The Bengals Rite of Passage

Well Zac Taylor already has a fun start to being the new head coach. In continuation with the demise of my favorite sports franchise, Mark Walton of the Cincinnati Bengals has been arrested for some sort of battery misdemeanor. It’s almost a ritual at this point that if you want to be on the Bengals, you have to have been arrested. Now I obviously don’t condone this sort of violence, it is a horrible thing to conceive and I hope everyone is ok at the end of the day. Mark Walton was drafted in the fourth round last year and is like a third string backup or something. Walton played in 14 games and had an incredible 75 total yards on the season. Now I obviously don’t know the specifics of what happened, and the Bengals are taking a look into the situation, whatever that means. I really hope this was all blown out of proportion and he slapped the girls phone out of her hand or something stupid, but if not, he should be gone.

Cincinnati Enquirer

Honestly I just want a team of all Carlos Dunlaps. This man does an incredible job standing up to bullying and it’s something I wish everyone on the team could get behind. But some obviously just can’t keep control on their mitts. We have one of the most crime riddled franchises in all of sports. Yes ladies, that does mean we’re bad boys. But this isn’t what I want the team that I love to be known as.

I would rather us be known as the team that loses every playoff game then the one that has the most arrests. We have to do better Cincinnati. At the end of the day, these guys are role models to kids and people who can’t grow up and take sports way to seriously (me), and we need them to act as the role models they have involuntarily signed up to be. I love this team and this city, but this is starting to just get sad. Do better guys, Who Dey.

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Glen “Big Baby” Davis Avoids Jail Time

Back in February of 2018, beloved former Celtics Power Forward was arrested for ALLEGEDLY having over a quarter-pound of marijuana in his hotel room. Police say that they uncovered 126 grams of weed and $92,164 of cash in a briefcase.

When interviewed, Big Baby said, “I’m no drug dealer.” I believe him 100%. My man is innocent.

See the source image

When Davis was initially arrested, he was given 7 charges including felony drug possession and intent to sell. He could have gotten up to 5 years in prison. Thankfully, Davis was able to to reach an agreement with Maryland prosecutors and avoid all jail time. Here’s how:

Davis’ case is being put on what is known as a “Stet Docket”. So his case is basically inactive unless he gets in legal trouble within the next 3 years. Essentially, it is probation without a conviction. And all Big Baby had to do was pay $15,000 in exchange for having the charges dropped. Kinda sounds like a bribe, but I’d allow it for Davis.

I am so glad Glen Davis was able to avoid jail time. What I am most surprised about it that I heard Big Baby Davis’ name in the news before I heard about the legalization of marijuana.

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Morning Juice, Part 4

Welcome back to Morning Juice where I am now a combined 13-10-1. I did a special edition on Tuesday, I went 2-4. Everyone has a bad day, so hand up. But, bad days lead to an amazing day so let’s keep it going.

Image result for maryland vs michigan basketball
#24 Maryland @ #6 Michigan

We’ll start again up in Ann Arbor where Maryland comes in having just knocked off a ranked Purdue team at home. Michigan has been playing poorly as of late, while Maryland has been striving. These two have not played yet this year but I think it will be an unreal game. Maryland averages around 73 points a game while giving up 64 points. Michigan scores around 70, while giving up 57. I think Maryland will be trapped into playing Michigan’s style and it will be a defensive struggle. For Maryland, Anthony Cowan Jr. and Bruno Fernando are the two most important pieces. If they can get going early, I like their chances. But I think Michigan’s Charles Matthews will lead them to another victory here. I’ll take Michigan 67-58. So I would take Michigan -6 and the under 130.

Image result for iowa st vs kansas st basketball
#23 Iowa State @ #18 Kansas State

This will be another under the radar game. The last time these two played, Kansas State won in the final seconds at Iowa State. That game was absolutely insane. If the under is set at anything in the 140s, take the under. The last time they played was 68-67 and the under hit. I would take the under during this game because it is set at 134. As for the game, Barry Brown Jr will have to go off if Kansas State wants to win. However (Stephen A voice), I really like Iowa State in this game. I went back and forth on this game all week, but I’ll settle with Iowa State +2.5 and the under 134.

Image result for duke nc state basketball
NC State @ #2 Duke

Prayers up that this game is a lot like the 2013 one shown above, where NC State stunned the Blue Devils 84-76 when NC State was #20 and Duke was #1. Duke is coming off a huge come from behind win against Louisville on the road, so I would expect a slow start from them. The main question is whether or not NC State will take advantage of that slow start or not. My guess, they won’t. I think Zion will have a career game here and might get a triple double. I think Duke rolls, easily 84-61. Take NC State +17 though.

