Lakers Will Be Hard to Hate with Three Kentucky Favorites in the Lineup

The Lakers have always been one of the more hatable teams in the NBA. Add LeBron James to it and now you have a squad that people not only despise, but actively root against. As a lifelong Celtics fan, the Lakers are my least favorite team by default, but as a lifelong Kentucky fan, it is going to be hard to hate them this season and here’s why:

The team most likely to win the title in the NBA has three of the most beloved Kentucky players of all time on it. Of course, the team that we all wanted to fail has made it very hard to root against them. Rajon Rondo was the best Kentucky player in years at the time he arrived, Demarcus Cousins was an irreplaceable piece in Cal’s first team at UK and Anthony Davis brought the NCAA title back to its rightful home for the first time in 14 years. Truly unforgettable players.

See if you can still hate the Lakers after watching their highlights as Wildcats.

Couldn’t find any Rondo Kentucky highlights without a Creed song in the background so hopefully his Louisville games suffice.

I wrote yesterday about how other NBA teams are jumping on the BBNBA backwagon and I can’t tell if it is because Kentucky players are taking prominent positions in NBA rosters or if there are just so many of them that it is unavoidable having 3-5 Wildcats on a team. Either way, we really should have seen AD and Boogie teaming up with LeBron coming.

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Anthony Davis Apparently Has No Control over the Clothes He Wears

After the trade deadline disaster between the New Orleans Pelicans and the Los Angeles Lakers, Anthony Davis checked out mentally and physically. Playing a career low amount of games this season, everyone knew that he would be leaving and exploring other options this offseason.

AD is just plain unhappy in NOLA. It is a generally accepted and understand fact of the NBA this season. As the Pelicans played their last home game of the season on Tuesday, Davis rolled out of the locker room wearing a rather unexpected shirt. Apparently, he did want to make a grand exit from New Orleans. The shirt read: “that’s all folks”.

That’s pretty hilarious, but it obviously upset the masses of NOLA fans that have been supporting him the entirety of his career. He picked the perfect shirt to troll millions of Pelicans fans… or did he? When asked for a comment on the wardrobe choice, Davis had this to say:

That’s strange. NBA Superstar Anthony Davis has no control over his clothes. And all this time, I was under the impression that he was an adult that was capable of dressing himself. I assumed incorrectly. I realize that NBA players have stylists and pay other people to worry about picking out the clothes they wear on any given night, but he didn’t take one look at the “that’s all folks” shirt and think that maybe this is going to make a lot of people who love him mad?

I think he knew exactly what he was doing and I think he wanted to ruffle some unibrows on his way out. Absolutely hilarious and perfect troll job by Anthony Davis. I just wish he would own it and tell everyone just how much he really hated playing in New Orleans this season.