashamed.

Parkey is still on the roster, but the Bears are set to work out 6-7 kickers today including Blair Walsh, Nick Folk and the best kicker in Kentucky history, Austin MacGinnis. I am not trying to be biased, but I am very partial to MacGinnis getting this job.

Right now, anything would be better for the Bears. Cody Parkey hit the uprights 7 times during this past season (counting the double doink as 2). Meanwhile, MacGinnis is drilling 60 yarders and remaining unemployed. He proved numerous times how clutch he is at UK so let’s give him a shot in the NFL.

After MacGinnis kicked a 40+ yard FG for a 40-38 win over Mississippi State.

Chicago Bears Showing Interest in Kareem Hunt

According to an ESPN NFL source, Kareem Hunt will be picked up by a team sooner rather than later. Multiple teams has expressed interest in Hunt, but one team seems to be at the head of all discussions, the Chicago Bears. I am not sure why they would put themselves through the obvious backlash that would come along with this. Maybe they just want some publicity. After all, all press is good press, right?

The last semi-scandalous thing that happened to the Bears was when they drafted Mitch Trubisky. Of course, people looked through his tweets to try to ruin his life, as people do. All they found was that he looooooves to kiss titties. Don’t we all.

Anyways, back to Hunt.

Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy has had a significant relationship with Kareem Hunt since his rookie season when Nagy was his OC in Kansas City. They have remained in touch since the infamous Cleveland Hotel video came out through Hunt’s daily counseling. Even though they will certainly get negative attention for it, Nagy has not ruled out picking up Hunt for next season.

I get it, Kareem Hunt is a very good player, but why do the Bears NEED him? They already have Tarik Cohen and Jordan Howard who are good enough. But, after all… we all deserve a second chance. A one time mistake during his rookie season shouldn’t ruin his entire life. So, if one team is brave enough to take him, I say, let them.

Denver Broncos Hire Vic Fangio as New Head Coach

Denver Broncos have come to an agreement with Chicago Bears Defensive Coordinator Vic Fangio to become the next Head Coach. The deal is reportedly for 4-years with an option for a fifth.

Fangio was in the middle of a 3-year deal with the Bears after Matt Nagy was hired over him as Chicago’s Head Coach. This will be Fangio’s 32nd year in the NFL and his 7th team.

Defense was exactly what the Broncos needed. They have all the future Hall of Famers on that side of the ball, but for some reason floundered against the Raiders. Denver needed someone who could make it work. After all, the defense is what won the Broncos their last Super Bowl when Training Wheels Peyton Manning was slinging it.

HOWEVVA *Stephen A. Smith voice* maybe he wasn’t the best defensive guy Denver could have gotten. Remember how good the Bears’ defense was before Khalil Mack showed up? Yikes. Luckily, Fangio works well with superstar linebackers and the Broncos have two of them, Von Miller and Bradley Chubb.