Luke Kuechly Gets Torched by Middle Schooler

Few kids every get the chance to play along side their heroes. Even fewer get the chance to go against them one on one. This plucky young camper got the opportunity to take one Luke Kuechly in a good old fashioned across the bough drill.

So, how do you think this middle schooler fared against the former Defensive Rookie of the Year who is entering his prime? Did you guess that he cooks him and leaving him on the turf? Happens to the best of us, I guess.

Kuechly gets his revenge though. The only thing scarier than an NFL linebacker, is an NFL linebacker who is pissed off because he just got torched by a 6th grader. He let little man know who was boss, but it’s going to be hard to live this one down.


Warning: Do NOT Take a Charge from Tacko Fall

The biggest stories out the Boston camp in this year’s NBA Summer League are Carsen Edwards’ ridiculous fall to the second round, Grant Williams playing some decent basketball when he isn’t doing an impression of a fish out of water and Tacko Fall simply being an enormous human being.

We are learning a lot about the do’s and don’ts when it comes to playing defense on Tacko. For instance, don’t try to block his flat-footed dunks; it will just be that much more embarrassing. Do start boxing him out at the free throw line; it is the only way to ensure that his 8 FOOT wingspan won’t still get the rebound. And above all, don’t try to take a charge when the Tacko Train has a full head of steam.

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Take a charge from Tacko Fall at your own risk 🤣

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Brandon Goodwin wasn’t just knocked into next week, he got hit all the way into the regular season. It looked like he got Falcon Punched in Super Smash Bros. or kicked by Goku from Dragon Ball Z. He was like a kid at the end of a dock and Tacko was his friend who wanted to get Twitter famous by tackling someone into a lake.

Either way, Goodwin knew he messed up.

Keldon Johnson Already Considered the Steal of the NBA Draft

After a disappointing 4 point start, Keldon Johnson has been lighting up the NBA Summer League. Performances of 29 points and 19 points since then has made him one of the most impressive players from this year’s draft. He is even drawing the highest praise from member’s of his own organization like the Spurs’ own Becky Hammon.

“The steal of the Draft.” That is one hell of a compliment. Seeing what Keldon Johnson has done so far should make ever Spurs and Kentucky fan excited for what he can accomplish in this year and in his future career. So much raw ability mixed with the great developer of talent that Gregg Popovich is will make him a star in the near future. I am sure falling in the Draft has motivated the hell out of him.

Of course, Becky Hammon is an assistant for the Spurs so take what she says about her own players with a grain of salt. Keldon may not be the steal of the draft overall. I think that award goes to Carsen Edwards and the Celtics. But the steal of the first round? Absolutely. Just about every analyst had Johnson going in the late teens. Almost no one saw him dropping in to the 20’s much less all the way to 29. Always proud to see former Cats prove everyone wrong.

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Visual Representations of Just How Massive Tacko Fall Is

In case you haven’t heard, Tacko Fall is and enormous human being. Standing at a gigantic 7’7″ tall, he is the size of roughly 2 Isaiah Thomas’s. The Celtics have signed both a physical anomaly and a walking highlight reel. Being the tallest player in the NBA since Yao Ming, NBA fans are going to watch him like a hawk. Not like an Atlanta Hawk though… no one watches them.

Even after countless flat-footed dunks and blocked shots without jumping, it is still hard to comprehend just how tall Tacko is. My simple mind could not grasp the fact that a human person can be the size of a 6 month old giraffe. These pictures and videos are helping the understanding process though. Take a look:

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Man, the Cavs never even had a chance against Tacko.

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When you get bored creating your NBA 2k MyPlayer.


And of course, here is Tacko Fall next to Zion Williamson who is 6’7″ tall.

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Finally Some Respect for Kentucky Football, Maybe

After weeks of constant disrespect aimed towards Kentucky Football, we finally have some respect…well for at least one player. Lynn Bowden was named as one of the top 50 most underrated players in the nation. Lynn Bowden was a main piece of the offense last season and on the punt return squad, especially against Penn State. Bowden is a stud and as he enters his junior year, all of us are expecting a breakout season to coincide nicely with Terry Wilson, AJ Rose, and Smoke. So with one sign of respect, it’s obvious more disrespect follows, right?

Yesterday, the Kentucky Football over/under was set at 6.5 which would symbolize them making a bowl game, right? Wrong. Phil Steele continues to shove hate towards us and says we won’t make a bowl. First off, their schedule is a tad easier than last season. They have their rivals, Louisville, Florida, and Tennessee at home while traveling to Mississippi State, Georgia, and South Carolina. Kentucky will win four of those six games…with losses probably coming to Georgia and Mississippi State if I had to guess. But our good pal Phil claims Kentucky will only win five games and he states that the loss of our defense is too major to recover yet Mark Stoops has had an inexperienced defense every season besides last and we’ve still been able to reach the seven wins. But this year is different, mainly because our offense is so much better.