Image result for kentucky vs tennessee basketball
#1 Tennessee @ #5 Kentucky

Last Tuesday, Kentucky’s win streak came to an end due to an unfortunate call at the end of the game. The Wildcats need to bounce back in the biggest of ways as #1 heads into town. This game will come down to PJ and Keldon. Tennessee will use Grant Williams and Admiral Schofield like they never have before and if PJ doesn’t show up, it’s over. As for Keldon, Keldon needs to go off. We need the old Keldon that we all knew and loved to come back and have the game of his SEC career. Keldon needs to get going early and go right at Schofield or Williams. The quicker Kentucky gets them out of the game, the better. If Keldon and PJ play their best game, it will come down to one player….Nick Richards. Richards is going to have some key moments in this game. Against LSU, he did absolutely nothing but in this game he needs to show up and do his usual 8 rebounds. If Richards is playing like he should, this will give PJ some much needed rest. As for the game, Hagans needs to be aggressive. He has slipped recently, but I think he comes up big. Tennessee beat Kentucky at Rupp last season, so I do not think it happens again. The spread is Kentucky -2.5 but I would just sprinkle the Kentucky moneyline. But, Kentucky wins 74-70.

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Saturday Morning Sports Trivia 2/16

Welcome back to another round of Saturday Morning Sports Trivia. As always we love all of you for your minds and we want to put them too the test. I miss football dearly so I am making this trivia about the only active football league right now, the Alliance of American Football.


  1. Who is the head coach of the Orlando Apollos?
  2. Who scored the first points in AAF history?
  3. Teams are divided into regions meaning the Birmingham Iron have priority on former Alabama players. What college does the Memphis Express have priority over?
  4. What two schools did Orlando QB Garrett Gilbert play for?
  5. Matt Asiata is the running back for the Salt Lake Stallions. What NFL team did he play for for 5 years?
  6. Two teams share location names with current NFL teams. Name both.
  7. What college did Memphis Express QB Christian Hackenberg play for?
  8. In the 2010 NCAA National Championship, Garrett Gilbert replaced what quarterback after he was injured during the game?
  9. What must happen after every touchdown scored in the AAF?
  10. What TV station does the AAF have a contract with to broadcast all games?

Matching– Match the AAF player to their respective college.

Matt Asiata__________________Michigan
Trent Richardson____________Oklahoma
Denard Robinson____________Utah
Zac Stacy____________________Washington
Aaron Murray_______________LSU
Trevor Knight_______________Vanderbilt
Zach Mettenberger__________Alabama
Bishop Sankey_______________Georgia

See the source image


  1. Steve Spurrier
  2. Younghoe Koo
  3. LSU
  4. Texas and SMU
  5. Minnesota Vikings
  6. Arizona Hotshot and Atlanta Legends
  7. Penn State
  8. Colt McCoy
  9. The scoring team must go for a 2 point conversion
  10. CBS

Matching Answers:

Matt Asiata- Utah
Trent Richardson- Alabama
Denard Robinson- Michigan
Zac Stacy- Vanderbilt
Aaron Murray- Georgia
Trevor Knight- Oklahoma
Zach Mettenberger- LSU
Bishop Sankey- Washington

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BREAKING: Pelicans GM Dell Demps Fired

…yeah, wow right?

I had been hearing rumors that that the Pels were unhappy with the whole AD no-trade conclusion. I had also been hearing that ownership of the Pels were still on good terms with Demps. What I had heard throughout the organization was that Demps was going to be able to make the trade, and (pending what trade ending up occurring) maybe even make it through the rebuild process.

Boy did that script change in a short time period.

Turns out the Pels ownership hated how the AD no-trade saga went. But the real reason Demps got fired was because DEmps not only let AD play, but that he got hurt. Reports have come out that they were “livid” when he got hurt last night, and they have essentially been debating it since he left the game. Of course, it seems that they made it final today.

It sucks that this is how it went down for Dell. It is a sad thing that the player that requested a trade AND YOU REFUSED TO TRADE got hurt. Also, this now hurts his trade stock, seeing as there is no reason for a team to break its bank to get a hurt player. While AD is AD, and they will get ample return, they won’t be able to get a new starting 5. Coupled with the facts that they are now completely out of playoff contention AND that it is after the trade deadline only sting more.

Dell Demps and the Pels organization are both inept, but this still stings. It sucks that a man in now unemployed and unable to provide for his family, but he did suck. He should have launched a full rebuild, but his own pride refused to let him see the writing on the walls.

As I am sure they may say down in N’Orleans, “Au revoir.”