Remember When Perry Stevenson Blocked a Free Throw?

There are some sports plays that make fans scratch their head in disbelief, and there are some that make us bury our faces in our palms. This became the norm during the tenure of Billy Gillispie at Kentucky. Probably the most confusing play he ever orchestrated was in the SEC Tournament. Down by 1 with 1.2 seconds left in overtime, Georgia went to the free throw line for 2 shots. After making the first one, Kentucky was faced with a decision. If Georgia misses, then UK will most likely not be able to get a shot off, but if they can find a way to ensure that the basket is made, then there may be a possibility of extending the game to a second overtime. So, here is was Billy G drew up.

Now, here’s a nerd attempting to explain Billy Gillespie’s mind.

Billy Clyde may have actually raised Kentucky’s chances of winning by a percent or two. Maybe he wasn’t such a bad coach after al– I’m kidding; he was a disaster.