Reigning over Smackdown, Plus Sasha on Leave

In what was being teased as the biggest acquisition in Smackdown history, Elias made his debut last evening. While performing a song thanking Vince McMahon, Roman Reigns came out and violently attack Elias and Vince. It was an absolute shock, considering Roman has been the gears behind Raw for years but I see this as something else.

Roman Reigns has been a motor for the company ever since he made his first appearance. Storylines have focused on him for the last 5/6 Wrestlemania’s along with Seth Rollins. The idea of moving Roman to Smackdown just makes sense. Why? Fans love Seth. After his cancer scare, fans adore Roman. They want to keep the title on Seth but they also want to have Roman be a main figure in the title picture, so they switched him. Honestly, it’s going to be awesome. Kofi currently holds the title, but I do not think he will hold it for long. Maybe Bryan wins it back and then him and Roman feud which would be insanely cool.

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Now let’s move on to some rumors. Sasha Banks is reportedly on leave from WWE. This should come as no shock to those that watch wrestling, but she had been involved in the Women’s Tag Team Title storyline for the better part of the last 2 years… then they strip her of the title at Wrestlemania to put over the IIconics (great decision). Bayley and her reportedly cried and yelled afterwards, stating that it was unfair. Bayley got moved to Smackdown, while it was announced that Sasha is on leave to reevaluate herself and figure out what she wants. Look, I hate Sasha. I always have, probably always will. I have no reason other than how much I hate Bayley and her stupid gimmick. Pairing them together was smart, but now I hope both are never relevant again. So in other words, sinara Sasha.

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Lastly, the superstar shakeup did not disappoint. We saw Alexa back last week and I hope she adds to more of the title storyline. We saw Lacey Evans attacking Becky and hopefully leading to Lacey winning the Smackdown Women’s Title back from Becky. And the best of all, Asuka and Kairi Sane are back and coming for the IIconics. With so much to build towards, WWE’s year is just beginning.

Botched Ending?

Last night was Wrestlemania and to be completely honest, it was just alright. It started with a bang with Seth winning the Universal Title from the Beast, Brock Lesnar and the match itself was just mediocre. It was just a huge bullying session by Brock and then Seth reverses one and it’s over. It was the third fastest Title winning match at Wrestlemania and it seemed rushed. Vince stacked the card, but it just could have been better. I’m going to rank my top 3 matches of the night, biggest surprise, and then my biggest disappointment.

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#3 Wrestlemania gets IIconic

When they were brought to the WWE a year ago, everyone knew they would eventually win the Tag Team Titles but we did not know when. No one knew if Team Boss N Hug would get their Wrestlemania moment or if the IIconics would and it ended the right way. With the IIconics winning the titles, it opens Bayley and Sasha up for a good solo run and a good feud. They have been in the same stupid storyline for over a year now and this allows them to finally get out of that. They made tag team history, now let’s move on. For the IIconics, this is just the beginning. At Payback they’ll retain against Boss N Hug and begin a very lengthy title run that they deserve. This was a really good victory early on in the PPV.

#2 Shane defeats the Miz

So what they built towards since the last Saudi PPV completely went the opposite way. Shane bullied the Miz’s dad and it completely flipped a switch in the Miz. He became the aggressor and absolutely destroyed Shane. In my preview I expected Shane to win, but he won due to the Miz getting “hurt” which I also called. This match was everything we needed. “Falls Count Anywhere” and that’s exactly what happened when the Miz suplexed Shane off a high area and they landed on the hardest object (it was defintely just a cushion that the WWE put there) imaginable. Then, Shane was on top of Miz and the ref counted 1, 2, 3 and Shane got his win. Here’s the video. But what a great match.

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#1 Kofi Kingston wins the WWE Title

I can’t say enough about this match. It was such an amazing back and forth without knowing who would actually win. Bryan put Kofi in so many LeBell locks that Kofi at one point looked like he was about to pass out. Kofi on the other hand, delivered time and time again with reversals and key momentum swings, including his Trouble In Paradise which won him the match. The match was truly beautiful but I want to appreciate the actually storytelling done by Vince. He listened. When the Authority took over, they said they’d listen to the fans and this is exactly what was needed to show us. Kofi was never going to get a Title shot and he knew that, everyone did, and everyone was fine with that. But when Ali got hurt, Vince threw Kofi out there and when Kofi and Bryan fought at Elimination Chamber, everyone saw how unreal the two were together. Vince continued to make him work for it while displaying some old school heel Vince along the way. Another thing I loved was how Big E and Xavier Woods ran into the ring to celebrate along with Kofi’s kids. What an unreal Wrestlemania moment and the match of the night.