Image result for terry wilson

While the disrespect is in the records, more Football analyst throw shade towards Terry. Terry has been ranked last in the SEC due to “inconsistency” yet he led Kentucky Football to a 10 win season, a rarity in the Bluegrass. Terry Wilson has what it takes to be an elite quarterback. He is tall, athletic, and can run the RPO offense which the NFL seems to be leaning towards. He has the arm to make the downfield threat but you really never know where his ball will go. He has experienced the lowest of lows, including his season opener against Central Michigan where he went 11-18 with only 78 yards and 2 interceptions but he also has had his highlights when he beat Florida at the Swamp by throwing two touchdowns and running for one more. Terry has shown he has what it takes, especially against Kentucky’s rival opponents. To say he is the worst quarterback in the SEC after he led Kentucky into the Swamp to defeat Franks and the Gators to end a long streak. To have Franks ranked above Terry is just as disrespectful as having Terry last.

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2019 Roster Update, N’Faly Latest

We have entered the dog days of summer where it’s basically just baseball for the next few weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Reds fan, but with college football just around the corner it’s hard to stay focused. College Football I love, but for the sole reason that Basketball is just a few more months away. When Calipari came to Kentucky, he brought the program back to where it should be and this year is no different. With the number two recruiting class and a ton of players returning, Kentucky is set out to do what it did in 2012 and this is the team to do so.

For only the second time in the Calipari era, Kentucky returns four players who averaged double digits in minutes and more than 4 points per game. The last time that happened? Kentucky went 38-1* and got screwed in the Final Four with a non call on a shot clock violation. Now to sit here and say this team will go 40-0 is just outrageous, but they can make a run. They return their guards in Ashton Hagans and Immanuel Quickley who both improved tremendously as the season progressed. They both could be apart of the best backcourt in college basketball next season along with Tyrese Maxey. Tyrese Maxey has an uncanny ability to get to the rim. Think of John Wall with the ability to shoot outside of 15 feet. He’s going to be a special player and I can see him assuming the starting role at point guard if Hagans is underperforming but they’ll be a great mix.

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The bigs are definitely improved. Not only do we return Nick Richards and EJ Montgomery but Kentucky adds special talent to help them out. Kahlil Whitney is the player I am most excited for next season. After watching hours of his highlights, he reminds me of Michael Kidd-Gilchrist with the jumping ability of Hamidou Diallo. Expect two alley-oops a game and several players’ careers being ended by getting dunked on. Along with Whitney, Kentucky brings in Keion Brooks, Dontaie Allen, Johnny Juzang, and Nate Sestina. Allen could be a legit player once he is healthy, and Keion brings on a special skill set including rim protector. Juzang could be this years Tyler Herro will his shooting ability and Sestina brings the experience and the shooting/defensive ability needed.

I do think Kentucky is missing a piece and his name is N’Faly Dante. While Dante is 6’11”, he has a wingspan of 7’5” which just makes him a beast. Watching some of his highlights, I feel like Dante is the closest to Bam. Bam was an absolute tank but he wasn’t the best shooter. His defense will set him apart from the others as he is a complete package with shot-blocking and rebounding and the ability to switch off the pick. The issue Dante may have is his outside shot. While he drains threes in his videos, his shot is just so inconsistent. With his height, he has the ability to again rebound and dunk but he’ll need to develop an outside shot and it will take patience from everyone. He has the peak of a Karl Anthony Towns with his athleticism and he can grow into a shot and with Kenny Payne, this is possible.

But there is a holdup around N’Faly. From an interview with the Athletic, Dante’s AAU director claims that they are doing everything possible to reclassify. The hardest thing to do is reclassify but it is even harder when English is not your primary language. His family wants him to reclassify and they love Kentucky, but again it will take time and it won’t likely happen until the end of the summer, if at all. They claim they are working “around the clock” to make it possible and by all accounts, he wants it to happen. Oregon and Kansas are possible contenders but I really think if he reclassifies, he is Kentucky’s to lose. We’ll find out more with Peach Jam this week.

My guess, N’Faly will be a member of the 2019 recruiting class and will bring us into the top 3 and possibly the #1 team in the nation. We’ll have the 2nd recruiting class behind Memphis still, but we will be a much deeper and a much more athletic team. #9 is looming, let’s get ready.

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Some Things are Bigger than Rivalries

As all of Big Blue Nation know, Jared Lorenzen passed away last week after a battle with kidney and heart issues along with an infection. The 38 year old is one of the most beloved Kentucky Football players of all time and his love for Kentucky Football made the transition to college easier for tons of players, including Maxwell Smith whom Lorenzen took under his wing. But one thing no one expected…former Louisville players are helping out with funeral cost.

Jamon Brown, Deion Branch, and Chris Redman are helping Lorenzen’s family by helping pay for the funeral for the former Wildcat star. All three of these men also played with Jared in the NFL. Brown is donating $5,000 himself and when asked why, he said “We wanted to be an example of how, no matter if you played for the blue or the red, how important it is for us to come together and support one another, both in and out of sports,” Brown told “The rivalry between the schools is intense, and it’s great, but at the end of the day, all that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you remember that we’re all in this game of life together, whether you played for the blue or the red.” This just goes to show that some things are bigger than rivalries.

Image result for jared lorenzen

Lorenzen was an example of how everyone should live. He never took a day for granted saying, “life’s too short to cry about stuff. So get out there laugh, smile, and have fun doing it.” If you want to find a way to donate to his cause, Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio has started a fund to help his kids get to college. More information is coming and keep an eye on KSR and Matt’s twitter to see how you can help.

One last thing on this…you may hate Louisville and believe me I do too, but this is a prime example of class and how some things are just bigger than sports. So thank you to these Louisville players, you’ve shown your class and your respect. Rest easy 22.

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