Warning: Do NOT Take a Charge from Tacko Fall

The biggest stories out the Boston camp in this year’s NBA Summer League are Carsen Edwards’ ridiculous fall to the second round, Grant Williams playing some decent basketball when he isn’t doing an impression of a fish out of water and Tacko Fall simply being an enormous human being.

We are learning a lot about the do’s and don’ts when it comes to playing defense on Tacko. For instance, don’t try to block his flat-footed dunks; it will just be that much more embarrassing. Do start boxing him out at the free throw line; it is the only way to ensure that his 8 FOOT wingspan won’t still get the rebound. And above all, don’t try to take a charge when the Tacko Train has a full head of steam.

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Take a charge from Tacko Fall at your own risk 🤣

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Brandon Goodwin wasn’t just knocked into next week, he got hit all the way into the regular season. It looked like he got Falcon Punched in Super Smash Bros. or kicked by Goku from Dragon Ball Z. He was like a kid at the end of a dock and Tacko was his friend who wanted to get Twitter famous by tackling someone into a lake.

Either way, Goodwin knew he messed up.

Visual Representations of Just How Massive Tacko Fall Is

In case you haven’t heard, Tacko Fall is and enormous human being. Standing at a gigantic 7’7″ tall, he is the size of roughly 2 Isaiah Thomas’s. The Celtics have signed both a physical anomaly and a walking highlight reel. Being the tallest player in the NBA since Yao Ming, NBA fans are going to watch him like a hawk. Not like an Atlanta Hawk though… no one watches them.

Even after countless flat-footed dunks and blocked shots without jumping, it is still hard to comprehend just how tall Tacko is. My simple mind could not grasp the fact that a human person can be the size of a 6 month old giraffe. These pictures and videos are helping the understanding process though. Take a look:

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Man, the Cavs never even had a chance against Tacko.

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When you get bored creating your NBA 2k MyPlayer.


And of course, here is Tacko Fall next to Zion Williamson who is 6’7″ tall.

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Danny Ainge Loves Himself a Foreign Big Man

With the departures of Al Horford, Aron Baynes, Marcus Morris and he who shall not be named, Danny Ainge needed to reload the Boston Celtics Roster and he needed to do it quick. Mainly at the power forward/center position. We wish Mook and Al nothing but the best and, of course, just want Baynes to be happy. Some of us took losing him a little better than others:

So, now the Celtics need to fill the big man vacancy. But how? Well, what does Danny Ainge love more than anything else in the world? The young core. Okay, but what comes right after the young core? Terry Rozier. Well, we thought, but the correct answer is actually big men from foreign countries. Bonus points if they are covered in tattoos.

If the trio of Baynes, Theis and Yabusele from last season wasn’t enough evidence, the Celtics just stocked up on as many as they could like there was a drought coming soon. As if foreign 7 footers were going out of style. First things first, Boston re-signed Daniel Theis and still had Yabusele on contract. But, still being without talents like Horford, Morris and Baynes meant that the Celtics effectively had no viable options at the 4 or 5 spot assuming Tatum would be playing the 3. So, what is Ainge to do?

Sign Enes Kanter, sign Vincent Poirier, and sign Tacko Fall. That makes one very tall and very foreign frontcourt. Just the way Danny likes it. Now, all that is left is to watch Kemba thrive in the Brad Stevens system and return to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Enes Kanter- Turkey
Vincent Poirier- France
Tacko Fall- Senegal
Guerschon Yabusele- France
Daniel Theis- Germany

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The Next Point Guard of the Boston Celtics

Well, it’s official. Kyrie Irving has opted out of his contract with the Celtics and all signs point to him making an exit from Beantown. While it is sad to see such a great player leave the team, his constant antics and trolling of the media proved that he cared more about playing with our hearts than he ever did about playing basketball. Just not worth the trouble.

