The Virginia/Auburn Officials Called a Perfect Game

“Auburn got robbed!” “The refs missed a double dribble!” “I am really stupid!”

These are all things that people that legitimately think that there was a missed call at the end of the Auburn-Virginia Final Four game have said.

No, the refs did not have Virginia winning their bracket pool, no they didn’t bet on Virginia, no they don’t have it out for Auburn in any way. They called the closest thing to a perfect game that we have seen all tournament. The last 10 and most crucial seconds were called as consistent and concise as any other call at any other point in the game.

This is the play in heated conversation. Yes, by letter of the law, it is a double dribble. BUT the officials on the floor don’t have slow motion replay, a rule book in front of them and a CBS contract to be the “well actually” douchebag on stand-by. If you want to get into missed calls, I can get into missed calls. How about the chest slap and jersey pull missed foul before Jerome touches the ball again? What about that War-eagle/Tiger fans?

That double dribble would not have been called at any other time in the game. You have to respect the consistency of the officiating crew.

Basically, complaining about a missed call after the fact or claiming that it was the only moment that changed the game is just petty and stupid. Auburn did not have to let Virginia go on a 10-0 run before their comeback, they could have made another free throw and they certainly did not have to foul Kyle Guy in the corner.

Wanna claim letter of the law on the double dribble? You have to claim letter of the law here. You have to give the shooter the opportunity to land. This was an easy call. Even Auburn’s resident incoherent lunatic, Charles Barkley, said so.

The same people that are claiming there was no foul on the Kyle Guy’s three point attempt are the same people that yell “ball don’t lie” when anyone else misses a free throw afterwards. But somehow this doesn’t apply when Kyle Guy drops his concrete nuts on the table and drains three in a row even when Bruce Pearl calls a timeout to ice him.

Chicago Tribune

Auburn got beat. It is as simple as that. The referees called as close to a perfect game as they possibly could. The clock has struck midnight on this Cinderella story.

Sir Charles Sends Auburn Mixed Messages in Pregame Pep Talk

Auburn Basketball isn’t known for a whole lot. Bruce Pearl is bringing some swagger back, but before his arrival, the only thing Tiger Basketball fans could harp on was the career of Sir Charles Barkley. Easily the best player in program history. Since his basketball career ended, he has made a career out of basketball analysis, arguments with Shaq and incoherent ramblings. While every rant is new top 10, this pep talk to Auburn before their Final Four matchup with Virginia is my favorite. Take a look:

Here are the parts that really need attention brought to them.

“My number’s retired at Auburn, my number’s retired in Philadelphia, my number’s retired with the Phoenix Suns” … Okay, Chuck. Humble brags only.

“I never won a championship. I have to live with that forever. You guys gotta chance to do that.” To do what, Charles? Also never win a title? You can’t use pronouns without first giving it some kind of meaning. Very mixed message he is sending.

“You guys don’t know how hard it is to get here.” Oh, they don’t? This man is really telling the first ever Auburn Final Four team that they don’t know how hard it is to get to the Final Four when they almost got upset the first round and then had to beat Kansas, UNC and Kentucky in consecutive rounds.

“Don’t take this thing for granted.” Isn’t it impossible for the underdog to take a game for granted? The Kentucky 38-0 team took their last game for granted, but Auburn isn’t even supposed to be here.

See what I mean when I say incoherent ramblings? I am sure Charles meant the experience and Auburn definitely needs to take it all in. They should be incredibly proud of the way their team has played and how they have fought and clawed their way to the Final Four. As for Charles, personally I would have just said the same prayer he did in Space Jam.

Image result for charles barkley praying in space jam

12 Programs Won an NCAA Tournament Game and a Bowl Game This Year

Depending on the program, doing just one of these is a feat in itself. Marshall winning an NCAA tourney game is major step in the right direction and Kentucky or Duke winning a bowl game is basically unheard of.

This sabermetric is cool in the way that your school winning a Cheerleading and Rifle title in the same year is cool. No one cares, but it’s worth mentioning. Also, the fact that only 12 teams did this brings a trump card to any rivalry argument.

