The Bills Are A Special Type of Bad

Yesterday, we all watched as the Ravens put the ass whooping of possibly the entire season on the Bills, 47-3. Everyone needs to be fired.  The Ravens shouldn’t easily beat anybody and in no circumstances should they embarrass another team. Joe Flacco should never be taken out of a game because he was doing too good. That’s just absurd. What is most surprising about this whole thing is that Buffalo actually made the playoffs last year. 

Historically, the Bills have been a pretty garbage franchise. Not the worst, but still pretty bad. Nothing to brag about when their greatest accomplishments are losing in the Super Bowl four times and that time a murderer ran for 2,000 yards. Currently, their only known for sucking and their 300 pound, wing stuffed fans falling through plastic tables. Not to mention the laughing stock of the NFL, Nathan Peterman.

Ah, Nathan Peterman. As a fan of any other team in the NFL, it’s hard not to love this guy. But how does he have a job? Seriously, he was pulled from the game after throwing for a 0.7 QBR, according to ESPN. I’m convinced that even I could get at least a QBR of 1. Even when he threw 5 picks in one half, he was performing at around 12. He somehow just played worse.

There’s a couple things that need to be done by the Bills front office. First, drop Peterman to waivers or at least the practice squad. Maybe even manager of a concession stand. Just somewhere far away from the field.  Second, go all in on Josh Allen. He’s your guy now. He may be wildly inaccurate, but I can guarantee he won’t throw 5 picks in a half.

Could Kentucky Go 10-2?

Probably not, but hear me out.

Like every college football fan, I get my hopes way too high at the beginning of the season just to be let down and leave me asking, “why do I do this to myself?” Because I love it, dammit. I love getting hyped about every college football season and I’ll be damned if I don’t find a way to do it again. Thanks to the SEC Network that has become possible.

Peter Burns and Chris Doering went through every SEC team’s schedule. In true SEC Network form, they wildly overstated every program’s possible ceiling. They had Kentucky at 8-4, but subtly mentioned that two of those losses were winnable. So, why did I blindly believe that Kentucky was going to have their first 10-win season since 1977? Why did I believe a random TV personality’s take when he gave zero support to back himself up? Because that is the kind of sheep I am when it comes to football.

Kentucky is a lot better of a team than they are getting credit for. On defense, the cats are returning starters that will have a huge impact in the SEC. A linebacker core of Jordan Jones, Josh Allen, and Kash Daniel, then a secondary led by Mike Edwards seems like a damn good crew especially for the SEC East. The offense is not far behind. CJ Conrad is a top 3 Tight End for the sake of this column. Benny Snell is the SEC’s leading rusher from a year ago. And, now we have Touchdown Terry Wilson at quarterback who may be the fastest person in the commonwealth of Kentucky.

Side note: If I see any football player whose name begins with “T,” they will most likely be referred to as “touchdown *insert name.”

Let’s get into the schedule and discuss the wins and losses. Kentucky will lose to Georgia and Mississippi State. That’s just how it is. It be like that sometimes. The rest of the games are winnable though. Kentucky did not have the best game against Central Michigan, but I almost want to guarantee wins against the rest of their opponents except for Florida and Texas A&M. Texas A&M is a complete toss up especially with Jimbo Fisher in his first year of a new program. Finally, there is Florida. It has been 31 years since UK has won a game against them. This year… it ends.