WWE Takes a Step Back

The Women’s Division is WWE has been on their highest of highs recently, with the announcement of another milestone; the Women’s Tag Team Titles.

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On Christmas, it was announced by Vince McMahon that the women will be competing for the titles, but we never knew if there were Titles for each brand. WWE has been rumored to be doing away with brand names which these titles basically confirm. There is going to a match between 5 teams at the Elimination Chamber PPV in February which kind of seems rushed but either way, we’ll know then. They probably should have done a tournament ending at Wrestlemania, but this way, the Women can deservingly Main Event 2 PPV’s this year.

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This past year has been unreal for the Women’s Division. We had the introduction of Ronda, the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble, the first ever Women’s Elimination Chamber, the first ever Women’s PPV, the first ever Last Woman Standing Match and quite possibly the top two, three matches of the year. The Asuka vs Charlotte match at last year’s Wrestlemania was the best match I saw all last year and the second was Flair vs Ronda. I also think they had the third, but this one isn’t the one you think, it’s Carmella vs Asuka. Carmella has been maybe the most improved wrestler in the division and pairing her against Asuka and Flair have made her such a better wrestler. So much so that she even got to fight in a triple threat against Flair and Becky to determine the number one contender. Having Carmella do what she has this year, beating Flair and Asuka, has allowed the WWE Smackdown division to be extremely top heavy, but every match has been must watch television. But then Monday happened….

The WWE Women’s Division used to just be beautiful women in tight clothing or no clothing at all. They were kind of just there for show, early on. Then the Bella Twins came and yes it was still focused on looks, but they allowed them to wrestle and made it scandalous but yet it was better than just using them for eye candy. After this past year, watching Monday was just sad. WWE included a segment in which a producer entered Alexa Bliss’ dressing room and her top was off, which (according to Dave Meltzer) WWE included to see “what they could get away with.” Another script WWE is running on is Mandy Rose and Jimmy Uso, the husband of WWE Star Naomi. The script is essentially just Mandy Rose flirting and trying to entice Jimmy to sleep with her, but then Naomi constantly beats the shit out of Mandy for hitting on her husband.

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The WWE has come so far, especially in the Women’s Division. Right now, they’re hurting it. We live in a time that women can do everything men do which is the way it should be. The WWE, by doing this, is showing just how ignorant they are. People watch that division because they put on amazing matches, not because there are boobs. I’m not saying it hurts, but people watch for the talent now, unlike the early days. There are some suggestions that WWE is doing it to bump their ratings, because they have been down recently. If that is the truth, then it may be time to stop watching or to call for new leadership. I watched WWE for the best matches possible, which ends up just being the women mostly. The WWE is resorting to something that worked so long ago, but the answer is right in front of them. More women’s matches and have them be the Main Event.

John Cena Needs to Win 17 Soon

Last night, the greatest of all time made his return to Raw. Cena took the ring to cut a promo about joining the Royal Rumble on January 27th in Arizona, then he was apart of a pointless 3 on 3 tag team match with Seth Rollins and Finn Balor. What is absolutely crazy about this is Raw viewership has been down immensely recently, but they bring Cena back and they see their viewership soar back up (same thing happened with Smackdown last week). As a matter of fact, that is probably why this is the best time to have him beat Rick Flair’s record of 16 time world champion.

Cena has been in and out of the WWE for years now. What’s funny about that is when Cena and the Rock had a fued, which highlights 2 Wrestlemania’s, about how the Rock was so wrapped up in Hollywood and how he was being selfish, yet here we are with Cena doing the same thing. John Cena is 16 time champion. Over his time in the WWE, he has been the most loved and most hated person. I think his time is coming to an end, so let’s send him off the best way imaginable.

While Cena is wrapping up a new movie, The Voyage of Dr. Dolittle and in the middle of filming Project X, his movie career should be slowing down for the moment. WWE should have Cena win the Royal Rumble, and then allow him to hide and finish up his filming just in time for him to return at the greatest stage of them all, Wrestlemania. Let him be the one to knock off the “New” Daniel Bryan, which could be an interesting feud given the Bellas history. Do this and allow him to relinquish the title the following night, thus announcing his retirement and he’s done. This is the perfect way for Cena to ride off and have an actual retirement unlike the Undertaker. Cena deserves it, we all know it.

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Here’s to one last time, John

Survivor Series Recap

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Last night, the WWE gave us their third pay-per-view in a little over a month, but it was the best of the three.  This was the first PPV in a long while that I was excited for because we had two potential Wrestlemania matches.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at each match. 