So with Kyrie gone… who is going to be the starting point guard? Terry Rozier is an option, but the general consensus has been that he is not ready to lead the team just yet. So what does Danny Ainge do? Who does he reach out to in free agency or for a trade? There are many viable options that would be great fits for Boston.

Kemba Walker– First Choice
Danny Ainge has done a change of sorts when it comes to Boston’s team building strategy. Instead of massing assets, he has cleared as much cap space as possible and can now go after some of the biggest free agents. The number one in particular is Kemba Walker. Coming off a 25.6 point, 5.9 assist all-star season, Boston needs to do whatever they can to secure their point guard for the future. Someone like Kemba is exactly who Terry Rozier needs to learn from. He is truly a selfless player that knows exactly when he needs to take over a game and when he needs to keep everyone involved. According to Woj, the Celtics are the favorite to land him so, LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN, DANNY.

D’Angelo Russell– Next Best Option
Since all signs are pointing to Kyrie signing with the Nets, D’Angelo Russell is going to need a new team. If Kemba Walker somehow falls out of Boston’s grasp then D’Angelo Russell is the next best option. After a breakout season in 2018-19, DLo will be one of the steals of this summer’s free agency. Another 21 points and 7 assists per game would make him a fine addition to the Celtics young core that Ainge and Stevens love so much. Even if the Celtics do get Kemba and no longer need Russell, I pray that he does not go back to the Lakers.

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Ricky Rubio– A Fine Consolation Prize
Ricky Rubio is hitting free agency this offseason and, in a recent interview with EuroHoops, he mentioned that he is interested in joining the Celtics this offseason. Rubio has so many positives that it would be hard not to be interested. First, Boston would never have to worry about him playing the “me-ball” that Kyrie did. Rubio averages 7.7 assists per game in his career. He is the perfect embodiment of Kevin Garnett’s “We Not Me” mentality. Next, Rubio is the veteran guard that the young core needs. Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum would flourish with a facilitator who does not care if he scores. Lastly, Rubio would be one of the cheaper options. His last contract with the Timberwolves and Jazz paid him $55 million over 4 years. Definitely an affordable option for the Celtics and allows them to go after a top center.

Image result for ricky rubio

Any of these players would be great for Boston. Each bring a unique playing style that Brad Stevens could mold into a contender in the East. Even if all of these fail, Rondo could be an option and even turning over the keys to Rozier may prove us all wrong.

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Disappointing That the Celtics Did Not Draft a Kentucky Player

I typically don’t write opinion pieces since I know no one really cares about my opinion, but I feel like this one will resonate with a lot of Kentucky fans so I had to dip the pen. A lot of BBN are Boston Celtics fans for the same reasons that I am and I know they are feeling the same way.

I have been a Celtics fan since I was 6 years old. Since I knew what basketball was. Watching Kentucky and Tayshaun Prince play made me want to play for the Cats some day. Sadly, Calipari did not recruit out of my high school intramural league. They also made me want to keep watching these players after they left Kentucky. And the place to watch Kentucky players after graduation at that time was at the Boston Celtics. The BBNBA was a little scarce during my childhood in the late 90’s-early 2000’s.

Growing up in Louisville, I didn’t have an NBA team within 2 hours of me. If I was going to follow a team it was going to be because of my Kentucky fandom. At the time I got into basketball, Antoine Walker and Tony Delk were playing for the Celtics under former Kentucky coach Rick Pitino. How could I not root for them?

Some years later, Boston drafted Rajon Rondo and I knew this was going to be my team for life. The 2008 championship was the first time a sport made me cry tears of joy. After Rondo left, James Young and Tayshaun Prince joined the team briefly, but other than that, there has been nothing. Nothing permanent, or relevant to Kentucky. And I thought that was going to change for sure this year.

Anthony Davis has been the hottest name in the year’s offseason. When his list of potential landing spots came down to just the Celtics and Lakers, I had hope that he may end up in Beantown. Talks with the Lakers has fallen apart before; why couldn’t it happen again? Obviously, AD is now in LA ruining one of my many dreams.

