Saturday Morning Sports Trivia, 3/9

Back by only semi-popular demand if we are being honest. Views were way down from last week. And while that is disappointing, it’s a wake up call for me do either tone it down or do better. I have chosen to do better. Be sure to share, DM, like, retweet or anything to assert your dominance on all of your followers and the Soft 7’s of the world. As always, we love you for your minds and I am going challenge them. Go 15/15? Let us know and we will send you free Soft 7 Sports stickers.


  1. LeBron James won his first championship with the Miami Heat against what team?
  2. The team (answer from #1) that LeBron beat in his first championship had 3 future MVP’s on it. Name all 3.
  3. Bill Self has been the head coach of Kansas for 16 years… How many NCAA Championships has Kansas won under him?
  4. On Thursday, March 7, Antonio Brown was nearly traded from the Pittsburgh Steelers to what NFL franchise?
  5. The Chicago Bears have finally decided on a new kicker with what hilarious name?
  6. How many offensive coordinators has Marcus Mariota had since entering the NFL?
  7. What former All-Star shortstop is the current owner of the Miami Marlins?
  8. What American team has won the most Stanley Cups?
  9. Who has scored the most goals in NHL history?
  10. To weed out the Americans who think soccer is boring, name one team that has advanced to the 2019 UEFA Champions League quarterfinals.
  11. With Case Keenum being traded to the Washington Redskins, who is now the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos?
  12. Where did Charles Barkley play his college basketball?
  13. Who was the head basketball coach of Kentucky for their 1996 NCAA national championship?
  14. True/False: Matt Stafford has more career passing yards than Troy Aikman.
  15. Khloe Kardashian has dated five current and former NBA players. Can you name three of the five?


  1. Oklahoma City Thunder
  2. Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden
  3. 1
  4. Buffalo Bills
  5. Chris Blewitt
  6. 5
  7. Derek Jeter
  8. Detroit Red Wings
  9. Wayne Gretzky
  10. Tottenham Hotspur, Porto FC, Ajax Amsterdam, Manchester United
  11. Joe Flacco
  12. Auburn
  13. Rick Pitino
  14. True
  15. Rashad McCants, Lamar Odom, Rick Fox, James Harden, Tristan Thompson

UEFA Champions League Round of 16 Picture

Matchday 5 of UEFA Champions League has just wrapped up. With one more match to go in the group stages, we can say with a decent amount of certainty who will go through to the round of 16. Will my Spurs make it through? Will my first love Bayern Munich bring it home again? Or will Real Madrid knock them out for the billionth time? I hope not, but I can say with 100% certainty who will come out of each of the eight groups.

Group A:
Altético Madrid– 12 pts. GD: 3
Borussia Dortmund– 10 pts. GD: 6
Club Brugge– 5 pts. GD: 1
Monaco– 1 pt. GD: -10
Yikes. Tough break for Monaco. This group is all but locked up. Not sure who will be the one or two seed, but it will be Atletico and Dortmund making it through to the round of 16.

Group B:
Barcelona– 13 pts. GD: 9
Tottenham– 7 pts. GD: -1
Inter Milan– 7 pts. GD: -1
PSV Eindhoven– 1 pt. GD: -7
Barcelona already has their spot locked in, but it still up in the air for Tottenham and Inter Milan. I think Inter makes it out, because Spurs has to play Barca next match. Spurs has surprised us in Champions League before, beating Real Madrid in the group stage last year, but Pochettino seems to never play his best players in the biggest games. Much to my frustration.

Group C:
Napoli– 9 pts. GD: 3
PSG– 8 pts. GD: 5
Liverpool– 6 pts. GD: 1
Red Star Belgrade– 4 pts. GD: -9
This is the most interesting situation this group stage has to offer. No one is safe yet. Even Napoli can still get knocked out. I think PSG gets though with at least a tie, but mostly likely, a win. This leaves everything up to the Napoli v. Liverpool match. Liverpool needs to win by 2 goals at Anfield to move on and I think they do it.

Group D:
Porto– 13 pts. GD: 8
Schalke 04– 8 pts. GD: 1
Galatasaray– 4 pts. GD: -2
Lokomotiv Moscow– 3 pts. GD: -7
Porto and Schalke are moving on, but, Jesus, how easy was this group? One team from a Big 5 league and Schalke wasn’t even close to the top. They finished second in the Bundesliga but also 21 points behind Bayern to qualify. This is a group of death for the simple reason that these are so bad, it is surprising that they all don’t lose to each other.

Group E:
Bayern Munich– 13 pts. GD: 10
Ajax– 11 pts. GD: 6
Benfica– 4 pts. GD: -6
AEK Athens– 0 pts. GD: -10
Finally. Bayern did not play down to their competition and took care of business. This is exactly what Kovac need to do. Once Bayern gets their major players back from injury, they will tear up this round of 16. They are my favorites to win it all. Ajax also moves on with an impressive performance.

Group F:
Manchester City– 10 pts. GD: 9
Lyon– 7 pts. GD: 1
Shakhtar Donetsk– 5 pts. GD: -8
Hoffenheim– 3 pts. GD: -2
Manchester City really got a gift with this group. Not saying any other team didn’t, Bayern included, but for a team that normally struggles in Champions League, this was God sent. Now All Lyon needs is a result for them and City to move on.

Group G:
Real Madrid– 12 pts. GD: 10
Roma– 9 pts. GD: 4
Plzen– 4 pts. GD: -10
CSKA Moscow– 4 pts. GD: -4
No surprises in this group. Two teams that made last year’s semifinal keep up their impressive play. No telling if Roma will make another historic run or how Real Madrid will play without Christiano Ronaldo.

Group H:
Juventus– 12 pts. GD: 6
Manchester United– 10 pts. GD: 4
Valencia– 5 pts. GD: -1
Young Boys– 1 pt. GD: -10
Juve and Man U are going through. No surprise with Juventus, but I really would have like to see Valencia get through. Not because I like them, I just really don’t like Man U. Good thing for me is that they won’t be back in Champions League next year, because they are having all of the problems right now in the EPL.