Smackdown vs Raw Tag Team Survivor Match

This was the only match Smackdown won, but apparently it was a botched finish by the Usos.  This match was not very good because it was just a big cluster, but once it settled down it was evident that this match was meant to hype up the Raw Tag Team Division.  Jimmy Uso honored Roman Reigns by cocking his fist and landing on Dawson for the pin. Smackdown won, but it doesn’t count towards the total for the night.  Grade: B-

Women’s Traditional Survivor Series Match

Nia Jax got the biggest reaction out of anyone when she was announced.  She embraced the action of knocking out Becky by kissing her knuckle that knocked her out.  The Women’s Smackdown team ran out to Becky’s music as well.  This match was okay at best.  I wasn’t really interested in it because it did not really focus on the individual’s it should have and it really did not have any top talent in it.  Asuka and Nia were the last two standing with Nia eliminating Asuka.  I did not like this one bit.  Smackdown has the better Women’s division so this just was shocking to me.  Grade: C

Men’s Traditional Survivor Series Match

This match was a little better than I anticipated.  But it ended like we all expected.  Strowman eliminated 4 Smackdown members to win. Not really anything to say about it.  Grade: C-

Seth Rollins vs Shinsuke Nakamura

This match was super entertaining. You brought out a full Heel Rollins by having him mock Shinsuke, which was a nice change.  It was a very eventful match with it going back and forth to the very end, until Shinsuke got countered by Rollins and Rollins hit him with the Curb Stomp.  This was the third best match.  Grade B+

Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte Flair

The match of the night.  This had zero build, minus Becky telling the Queen to tap her out.  This truly went back and forth and had the makings of Flair’s best match in history.  And just when we were about to get a conclusion, Flair destroys Ronda with a Kendo stick.  Flair completely demolished Ronda with it and fought off 5 Refs then places Ronda heads in a chair and stomps on it.  Ronda and Charlotte will meet again, presumably at Wrestlemania after Charlotte wins the Royal Rumble.  This match stole the show. Charlotte carries every match she is in, which she did again but the fact that Ronda is able do near falls and actually sell her bumps show that she has learned a lot and is getting better with every single match she is in.  I still love Flair and hope she wins the Title soon, but I hope it is off of Ronda, not Becky.  Becky and Flair are the top 2 Women’s wrestlers, probably in history. Grade: A+

Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan

Everyone, including myself, thought this was going to be a squash match for Lesnar and it was in the beginning.  Brock threw Bryan around like a playtoy and it definitely was not safe for Bryan’s neck.  But, when Lesnar attempted an F-5 and knocked Bryan into the ref, Bryan took the opportunity to kick Lesnar in the mid-region and almost completed a pin, but Lesnar broke out of it in 2.9 seconds.  The match from there was unreal.  Bryan and Lesnar went back and forth the rest of the way with Bryan connecting on multiple elbows and kicks.  He even got Brock to almost tap out with the Yes Lock but Lesnar broke it and wrapped him into an F-5 and Bryan was finished.  Grade: A-

All and all, this PPV was astonishing.  Lesnar and Bryan apparently good friends and as one of my buddies put it, “Brock is like Mr. MAGA and Daniel Bryan is the resistance.” For once, Brock cared about his match and he wanted Daniel to have a good showing as well.  Brock cared for the first time in a long time and put on possibly his best match in his career or at least in awhile.  I do not like the fact that Raw swept Smackdown (minus the fact that the Smackdown Tag Teams won).  To me, it doesn’t make any sense but we’ll be able to see what happens on Tuesday.  I feel like a ton of NXT members will join Smackdown, especially since Smackdown is about to move to Fox. PPV Grade: B+

WWE Survivor Series Preview

This Paper-view has gone from okay, to great, to amazing, back to great.  With Becky being out, due to a fractured face, this just doesn’t have the same feel as it did.  Bryan winning the Title off AJ was nice, but it was only so AJ doesn’t have to be squashed by Brock again.  There just was not enough build up for me to be interested in this PPV after the Becky Ronda match got pulled.  Ronda and Flair will still be amazing, due to Flair’s ability to carry every match she’s in.  Let’s take a look at every match.


Tag Team Survivor Series Match

This match is something new and I’m not sure how I feel about it.  Of course it will be good due to the Bar, the New Day, and the Bludgeon Brother.  Oh wait, they aren’t in it? Nevermind then.  This won’t be a good idea and they’ll have Raw go over due to them trying to build out their Tag Team Division.

