Aaron Harrison Underwhelms in Summer League with Celtics

Aaron Harrison is the classic college basketball case of “what the hell happened?” After an incredible 2 year career at Kentucky, he has had a serious fall from grace. In his freshman year, Harrison’s last second heroics was the sole reason Kentucky made it to the NCAA finals. The next season, he was on the 38-1 Final Four team where he started over Devin Booker. Probably the best team ever that did not win a championship. Obviously, the kid can ball. But every since he left Lexington, he hasn’t been able to get a solid footing in the NBA.

Harrison currently plays for Galatasaray in the Turkish Super Ligi, but is using this summer to take another stab at the NBA with the Celtics Summer League squad. Sadly, it looks like he may be heading back to Turkey for at least another year. In the Celtics’ three Summer League games, he is averaging 5.3 points and 1.7 rebounds. Not exactly the kind of production Danny Ainge wants to see in a possible signee. For a SG/SF to really impress in Boston, he is going to need a lot more than the occasion three pointer in 14 minutes of play. Here are his full stats from his three games:

vs. Denver

vs. Cleveland

vs. Philadelphia

It looks like it is going to be another fruitless summer for Aaron Harrison. Sad to see especially from such an amazing college player who gave us some of the best moments in Kentucky March Madness history.

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Warning: Do NOT Take a Charge from Tacko Fall

The biggest stories out the Boston camp in this year’s NBA Summer League are Carsen Edwards’ ridiculous fall to the second round, Grant Williams playing some decent basketball when he isn’t doing an impression of a fish out of water and Tacko Fall simply being an enormous human being.

We are learning a lot about the do’s and don’ts when it comes to playing defense on Tacko. For instance, don’t try to block his flat-footed dunks; it will just be that much more embarrassing. Do start boxing him out at the free throw line; it is the only way to ensure that his 8 FOOT wingspan won’t still get the rebound. And above all, don’t try to take a charge when the Tacko Train has a full head of steam.

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Take a charge from Tacko Fall at your own risk 🤣

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Brandon Goodwin wasn’t just knocked into next week, he got hit all the way into the regular season. It looked like he got Falcon Punched in Super Smash Bros. or kicked by Goku from Dragon Ball Z. He was like a kid at the end of a dock and Tacko was his friend who wanted to get Twitter famous by tackling someone into a lake.

Either way, Goodwin knew he messed up.

Visual Representations of Just How Massive Tacko Fall Is

In case you haven’t heard, Tacko Fall is and enormous human being. Standing at a gigantic 7’7″ tall, he is the size of roughly 2 Isaiah Thomas’s. The Celtics have signed both a physical anomaly and a walking highlight reel. Being the tallest player in the NBA since Yao Ming, NBA fans are going to watch him like a hawk. Not like an Atlanta Hawk though… no one watches them.

Even after countless flat-footed dunks and blocked shots without jumping, it is still hard to comprehend just how tall Tacko is. My simple mind could not grasp the fact that a human person can be the size of a 6 month old giraffe. These pictures and videos are helping the understanding process though. Take a look:

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Man, the Cavs never even had a chance against Tacko.

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When you get bored creating your NBA 2k MyPlayer.


And of course, here is Tacko Fall next to Zion Williamson who is 6’7″ tall.

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Celtics Are the Frontrunner for Kemba Walker

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Boston Celtics are now the favorites to land All-star guard Kemba Walker.

Coming off a 25.6 point and 5.9 assist season, Kemba is one of the hottest names in this year’s offseason. And with Celtics losing their star point guard Kyrie Irving to free agency, they need Walker now more than ever.

Danny Ainge has changed up his team building strategy as of late to free up as much cap space as possible as opposed to collecting assets like normal. The Celtics have $30+ million in cap space to work with leaving plenty of room to sign the 29 year old All-star and still have room to surround him with talent.

Kemba, being a great ball handler and excellent facilitator, would make him a great fit in Boston. The young core led by Brown and Tatum needs a veteran leader to allow them to grow as a unit. While he may not be the offensive presence that Kyrie is, he still demands attention and his selfless playing style can unlock his teammate’s untapped potential.

Brad Stevens also knows just how good Kemba is. Having played him in the NBA for years, and also in 2011 when his Butler Bulldogs met Kemba and UConn in the NCAA Championship. I am sure that Stevens wants his revenge, but having him as his starting point guard would suffice.

Al Horford Opts Out

Don’t worry Celtics fans, no need to die just yet. Sure, your best player just opted out of his contract, but there is reportedly a deal in place to bring him back. Apparently, Al will take a longer contract with less money in the hopes of them targeting someone else in Free Agency to place on the team. Expect a 4 year contract where he makes between $15-$20 million a year, especially since that will give the Celtics the most room to play with in FA. Early reports are indicating that the Celtics will make a play for D’Angelo Russell. A Russell-Brown-Tatum-Hayward-Horford-Rozier-Smart led team that doesnt have to deal with the dysfunctional Kyrie in the background? Sign me up!