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Best Surprise: Word Life

The Dr. of Thuganomics interrupted Elias and “turned heel” while doing so. He began to rap and humiliate Elias. Honestly it was a much needed comic relief and not to mention how dope his entrance was. Watch here. But what’s next for Cena? Rumors say that he is the one who wanted to bring back the Dr. of Thuganomics gimmick but does that mean he sticks around awhile? I hope so. My hope is Vince continues to screw Kofi and has Cena win the Title pretty quickly off of him, but that’s just me. Regardless, what a dope moment. Now let’s get to the biggest disappointment…

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Women’s Winner Take All

Look, this was such an iconic moment for the Women’s Division. No matter what anyone thought of the in-ring product, this is the future and what a great job by Becky, Ronda, and Charlotte. Before I talk about the match, thank you to Ronda. She gave the WWE Women’s Division the push it needed and gave them the highest profile name in wrestling, so thank you Ronda. With that being said… what an awful match. They risked absolutely everything but the best fighting came form Flair and Lynch. I wanted so much more Becky v Ronda and Flair v Ronda due to the storytelling, but it seemed like Ronda got hurt early and it kinda changed everything. Flair and Lynch had an amazing match and it sucks that Flair did not win but it was the right call. Ronda apparently broke her hand pretty severely and it definitely had an impact on the match but the ending seemed botched and according to people on Twitter, it was. Apparently Flair was supposed to tap out to Lynch but Becky rolled Ronda up after a Piper’s Pit and pinned her… but Ronda’s shoulders were not done. It seemed a lot like a Montreal Screwjob because Ronda was severely upset at the ending because it “made her look weak.” I agree. Flair should have taken the fall and it seemed like it was the plan… to only Ronda. Becky, the ref, and Charlotte all seemed to expect the roll up and the ref whispers something into Becky’s ear then Ronda’s at the end. It was either a screwjob or a botch but regardless it disappointed.

Well, Wrestlemania is finally over after seven and a half hours. But where do they go from here? We’ll find out tonight on Raw. Tweet me during it @soft7juice on twitter.

Wrestlemania is Here

It is finally the best day of the year, Wrestlemania. It feels like we’ve been needing this event since the Royal Rumble, mainly because everything in between Rumble and Wrestlemania is useless just like Rusev and R-Truth’s title runs. There’s so many matches so I won’t analyze the obvious ones, but let’s jump in.

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Universal Championship: Brock vs Seth

This match has been underhyped for the last few weeks. For once, Brock has an opponent that everyone wants to win and the Universal Championship can be on Raw weekly… wait wasn’t this Roman’s storyline with Brock too? Yes, it was and it’s so annoying and old. Brock needs to get the hell out of the WWE because he is just the worst. This has a very similar feeling to last year with Reigns and I fear it may end the same. With Saudi coming up and Roman being back, I’m taking the Beast to win this one, mainly because I think Kofi and Becky will win and don’t think Vince will allow all 3 to win. Brock Retains

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Women’s Tag Team Championship

Honestly, this holds 0% of my interest unless the IIconics win it. Sasha and Bayley are so boring it hurts and I cannot get behind them having a lengthy title run. I think, after Bayley’s comments, that they are getting the titles away from them and bringing them back into the solo picture with Ronda leaving. There was so much buzz about Peyton and Billy and I think they get their moment and win their first titles as a tag team. IIconics win

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Shane vs Miz

This will undoubtedly be the opener of the actual show. Shane and Miz will put on such a great match with Shane probably doing a daredevil stunt with Miz moving at the last second. Honestly, Shane hasn’t won in awhile and it wouldn’t shock me if he does here. He is loving every single second of being a heel while Miz is having mixed feelings about being a face. Also, if Shane wins it means Miz can go away awhile from being “hurt” to spend time with the baby and help his wife prepare for the 2nd. I think Shane may win this, so I’ll say Shane.

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WWE Championship

What a beautiful storyline this has become. The true underdog who never got a shot and Vince continuously screwing him along the way. Well, my prediction is he is screwed once more. Everyone knows Cena has a match but no one knows who it is against… well this is it. My guess is Vince adds him to this match or at least says “Kofi has to beat Cena to face Bryan” and it’ll be like Bryan’s coronation. But this match will be insane regardless. Kofi and Bryan are both amazing fighters and can put on quite the show. I think that Kofi will win this, but if they add Cena I think John gets #17.

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Aj vs Randy

I don’t care what anyone else thinks, this is the match of the night. One of these two men should have a Title around their waist, but Vince had other plans. This will be such an amazing, gruesome match between two of the dirtiest and most amazing wrestlers in the industry right now. I think that in the end, Aj will break out of the pin after an RKO then AJ will win at the end. I’m taking AJ.

