Bears Working Out Kickers

After the dreaded “double doink” that eliminated the Chicago Bears in the playoffs, they are officially looking elsewhere for another kicker. While it was not expected for the Bears to release Cody Parkey after the playoff miss, they were not happy with his recent TODAY Show appearance. In case you missed it, Parkey took a very “me not we” stance.

Kevin Garnett would be ashamed.

Parkey is still on the roster, but the Bears are set to work out 6-7 kickers today including Blair Walsh, Nick Folk and the best kicker in Kentucky history, Austin MacGinnis. I am not trying to be biased, but I am very partial to MacGinnis getting this job.

Right now, anything would be better for the Bears. Cody Parkey hit the uprights 7 times during this past season (counting the double doink as 2). Meanwhile, MacGinnis is drilling 60 yarders and remaining unemployed. He proved numerous times how clutch he is at UK so let’s give him a shot in the NFL.

After MacGinnis kicked a 40+ yard FG for a 40-38 win over Mississippi State.

Denver Broncos Hire Vic Fangio as New Head Coach

Denver Broncos have come to an agreement with Chicago Bears Defensive Coordinator Vic Fangio to become the next Head Coach. The deal is reportedly for 4-years with an option for a fifth.

Fangio was in the middle of a 3-year deal with the Bears after Matt Nagy was hired over him as Chicago’s Head Coach. This will be Fangio’s 32nd year in the NFL and his 7th team.

Defense was exactly what the Broncos needed. They have all the future Hall of Famers on that side of the ball, but for some reason floundered against the Raiders. Denver needed someone who could make it work. After all, the defense is what won the Broncos their last Super Bowl when Training Wheels Peyton Manning was slinging it.

HOWEVVA *Stephen A. Smith voice* maybe he wasn’t the best defensive guy Denver could have gotten. Remember how good the Bears’ defense was before Khalil Mack showed up? Yikes. Luckily, Fangio works well with superstar linebackers and the Broncos have two of them, Von Miller and Bradley Chubb.

5 Reasons the Bears Could Win the Super Bowl

The Chicago Bears are back in the playoffs for the first time since the 2010-11 season. Of course, we are hearing all of the comparisons to the ’85 Bears and I believe them. I am a sucker for nostalgic takes. Saying definitively that DA Bears are going to win the Super Bowl would be ridiculous, but it would be just as ridiculous to count them out. So here are 5 reasons the Chicago Bears can win the Super Bowl.

Bear Weather
The Bears are only going to get to play at home in the Wild Card round and maybe the NFC Championship if they are extremely lucky. We all know Chicago winters can be brutal. That lake effect completely killed the Rams offense. For this weekend against the Eagles, it is supposed to be 39 degrees with an overcast. That, plus a wind chill, may be just what they need to beat Nick Foles in the playoffs.

Razzle Dazzle Offense
Mitch Trubisky in just his second year is starting to look more and more comfortable as an NFL QB. His improvements have allowed Matt Nagy to be more creative with the offense and install some of my favorite plays of all time. First, there’s Papa Bear Left where they run the throwback T-formation and put o-linemen at wide receiver. Then there’s Willy Wonka where they play TWO quarterbacks. The Bears also run a play where they line up with four tight ends which I call Bill Bellichick’s Wet Dream. My favorite trick play is where they let Trey Burton throw a pass which I have nicknamed the “Florida Special“, where they let another failed Florida quarterback pretend to be special. Say what you will about these plays, but they have been successful and are almost impossible to plan against.

Khalil Mack
Best defensive player in the NFL. He was well worth the couple of picks the Bears had to give up to get him. So far this year, Mack has 47 tackles, 12.5 sacks (one with his butt), 3 forced fumbles and an interception. I like to call him “Chinese food” because he would run right through me. The same way he has to many teams this year. Mack is being double and triple teamed every play giving his teammates easy opportunities to make plays. Khalil Mack is the definition of an X factor.

Keeping It Close
In the entire 2018 regular season, the Bears either won in a blowout, won close or lost close. They have never been blown out. In fact, in all 4 of their losses, two of which were in overtime, they have only lost by a total of 14 points.

Time of possession
The Bears average 32:33 minutes of possession every game. This is how they beat the high powered offenses of the Rams, Chiefs and, dare I say, the Saints. The Bears will most likely have to play Saints in the NFC Championship so they need to go ahead and gameplan for it. This is how the Cowboys did it. When the ‘Boys beat the Saints in Week 12, they controlled about 75% of possession. How do you keep Drew Brees from beating you? Keep him on the sideline.

Again, I am not saying that the Bears will win the Super Bowl. All I am saying is don’t count them out. They get to play at home this weekend, they have an awesome offense, the best defensive player in the NFL and they know how to control the game. This season has ’85 Bears written all over it.

