Brad Calipari Down to Two Schools: It’s Really Happening

After the long, exhausting saga that was the Kerry Blackshear Jr. transfer, it is nice to have relaxed transfer process like that of Brad Calipari. What began as a testing of the waters, now looks like a done deal. Brad Swag will be leaving Lexington.

As announced via his Twitter, Calipari is down to two schools: Detroit and Hampton.

Brad Calipari has taken visits to Hartford, Detroit and Bryant so far. After redshirting for last season, Calipari still has two years of eligibility and will be allowed to play immediately.

Everyone has their opinion on Brad. Some say he isn’t good enough to play D-1 and some go even further to say that he never belonged in Kentucky Blue to begin with. Say what you will, but he is definitely better than Saul Smith, Tubby’s son. Also, Brad has been playing the last 3 years against the top talent in the country in practice. Many of the players he guarded are now in the NBA. That kind of competition has to translate to some kind of improvement and playing time for a mid major school.

Regardless, he will easily be the best dressed and get the most attention on and off the court.

Brad Swag: Ranking Brad Calipari’s Outfits

Brad Calipari’s outfits are taking the college basketball world by storm. Every time Kentucky hits the court, Brad is first thing fans want to see. Usually we want an ill advised three pointer so deep that it would make LaMelo Ball proud, but this season we want to see what amazing outfit Brad has graced us with today. He has had so many great outfits that I needed to rank them.

#6. RIPIP to when Brad Cared
If you have kept up with Brad Calipari, you know that the ever so rational Kentucky fans did not like his outfits too much. Brad definitely got the swaggy Cal gene, because this is right out of his dad’s playbook.

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#5. Oversized plaid hoodie
I don’t actually know if it is oversized, but it makes him look like he is a solid 220 when I know he is 180 soaking wet.

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Lexington Herald Leader

#4. Straight Outta Pleasant Park
Not sure if this is a Fortnite reference or if he actually lived in a bougie paradise called Pleasant Park. I love this picture, because of how uncomfortable he looks on a basketball court.

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Kentucky Sports Radio

#3. Brad $wag
Not hating on any of these outfits especially, because I know each article of clothing cost more than what I pay in rent.

Creds: Kentucky Sports Radio

#2. Thanos Travis
Wouldn’t exactly call someone who averages 11 and 7 Thanos, but this is still pretty sick and I want one.

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Chat Sports

#1. Night at the Roxbury
The all time crowd favorite and the outfit that started it all. The chain and the turtleneck sweater that stole the hearts of millions.

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