Winners and Losers from April Fools’ Day

Ah, April Fool’s Day. The one day a year you can blatantly lie to someone that trusts you and get off scot free. Wanna tell your boyfriend you’re pregnant? Go right ahead. Wanna tell your brother he is adopted? I wish mine would stop, but you are free to do so. Wanna run a completely bogus story confirmed by your “sources”? Go off, ESPN.

Every year, different people and organizations try to fool us all and as I have gotten older and smarter I have not gotten any better at detecting it. Here’s the winners from today.

Tom Brady
His first tweet ever shakes Boston to its core. Good one, Goat.

Wisconsin Athletics
They released a letter via Twitter where they announced that they were taking away their beloved “Jump Around” tradition due to distorted Richter scale readings. Brilliant.

McDonald’s Australia decided it was a good idea to release a fake burger called the McPickle Burger. No meat, just an unnecessary amount of pickles. Thing is, I am not entirely sure if Australia even recognizes April Fool’s Day, because they received incredible amounts of criticism.

This dog owner
The look of disappointment on this dog’s face.

Now, time for the losers, and… April Fools!

Actually, the list of the losers of April Fools’ Day is the same as the winners. Grow up. Just tell people you got arrested for being the real zodiac killer or smuggling cocaine like an adult.