Boston has another chance in this year’s draft and was ready to take Tyler Herro at 14. But the Heat swooped in and crushed my dreams again. Later on, the Celtics had another opportunity to possibly get Keldon Johnson, but decided to take the older, unathletic, undersized, no potential having Grant Williams instead. Sure, the Celtics may not need another small forward, but it would have been better than drafting a guy for the G-League. Yes. I am still mad about it.

Look, I know the Celtics don’t owe me anything and they probably didn’t even realize that they have a following in Kentucky. But it is the reason I am a fan and I am allowed to feel however I want as a free American. That being said, I still have hope and a lot of it for this upcoming season. After losing Al Horford and Aaron Baynes, Boston needs someone who can play the 5 spot desperately. Luckily, Julius Randle and Demarcus Cousins are both free agents who can do just that. I want the Celtics I know and love back. I want the Boston Celtics to return to glory as the kings of professional basketball with the help of Kentucky greats.

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Al Horford’s Best Fit If He Leaves Celtics

Big Al may be one of my favorite players of all time. Sure, his two-time national champion Gators beat my Bucks and a K-Love led UCLA, but he wasn’t regarded as the best player on those teams. Joakim Noah and Corey Brewer were regarded as the cream of the crop, and he was relegated to maybe being a bust in the draft when he came out. Fast forward to the Hawks team that had him, Paul Millsap, Jeff Teague, Dennis Schroeder, DeMarre Carroll, and other good players. He was viewed as the most expendable of the bunch, and many said they should let him walk in order to keep Carroll and Teague. Now? He’s been the best player on the Celtics the last 3 years, and he was even willing to take a paycut in order to make the team better. Sure, I will hold out hope Ainge comes to his senses, and offers Al the 4 year, $60-72 million contract he deserves for all the dirty work he did and all that he sacrificed for the team. However, we now exist in a world were Al will not only be on the market again, but will be highly sought after by numerous teams. Let’s run through a few, since it may be likely he is no longer in the Celtic green come tip-off next season…

1) Brooklyn Nets

Yes, the ol’ Black and White might be able to poach not one, but two All-Stars from the Celtics this offseason. Having a lack of playable forward/center depth, the Nets can offer Al a max contract, plenty of touches, and plenty of minutes. A small-ball lineup of Irving-Dinwiddie-Lavert-Harris-Horford sounds like it has the offensive potential to down anyone in the league. I could see them emerging with offers in the coming days, but I doubt they will be able to offer much else to him.

2) New York Knicks

Now being the other team in New York with a ton of max contract slots, the Knicks can offer Al anything and everything he wants. Does he want to be the guy all next season while KD takes a year off and rehabs? Sure, you’ll have to be on a super young team and be the old man in the locker room the whole season, but the money, the touches, the minutes, and the spotlight are all his to soak up and enjoy for a year. Might not be a contender next season, but in two? Expect Al to come at the East crown with a vengeance.

3) Dallas Mavericks

This is a team I had to really make the mental gymnastics work for, but it makes sense. The Mavericks have long shown that they are an organization that takes care of its players, and they are willing to renegotiate longer deals for less money if it means keeping a guy they like around. I mean, Dirk only signed one contract…just had a ton of extensions. The possibility of seeing Luka, Kristaps, and Al on the court at the same time intrigues me so much, considering that Luka and Kristaps definitely need a mentor on the court for the next season or two.

4) New Orleans Pelicans

The Pelicans need someone that can play basketball without the ball in their hand desperately. I know reports are saying they are targeting another young, All-Star guard, but that is stupid. They need a player that can just play and help teach their young core a few tricks. I mean, think about how ball-dominant their team is now. Lonzo needs the ball in his hands; Ingram needs the ball in his hands; Zion is better with the ball in his hands; Jrue is better with the ball in his hands. To cap it all off, Zion is too new in the league to be playing center his first year. An experienced, All-Star center in the West, like Towns, Jokic, or Davis, would eat him alive. I can subscribe to a Lonzo-Jrue-Brandon-Zion-Al lineup with Hart coming off the bench to keep Lonzo’s minutes down. They’d be more of a title contender than if they got another guard.