The 12 teams to win an NCAA Tournament game and a Bowl game are:
Texas A&M
Ohio State

If you would have asked me 5 years ago who would be on this list, I would have said Florida, Ohio State and Louisville. Three schools who are usually consistent at both sports. I definitely would not have said Alabama or Clemson, because they seem a little focused on football every year, and I also would have left out Duke and Kentucky because their football teams have been nonexistent some years. I could not be happier for Marshall though. Major step for their program.

Wic Picks: Week 13

Every week, without you all asking, I send each and every one of you Wic Picks. Kinda like what Brett Favre likes to send to women, but this won’t get me sued for harassment.
Some ranked match ups that we saw last night were West Virginia vs. Oklahoma and Washington vs. Washington State. In the first matchup we saw absolutely no defense, as per usual in the Big 12, and the Sooners take a 59-56 win. Their hopes for the Playoff are still alive, but not really. In the second game, Washington upset Washington State, 28-15. This not only destroyed my dreams of a Mike Leach championship, but also Mike Leach’s dreams of a Mike Leach championship.

#15 Kentucky @ Louisville: UK -16.5
I could not tell you the last time I remember Kentucky being favored over Louisville in football. If we have, I don’t think it was this high. With this year’s Louisville team though, it makes sense. Benny Snell is 206 yards away from the all-time rushing record at UK and I think he gets it today. Louisville’s rush defense sucks. I am genuinely surprised that Defensive Coordinator Brian VanGorder survived that coach purge, because he is the root of all defensive problems. Kentucky rolls on the road at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium.
UK: 38 UL: 24

#4 Michigan @ #10 Ohio State: MICH -4.5
Michigan may lead the all-time series, but since 2000, it has been all Buckeyes. Winning 15 of the last 18, Ohio State effectively owns the state of Michigan. But here is why this year is different: Jim Harbaugh is on a revenge tour. He lost to Wisconsin, Penn State, Michigan State, and Ohio State last year. This year, he has beaten all of them except for OSU. In the best rivalry game in college football, expect the unexpected. A Michigan win in the Shoe is definitely unexpected.
MICH: 34 OSU: 31

Georgia Tech @ #5 Georgia: UGA -16.0
In order to beat Georgia, you have to be able to throw the ball. LSU did that very well and came out on top. Kentucky couldn’t and got smacked up and down the field for 3 hours. Georgia Tech in no way has the ability to throw the ball. This could be a long game.
UGA: 49 GT: 14

#11 Florida @ Florida State: FLA -8.0
Definitely did not expect the spread to be that small. If I wasn’t so afraid of losing money, I would bet on Florida. Florida State has a serious problem with pass defense. Even Louisville QB Jawon Pass had a good game against them. If there is one thing Florida QB Feleipe Franks can do well, it’s lose to Kentucky, but he is also decent at throwing. Expect a gentleman’s blowout.
UF: 38 FSU: 13

Auburn @ #1 Alabama: BAMA -24.5
Some years, this is the best rivalry in the nation. This year it is not, because Auburn sucks. I like to say that anything can happen in a rivalry game and this is especially true in the Iron Bowl, but the Tigers are some hot garbage. Tua throws for 5 more touchdowns and Hurts plays the entire fourth quarter.
BAMA: 45 AUB: 21

South Carolina @ #2 Clemson: CLEM -26.0
Let’s see if Clemson can beat a middle-low tier SEC school. I don’t think so because I hate them.
SCAR: 33 CLEM: 28

#7 LSU @ #22 Texas A&M: TAMU -3.5
Vegas is putting LSU on upset alert this weekend. Even ESPN is giving the Aggies a 60% chance to win. Did someone get hurt for LSU? Is Coach O just not going to be there? I am having a tough time wrapping my head around why people think LSU is going to lose. The team that beat Georgia can’t beat the team that lost to Auburn and Mississippi State? Okay. LSU rolls.
LSU: 35 TAMU: 17

#3 Notre Dame @ USC: ND -11.5
I like to choose against Notre Dame in almost every game that matters for one simple reason. The Irish choke every single year. Tell me I’m wrong. HOWEVVA *Stephen A. Smith voice* Notre Dame will win this one. I’ll admit that they are pretty good now. That win over Syracuse was impressive enough. But not only is ND good, USC is kinda bad. I know Clay Helton is a good coach, but he just isn’t good for USC. Ian Book is going to be able to do whatever he wants all day long.
ND: 40 USC: 24