Bears Fans Got Almost Everything They Wanted

With a win over the Green Bay Packers last Sunday, the Chicago Bears have secured a spot in this year’s NFL Playoffs. This is huge for the Chi-town faithful since they have not made the postseason in a very long time. How long? Well, let feel old real quick. The last time the Bear’s made the playoffs, Jay Cutler was still completing passes, Greg Olson could make a catch without getting injured, Devin Hester still had yet to be tackled and Lovie Smith was employed by the NFL. The year was 2011. 

Obviously, Bears fans have to be ecstatic about making the playoffs, but how they made it makes it so much better. They beat the Packers. Their longtime division rival that they despise. It cannot get much better than that, BUT it does. Not only did the Bears secure a spot in the postseason, they also destroyed any chances of the Packers making the playoffs. Perfect.

If you are a die hard sports fan, sometimes your rival losing is just as good as your team winning. What makes it even better is the opposing fans running to Twitter to dissect every play where their team got screwed. The most butthurt of fans will even make video compilations of every time they got the short end of the stick. My favorite part is seeing actual players and coaches making excuses and saying “at the end of the day, it all comes back on me” while looking like a sad puppy dog. I am sure some Bears fans watched the postgame press conference just to see this from Aaron Rodgers.

But Rodgers did not give it to them. He did not mope or act cynically towards the press. He answered questions honestly, even the stupid rhetorical ones all while sporting a suit and an 8-Mile toboggan. At around the 7:30 mark he even makes a “Dazed and Confused” reference while talking about the ages of the new players. Even when Rodgers loses everything he still controls the emotions of some Chicago fans. The way he carried himself after this loss ruined the days of some Chicagoans. That is why he is the GOAT behind Drew Brees, of course.

NFL Thanksgiving Games 2018

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. Good food and more importantly, good football. Best day of the year to sit 4th of July style (pigeon-toed to make a platform with your knees) on the couch and ignore my family. I already love Thursday football games, and the fact I get three on Thanksgiving makes it that much better. 

Bears @ Lions
12:30 P.M. EST
CHI: -3.0
O/U: 44.5
Take the over. I like the Bears in this one especially if Matt Patricia comes out in his signature Lions quarter-zip tarp and backwards hat. Never seems to do too well when he is in that outfit. The Lions really aren’t that good. They may have beaten the Patriots, but I am convinced that Bellichick threw that game to make his coaching tree look better. The Bears, however, are legit. Khalil Mack has this defense right about where Jon Gruden would have wanted it. But why do I think that the Bears will win? Simple. They already beat the Lions two weeks ago 34-22. Chicago was up 26-0 at one point. Detroit only got somewhat close that thanks to Garbage Time Stafford. Sure, the Bears don’t have Trubisky for this one, but the Lions still have to play Matt Stafford. 
Prop Bets: Stafford interceptions thrown: +/- 2.5; Mentions of Khalil Mack trade: +/- 8.5; Matt Patricia turning his hat around looking a little too out of breath: +/- 3.5; Mitch Trubisky titties kissed: +/- 0.5

Image result for mitch trubisky kiss titties

Redskins @ Cowboys
4:30 P.M. EST
DAL -7.5
O/U: 40.5
This game has all the makings of a game where taking the under is the only option. A battle of two teams that could have also been a real battle in the 1800’s: Check. Quarterbacks that are obvious backups, but have to play for lack of a better option: Check. Awesome running backs that just won’t seem to get enough carries: Check. Defenses that make me sleepy: Check.
Zeke Elliott is the only playmaker in this game. It’s a bad sign when the leading receivers for either team is a tight end and Cole Beasley. This snooze of game will most likely mix with my food coma in a perfect storm to knock me out until the 8:20 game. 
Prop Bets: Alex Smith/ Joe Theisman comparisons: +/-5.5; mentions that the Cowboys “took a shot” when drafting Vander Esch: +/-3.5; Camera cuts to Jerry Jones who is obviously not paying attention: +/-4.5

Falcons @ Saints
8:20 P.M. EST
NO -13.0
O/U: 60.5
If there was such a thing as a super over, you should take this in this game. You have two top 5 receivers (Michael Thomas and Julio), this year’s MVP Drew Brees, and maybe Matt Ryan will finally have his best game of 2017. Who knows? If you need more reasons to take the over, the last time these two met, the final score was 43-37 Saints. Also the Saints have put up at least 45 points in each of their last 3 games. I think the best backfield in the NFL will crush the terrible Falcon defense, cover, and hit the over. 
Prop Bets: Taysom Hill defense snaps: +/-1.5; Taysom Hill actually gives the ball to his running back in a read option: +/-0.5; Mentions of Julio scoring his first TD of the Season about an hour ago: +/-4.5; Replays of Drew Brees breaking the passing yards record: +/-3.5

Note: if you want to google the Thanksgiving games, be sure to include “NFL”. I didn’t and it returned with “16 fun games to play with kids this Thanksgiving.” No. You don’t play games on Thanksgiving. You eat until you can’t move, watch football, drink beer, and you don’t talk to anyone until after beer #5. Those are the rules. I didn’t make them, and I certainly don’t break them.