5) Los Angeles Clippers

This is the best team Al can go to. With Kawhi looking like he’s 60-40 in leaving Toronto, the only position the Clippers need to shore up is center. The only centers on their roster right now are Ante Zizic, a traditional center, and Montrezl Harrell, asmall ball center and Draymond Green type of power forward. While both are good in their own right, they need someone that can play both requirements at center, not specialize at one. Picking up Al would allow the Clips to let Patrick Beverly walk, giving more time to the talented young duo of Landry Shamet and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. This is the best situation I can see him going to, especially since they almost beat a fully healthy Warriors in the first round of this past playoffs. A SGA-Shamet-Lou Will-Leonard-Gallinari-Harrell-Horford-Zizic-Robinson-Chandler roster? Sounds just as stacked as last years roster and infinitely better.

Kyrie “Done” With Celtics

A report came out the other day that Kyrie has made it known to a few sources that he has no intention to return back to the Celtics. While we may have seen it coming a mile away for awhile based not only on his words off the court, but his play recently for the Celtics indicated that he did not wish to remain with the team. It sets a huge precedent for the future, since this will now be the second time that Kyrie has decided to walk away from from a franchise after insisting to be the face of said franchise. With his third “face of the franchise” tour upcoming, it is interesting to see what will occur. As has remained unchanged, there are three front runners for the services of the All-Star point guard: the Brooklyn Nets, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the New York Knicks.

The least enticing option for Kyrie right now seems to be the Brooklyn Nets, even though the Nets are the second favorites to land Kevin Durant. The Nets possess two amazing guard options and an All-Star guard already. Sure, the organization has said that they can envision an Irving-Russell lineup working for them. However, I don’t think Kyrie can see that working. Having another All-Star, and face of a franchise, at YOUR position will always provide an undercurrent of “the other guy is better than you”, and I don’t think Kyrie can handle that. He couldn’t handle LeBron being the star, and he couldn’t handle being in Celtics’ ecosystem. What makes people think that he will even do more than entertain the option of signing with the Nets?

LeBron and Kyrie, on the other hand, were an amazing pair when they were in Cleveland. After all, they broke up the title curse that hung over the city, and brought the first title to the Cavaliers organization. The Lakers know this, and undoubtedly want to have this be the future of the organization. Sure, the Lakers would love to have a Kyrie-Klay-LeBron-*insert scrub*-AD lineup step on the court next season. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be able to happen due to cap space implications. Klay and AD are their number one priorities heading into the draft and free agency, leaving Kyrie by the wayside. If the Lakers were able to sign Klay, and trade everything not nailed down for AD, that would leave anywhere between $10-20 mil to sign Kyrie. This is not factoring in having to extend AD or sign other players to fill out there roster, and this is with them only acquiring AD in the trade. While LeBron would love to get his “little brother” back to run the court with him, I don’t think the Lakers could afford Kyrie’s asking price contract wise.

The prime frontrunner currently for Kyrie’s services will be Knicks. With the rumored AD package for the Knicks supposed to be “substantial”, a potential Kyrie-KD-AD lineup may be seen in our timeline. However, how will Kyrie handle being third fiddle on said team? I’m his ego, his team, his agent, and the Knicks are convincing him that he won’t be third fiddle, but I can’t see any other way. KD had an under appreciated MVP-caliber season on top of his amazing finals run. Tie in the fact that AD was an amazing player two seasons ago and the dozen games (exaggeration) he played this year, I can’t see Kyrie “The Earth Is Flat” Irving be able to emerge from under their shadows.