Cardinals Give Up on UCLA Tennis Hopeful Josh Rosen

After just one season, the Arizona Cardinals have officially given up on 2018 first round pick Josh Rosen.

It was no secret that this was going to happen. New head coach Kliff Kingsbury had been saying since well before he was hired that he would take Kyler Murray number one overall if given the chance. As a man of his word, he selected Murray and immediately began shopping Rosen.

After what has been a rocky 3 months for Rosen, he has officially been traded to Miami. The on and off again relationship with Arizona is finally over and he seems excited about backing up Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Pretty ruthless. The best analogy for this would be Rosen and Arizona dating on and off for a year only for him to find out that they had been seeing Kyler Murray every time they were on a break. Then, as soon as it all breaks and Arizona looks like the bad guy, Rosen starts a petty war by posting a pic of him and his hot new fling.

It is still uncertain if Arizona is really holding a mediocre rookie season against Rosen or if Kingsbury thought he would not fit his system, but one thing is for sure. Josh Rosen did not want to be there. Not even in the NFL. After all, tennis has always been his true passion.

Cardinals Outfield Need Jesus

On paper, the Cardinals should have a pretty good outfield. Very fast, good gloves, no one would expect more than one fluke every month or so. But in just the last two weeks, the warning track has proven to be too daunting of a foe leading to two serious blunders.

Like said before, this outfield is very fast, but maybe a little too fast. The first ridiculous error comes from Marcell Ozuna overrunning a ball he thought was going to go for a homerun, but landed several feet short. What should have been a routine fly ball, ended up being a ground rule double due to a serious lack of depth perception

Next up, Dexter Fowler somehow puts together an even worse display of athleticism.

This is so terrible for so many reasons. First, this ended up going for a homerun. Second and most important, it was Noah Syndergaard at the plate. You let your pitcher give up a homerun to another pitcher. And a pitcher of the Mets, no less. How is he supposed to tell his family? It’s like letting a 13 year old take you yard.

Worst Throw of the MLB Season Goes to Cardinals’ Tyler O’Neill

Let’s set the stage. Cardinals vs Brewers, runner on second in the bottom of the second, Pitcher Freddy Peralta up to bat. The Brewers’ pitcher hits the ball right up middle to the outfield where Cardinals’ Center Fielder is faced with a choice. Does he throw to second and play it safe OR does he try to throw out the guy who is already crossing home plate? I’ll let you guess which one happened, but the guys who play it safe don’t normally make it on this website. Take a look:

Growing up, I was always taught to hit the cut off man, especially when there was no play at the plate. Tyler O’Neill must have either not been taught that or thought his cut off man was in the dugout.

Even if the throw was on target, a play at the plate was still unlikely. There were two outs and the runner was going on contact. But he tried to make a play and the ball just slipped. Honest blunder. Surely, twitter and meme guys gave him a break, right?


Kyler Murray May Not Be Going #1 Overall to the Cardinals, According to ESPN’s Draft Website

With today marking only 9 days until the NFL Draft, it also marks the 1,000th day of speculation of whether or not Kyler Murray will go number 1 overall. What seemed like a sure thing after Josh Rosen took all Cardinals-related photos off of his Instagram, may not be so certain after all. Kliff Kingsbury has been very high on Murray since taking over as head coach, but the Cardinals’ front office may be having a change of heart.

According to ESPN’s draft site, Arizona has already selected Quinnen Williams.

ESPN has since taken this off of the their site, but it makes you wonder. Does ESPN know something they aren’t telling us? OR was this just an honest mistake?’s Daniel Jeremiah has reported that Arizona’s front office has changing their mind recently. What started as a 90% certainty that they would take Murray has since been reduced to just 60. Normally, teams don’t give up on a quarterback taken in the first round after their rookie season, but when have we ever known the Cardinals to do anything normal?

If I were a Cardinals fan, I would not at all be upset at all about taking Quinnen Williams with the first pick. I would be upset, however, about then having Brett Hundley as the next best option at QB if their relationship with Josh Rosen cannot be patched up.

Louisville Basketball ACC Tournament Expectations


After a ROUGH February and early March for the Cards, in which they went through the gauntlet of schedule. The Cards went a terrible 3-7 with losses to Virginia twice, North Carolina, Duke, Florida St., Syracuse, and Boston College. Those last two should not have happened, and the losses to Duke, Florida St., and one of the losses to Virginia were absolute choke jobs. That being said, there is a lot to be very excited about as a Cards fan. The team has been, although losing, playing pretty well. While they seemed to struggle to finish games off, the team was starting games off really strong. Coach K actually said that UL was one of the most prepared teams they had played all year. 

So, what does that mean about them going into the ACC Tournament?


Their first game is against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and if you follow us at Soft 7 Sports you know we hate Notre Dame! Just kidding. But not really. Notre Dame was one of the 3 teams Louisville had beaten during that season ending stretch. They won 75-61 at home. I honestly don’t think that this is going to much of a different game. I’ll be doing a full game breakdown tomorrow, but for now, I don’t see any reason why the Cards should struggle in this game.

So, I expect that the Cards would match up with the 2 seed North Carolina Tar Heels in the ACC Semifinals. The Cards and Tar Heels split their season series 1-1. The first game they played, Louisville absolutely bitch slapped them, 83-62, at UNC. The second game, the Tar Heels got their revenge in the KFC Yum! Center, 79-69. As much as I want to say that the Cards can win this game, I don’t see them winning against this UNC team. That North Carolina team is playing really, really strong right now. They are peaking at this time of the year. It may be a close game, but I don’t see anything good about this game for the Cards. It also helps that the ACC Tournament is in Charlotte, North Carolina. If we’re being honest, North Carolina might win the ACC Tournament this year.