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The Main Event

I am beyond excited for this match. I don’t think it’ll be the best match, but regardless it is a huge deal for the Women’s Division. With Ronda due to take a leave of absence after Wrestlemania, I do not think she wins. I think it’ll be a very fun match with 3 possibilities. 1) Becky wins and gets the loudest pop ever heard. 2) Flair wins as a big “FUCK YOU” to the WWE fans and Vince would have the biggest boner. 3) Ronda wins and then loses it after the Saudi PPV if and only if they let women compete. Personally, I want Flair to win. She has done the most for the Women’s Division and honestly deserves it the most. But I think Becky wins because they have been building this since SummerSlam. I think Becky pins Ronda for the win.

Kurt Angle vs Baron Corbin- Kurt will win his retirement match.

Smackdown Tag Team- Usos Retain

Raw Tag Team- Revival retains

US Championship- Mysterio wins

Intercontinental- The Demon wins

Triple H vs Batista- Hunter wins

The New Day Secures Kofimania, Plus One Women’s Title?

Last night on Smackdown, Vince McMahon gave Kofi Kingston one last try at his dream Wrestlemania. In a surprising turn, it was no longer in Kofi’s hands but Xavier Woods and Big E. Vince announced that if Xavier Woods and Big E can win the Tag Team gauntlet match, then Kofi would be going to Wrestlemania. At first I didn’t understand why he’d involve Big E and Xavier, but it all makes sense.

The New Day has always been about one thing: family. That’s what they are or that’s at least what they portray. The best thing about them? They’re the one tag team that has not been broken up and that’s mainly because the WWE Universe just loves them together more than they would separate which is a key reason we want Kofi to win the title. Vince sees this as an opportunity to put over an underdog but he may also see it as an opportunity to split up the New Day. Now, I don’t know what Vince has in store for Wrestlemania, but anything less than a Kofi win would demoralize the entire WWE.

Last night Vince portrayed Kofi as the underdog… again. He even had the entire locker room come out and celebrate with him afterwards. But the thing that was the coolest wasn’t even Kofi earning his shot… it was the Usos. During the gauntlet match, the Usos gave a speech on how Kofi deserved his shot and then they just forfeited. We’ve seen the Usos and the New Day in some amazing battles, but at the end of the day it is all about respect and that is what the Usos did. I’ll attach the video, but Kofi is finally going to Wrestlemania and I could not be anymore excited. Let’s move on.

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Last night, for some odd reason, Asuka gave Charlotte her Wrestlemania rematch even though she won in the first place. Fine, whatever but why last night? The Women’s division has never been better, but WWE is giving us the same people night in and night out. A title unification makes sense but what to do with Asuka? Personally, I hope she feuds with Becky after Becky wins the Title at Wrestlemania, but please do not ruin the Triple Threat match by adding her. Asuka is amazing and I do think she can do some big things in the WWE, but the storyline with Flair and Becky and then Becky/Ronda is just too damn good. Adding Asuka would be a mistake.

In the meantime, here is a bold prediction. Xavier Woods and Big E will beat the Usos at Wrestlemania and all of the New Day will be crowned champions. Or so I hope. We’re almost a week away, let me know your thoughts or if you have any bold predictions.

Kofi Loses Wrestlemania Hope

Last night on Smackdown, Vince made Kofi go through a gauntlet match in which he fought the Bar, Samoa Joe, Randy Orton, and Erick Rowan. He was the last man standing and when Big E and Xavier Woods came out to celebrate with their New Day teammate, Vince announced there was one more person Kofi needed to beat… WWE Champion Daniel Bryan. Of course Kofi loses that and it led to him not qualifying for Wrestlemania.

Now, all hope is not lost. This is what we are getting at Wrestlemania, but what is interesting is they brought back Heel Vince. Now Vince has always been a heel, but he rarely shows it anymore. But since the McMahon family made an effort to be there weekly, Vince has controlled this feud. We saw this happen with Daniel Bryan back when he fought Triple H at Wrestlemania, it is the exact same underdog story. I have no doubt Kofi gets in this match but it probably doesn’t happen until Wrestlemania itself. He’ll have to win a match to be added to the match, I’d say with Kevin Owens and Daniel Bryan. Now to other news.

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Ronda Rousey is beating the hell out of everyone. This week she destroyed Dana Brooke and then wouldn’t let go of the armbar. She then attacked security and so did her husband. I get turning Ronda heel because Heel Becky did not work. Ronda is a perfect person to turn heel, just like Brock, but with Ronda she can take it too far. She is an ex MMA fighter and there are concerns she could actually hurt Becky or Charlotte which is why it is a triple threat match at Wrestlemania. This build up just ensures that these women will be headlining Wrestlemania.

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Lastly, Randy Orton. Randy Orton and AJ Styles will have the best match at Wrestlemania. Those two in the same ring will be electric. Their promos are absolutely insane, with both mocking the other. You can tell how excited they are for this fight due to the emotion they both bring. This needs to be changed to a falls count anywhere or a cage match. I just wish a match of this magnitude would be for a belt, but nah Vince had to stick a belt on the worst, most annoying person, Samoa Joe.