Prediction: Raw wins, stupidly


AOP vs The Bar

I have no interest in this match.  Seth Rollins should have beaten AOP on his own then face the Bar alone, but here we are with a stupid match.  AOP isn’t going to win this due to the Big Show playing a factor for the Bar.

Prediction: The Bar Wins

Men’s Survivor Series Match

On Raw, Braun is joined by McIntyre, Ziggler, Balor, and Lashley.  On Smackdown, the best in the world, Shane McMahon, is joined by the Miz, Rey Mysterio, Joe, and jeff Hardy, who is replacing Daniel Bryan. This match should be the match of the night with tons of bumps taken and some fancy moves by Shane.  This match intrigues me because I truly do not know who wins.  I think Raw should since in real life they’d destroy them, but Smackdown is full of veterans, so I think they get the win.  I expect McIntyre and Braun to cost Raw the win.

Prediction: Smackdown Wins

Women’s Survivor Series Match

This got some accidental build up due to Nia knocking out Becky Lynch and fracturing her face.  Neither of these teams really make any sense to me, especially having Tamina and Nia together almost guaranteeing a victory for Raw.

Prediction: Raw Wins

Seth Rollins (IC Champion) vs Shinsuke Nakamura (US Champion)

Nakamura has kind of been squashed ever since he appeared awhile ago.  Shinsuke should have won the title, but they kept in on AJ instead.  This match will be one of, if not the top, singles match of the night.  Both Rollins and Shinsuke are incredible talents, so this is a must watch.  Unfortunately, Rollins is battling with Dean Ambrose right now so Dean will most likely interfere and help Shinsuke pull away.

Prediction: Shinsuke wins after interference from Dean

Ronda Rousey (Raw Champion) vs Charlotte Flair

The match was originally supposed to be Ronda vs Becky Lynch, but since Nia Jax can’t do anything right, here we are.  Still, this match will be insane.  This match should close the show.  Two incredible talents and this match was supposed to be the Wrestlemania closer.  I’m interested to see how Ronda does with Flair.  Flair ended Asuka’s streak at last year’s Wrestlemania but since then has not really done much.  She lost to Carmella and continuously loses to Becky. I hope Flair wins to end her losing streak and to humble Ronda, who I hate more every single day.

Prediction: Flair wins

Brock Lesnar (Universal Champion) vs Daniel Bryan (WWE Champion)

This match got changed last second, replacing AJ with Daniel Bryan.  It won’t be a good match.  Brock will win, easily.

Prediction: Brock wins

Cruiserweight Championship: Mustafa Ali wins

I’m not expecting too much from this PPV.  I just want a good build up for TLC in December or at least start the Wrestlemania storylines.
























WWE Needs Some Good Press and Will Get It Today at Crown Jewel

Because Juice is the only one who knows what he is talking about, he is normally our go-to WWE writer. But, hat doesn’t mean I can’t have a hot take or two. And boy, is this one a scorcher. There is going to be a real, unscheduled fight at Crown Jewel today. The WWE is in desperate need of some good press. Recently, they have been under fire for insisting on having the Crown Jewel PPV in Saudi Arabia despite the recent tensions between our two countries. There has also been some backlash from WWE “fans” that actually think Roman Reigns is faking Leukemia and it is all a rouse created by Vince McMahon. Even the all female Evolution PPV could not get the media off their back. It even overshadowed the event. They need some good press and they need it quick. So, what has been getting good press lately? That’s right, fights.

In the last month, there have been extracurricular fights in both the NBA and UFC. Khabib fought Conor McGregor’s friends and there was a brawl between Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo then 30 seconds later, Brandon Ingram. UFC and NBA were praised for their handling of the two situations. I think Vince McMahon is going to capitalize on this. He is going to plant someone in the audience and one of two things are going to happen.

Scenario 1:

The planted person will say something to Seth Rollins during one of his events. The “fan” is going to be talking some kind of smack about Roman Reigns and Rollins will pounce. McMahon is going to suspend him, but will ultimately be passed off as Seth Rollins defending his friend or The Shield.

Scenario 2:

There is obviously already people in the Saudi audience that have a problem with the US. One of those people will be on the WWE payroll though. He will be right outside the ring and will say the wrong thing to someone like AJ Styles. Of course, he will have to defend his country in the name of patriotism. Both scenarios give Vince McMahon the perfect opportunity to punish a responsible party and get some serious respect for the WWE.