So, I think the Louisville Cardinals will be bounced in the Semifinals of the ACC Tournament by the North Carolina Tar Heels. There is a prediction.

-Parmesan Don


Trade Rumors – NFL Addition

As some of you may be shocked to see, yes, I do like trades of all shapes, sizes, and sports. Especially when it just so happens that they involve not only starting quarterbacks, but also a recent first round draft pick…

With the start of the playoffs, this means that the beginning part of the upcoming NFL draft has been set. Best part about this? Witnessing the idiocy that occurs before the draft commences.

Rumors are already starting to come out that the Arizona Cardinals are trying to trade away former rookie quarterback and 10th overall pick Josh Rosen (aka “The Rosen One”). Why would they wish to do that? After all, he is a quarterback that did win the Cardinals most of their wins. They wish to do said trade because they wish to draft QB Kyler Murray with the first overall pick. Besides not being the best NFL-ready QB in the draft (shout out Dwayne ‘Simba’ Haskins), this is not a draft where the QBs are consider as the best talent available.

The best thing the Cardinals could do is keep Rosen, trade back, acquire more picks, and begin moving from there. However, they obviously do not believe Rosen is their QB of the future, and I get cutting the proverbial umbilical cord earlier rather than later. This just prompts too many questions for me, seeing as many believed the last draft (outside of Baker Mayfield) to be a strong QB class, and this upcoming to be the weak one.

Boy, how the tables have turned, Mel Kiper and Todd McShay.

While I do support this trade proposal for the Cardinals, and believe a team like the Jaguars or Dolphins (or multiple other teams) are stupid enough to go through with said trade, I cannot see what is to gain. Multiple teams may approach a team like the Cincinnati Bengals, New York Giants, or Baltimore Ravens for a QB, or may target a FA in the market. Hell, they may just trade up in order to secure one of the few elite QBs in this draft.

So you may be asking me what the issue is, and I think it is a pretty simple one: I think they should keep Rosen and take Nick Bosa.

But will they listen to me? Nah, they will probably trade Rosen to another team for a couple picks (look for a first and a fifth or maybe even just a second and third), take Murray, and enjoy the hell that comes with a mobile QB in the NFL. Ask the Ravens how that playoff game went.

Soft 16: Louisville Cardinals



Last season the Cards finished 22-14 (9-9 ACC) under interim head coach David Padgett. It was a disappointing season as they were bounced by Mississippi State in the Quarterfinals of the NIT. After a long year and off-season for the Cards, they look to bounce back with some familiar faces in V.J. King, Akoy Agau, and Ryan McMahon; as well as, some young standouts from last year in Malik Williams, Darius Perry, Jordan Nwora, and Dwayne Sutton.

Louisville is still very young, but they have some notable additions that will help with leadership to help develop these young guys. The one graduate transfer that everyone is talking about is Christen Cunningham. Cunningham is a graduate transfer from Samford where he scored double figures in 71 of his total 110 games there. It is likely that he will be the starting two guard this season. Another player that the Cards are adding is graduate transfer from Richmond Kwan Fore. Fore is one of the more electric players on the team and gives me vibes of Donovan Mitchell. The man can jump out of gym and could be the guy to give the Cards the boost they need on the court. Cunningham and V.J. King were named the team’s captains, and Cards fans hope that they will be able to bring back the intensity that the backcourt once had with Peyton Siva and Russ Smith.

Another guy that would like to bring back the intensity that Louisville once had is new head coach Chris Mack, previously the Xavier head coach for 9 years (2009-2018). It is a perfect situation for him. He basically gets to start over fresh after all of the problems surrounding the program and make a team that he wants. Not to mention that Louisville is one of, if not the, richest program in college basketball. He definitely took a step up, and I think his wife may have had something to do with the decision as well, being that she’s a Louisville native.

This program is really just trying to put the past behind them and rebound after a rough couple of years. Unfortunately they still play in the ACC, which means they have to play the likes of Duke, North Carolina, and Virginia. The conference is loaded this year and I really don’t think there is any way that this team can be anything more than what they were last year.

Here are some games to watch:


11/21 – Tennessee (6) – Neutral

11/27 – Michigan St. (10) – Home

12/29 – Kentucky (2) – Home

1/12 – North Carolina (8) – Away

2/2 – North Carolina (8) – Home

2/4 – Virginia Tech (15) – Away

2/9 – Florida St. (17) – Away

2/12 – Duke (4) – Home

2/16 – Clemson (22) – Home

2/20 – Syracuse (16) – Away

2/23 – Virginia (5) – Home

3/9 – Virginia (5) – Away

Yeah that’s right, Louisville plays 12 games against ranked opponents, and might have the worst month of February I’ve ever seen. With the Cards only returning one full time starter and probably one of the toughest non-conference schedules in the country, I just don’t see this being more than a transition year for the Chris Mack-era. I think Louisville will finish the season 6th in the ACC with a record of 21-9. They’ll probably be bounced in the Quarterfinals of the ACC tournament, by the 3 seed which I’d predict to be North Carolina. As a Louisville fan, I’d be happy to see the team make the NCAA tournament and to the second round. I think that is a possibility, especially with Chris Mack.