Vladdy Jr. Picking Up Right Where His Dad Left off

Just like LeBron James’ son, Vladimir Guerrero’s son thought he could add an “-y” to the end of his name like we wouldn’t notice.

Vladdy Jr. at just age 20 is quickly becoming a top prospect in baseball. In fact, he is reportedly making the move to the MLB sooner rather than later. As for now, he is playing AAA ball in the Toronto Blue Jays organization and doing particularly well. Watch:

Not only did he smack a homer in his debut for the Buffalo Bison, he also had a double and 4 RBI’s. Vladdy Jr. is going to take over the MLB in a couple years. That swing and swagger from such a young player reminds me of a right handed Bryce Harper.

Vladdy is too good for the minor leagues. Toronto needs to call him up as ASAP as possible to recreate the Canadian bomber that can only be associated with the name Vlad Guerrero.