Rich Paul’s Never Ending Quest to Team Up AD and LeBron May Involve Boston

As a part of LeBron James and Rich Paul’s never ending quest to get Anthony Davis to the Lakers, Rich Paul said today that if AD were to go to the Celtics, it would only be for a one year rental.

According to ESPN’s Woj, the Lakers and Celtics are negotiating trade packages to acquire Davis before the NBA Draft. The Lakers can make a pretty good offer. They have the number four overall pick and seem dead set on getting rid of Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram. Also, Rich Paul of Klutch Sports is Anthony Davis’ agent and personal friend of LeBron James. Best believe that he will do everything he can to get Davis to LA.

Meanwhile, the Celtics are once again leading the league in trade assets. They are stacked with future stars like Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown; not to mention they also have three first round picks in this year’s Draft. Even though it is beginning to look like a longshot that Boston will land Davis, it could be their last hope in keeping Kyrie Irving. The future of Irving with the Celtics is unlikely now that he has opted out of his contract, but it is still possible. I know the fans don’t want Kyrie anywhere near Beantown, but since Kevin Durant’s injury, Uncle Drew may have to put his plans on hold.

So, if trade talks fall apart between the Lakers and Pelicans yet again, AD may be, like the Dropkick Murphys, shipping up to Boston. But like mentioned before by his agent Rich Paul, only for a year.

And as a Celtics fan… I’LL TAKE IT.

Anthony Davis for any amount of time would be amazing. Don’t act for a second like having a top 10 player in the world wouldn’t make a difference. Look at what Kawhi did signing a one year deal with the Raptors. And he may even re-sign. Davis may come to Boston and love it and want to then sign a long term deal to play with Tatum and Brown. He could even entice Kyrie to stay. And I guarantee that Kyrie’s hero ball nonsense will change real quick once he realizes his isn’t the best player in green and white. Don’t give up hope just yet. The Celtics could form the quietest super team of all time even if it is for just one season.

Celtics Thoughts: What to do at 14

Celtics Thoughts: What to do at 14

If you had told Celtics fans a year ago that their beloved Kings pick would fall to number 14, you would have been laughed out of every bar in Beantown. In the here and now, the Celtics will have the 14th overall pick to go along with the 20th, 22nd, and 51st picks.

The big what-ifs start with the Celtics only having six players under contract for next season. Kyrie Irving, Al Horford, and Aron Baynes all have player options, and Terry Rozier, Daniel Theis, and Brad Wanamaker are becoming restricted free agents.

If the Celtics resign Kyrie Irving, then this pick will be included in every offer the Celtics make for Anthony Davis However, if Irving does not re-sign or Davis cannot be acquired, then the Celtics may have to get more creative here.

One option would be to see if they can trade out of this year’s draft. The Celtics already did not have enough minutes to go around for their talent this season, and adding another lottery player wanting to cut their teeth likely won’t be the solution, even with Marcus Morris and Terry Rozier becoming a free agent and restricted free agent, respectively.

As far as another trade option, Boston could package this pick with pieces that don’t play to consolidate some talent into a single player. The only feasible target (using the term loosely) would be a trade for Michael Conley which would involve packaging 14, probably another first, and Gordon Hayward to make the money work. However, Hayward likely makes it a deal-breaker for Memphis.

Another option would be to draft international. With the exception of Guerschon Yabusele in 2016, the Celtics have yet to spend almost any draft capital on foreign players. With the logjam of players that may again be on the roster next year, it may be worthwhile to keep someone oversees for a season or two. Sekou Doumbouya of France and Goga Bitadze of the Republic of Georgia appear to be the best non-collegiate international players in the draft this season, so those may be options to keep an eye on.

Finally, the Celtics can draft the best available and make it fit. That’s what they did with the Timelord, Robert Williams last season, and he was exciting to watch in his sparse minutes. With the question marks regarding Rozier’s and Irving’s status next season, a point guard would be ideal. However, after Ja Morant, Coby White, and Darius Garland, who will certainly be gone before 14, the best options available at the position would be Ty Jerome and Carson Edwards, both of whom should not be picked in the lottery. The fit with this strategy may be Nassir Little. With his limited experience, he can sit for a season and potentially bloom into a 3-and-D guy to play in Boston’s switch-heavy defensive schemes, especially with Jayson Tatum’s and Jaylen Brown’s perennial involvement in trade talks. Little’s draft stock tends to have him in the 10-15 range, so there’s a real possibility he won’t even be there.