Wrestlemania is Here

It is finally the best day of the year, Wrestlemania. It feels like we’ve been needing this event since the Royal Rumble, mainly because everything in between Rumble and Wrestlemania is useless just like Rusev and R-Truth’s title runs. There’s so many matches so I won’t analyze the obvious ones, but let’s jump in.

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Universal Championship: Brock vs Seth

This match has been underhyped for the last few weeks. For once, Brock has an opponent that everyone wants to win and the Universal Championship can be on Raw weekly… wait wasn’t this Roman’s storyline with Brock too? Yes, it was and it’s so annoying and old. Brock needs to get the hell out of the WWE because he is just the worst. This has a very similar feeling to last year with Reigns and I fear it may end the same. With Saudi coming up and Roman being back, I’m taking the Beast to win this one, mainly because I think Kofi and Becky will win and don’t think Vince will allow all 3 to win. Brock Retains

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Women’s Tag Team Championship

Honestly, this holds 0% of my interest unless the IIconics win it. Sasha and Bayley are so boring it hurts and I cannot get behind them having a lengthy title run. I think, after Bayley’s comments, that they are getting the titles away from them and bringing them back into the solo picture with Ronda leaving. There was so much buzz about Peyton and Billy and I think they get their moment and win their first titles as a tag team. IIconics win

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Shane vs Miz

This will undoubtedly be the opener of the actual show. Shane and Miz will put on such a great match with Shane probably doing a daredevil stunt with Miz moving at the last second. Honestly, Shane hasn’t won in awhile and it wouldn’t shock me if he does here. He is loving every single second of being a heel while Miz is having mixed feelings about being a face. Also, if Shane wins it means Miz can go away awhile from being “hurt” to spend time with the baby and help his wife prepare for the 2nd. I think Shane may win this, so I’ll say Shane.

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WWE Championship

What a beautiful storyline this has become. The true underdog who never got a shot and Vince continuously screwing him along the way. Well, my prediction is he is screwed once more. Everyone knows Cena has a match but no one knows who it is against… well this is it. My guess is Vince adds him to this match or at least says “Kofi has to beat Cena to face Bryan” and it’ll be like Bryan’s coronation. But this match will be insane regardless. Kofi and Bryan are both amazing fighters and can put on quite the show. I think that Kofi will win this, but if they add Cena I think John gets #17.

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Aj vs Randy

I don’t care what anyone else thinks, this is the match of the night. One of these two men should have a Title around their waist, but Vince had other plans. This will be such an amazing, gruesome match between two of the dirtiest and most amazing wrestlers in the industry right now. I think that in the end, Aj will break out of the pin after an RKO then AJ will win at the end. I’m taking AJ.

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The Main Event

I am beyond excited for this match. I don’t think it’ll be the best match, but regardless it is a huge deal for the Women’s Division. With Ronda due to take a leave of absence after Wrestlemania, I do not think she wins. I think it’ll be a very fun match with 3 possibilities. 1) Becky wins and gets the loudest pop ever heard. 2) Flair wins as a big “FUCK YOU” to the WWE fans and Vince would have the biggest boner. 3) Ronda wins and then loses it after the Saudi PPV if and only if they let women compete. Personally, I want Flair to win. She has done the most for the Women’s Division and honestly deserves it the most. But I think Becky wins because they have been building this since SummerSlam. I think Becky pins Ronda for the win.

Kurt Angle vs Baron Corbin- Kurt will win his retirement match.

Smackdown Tag Team- Usos Retain

Raw Tag Team- Revival retains

US Championship- Mysterio wins

Intercontinental- The Demon wins

Triple H vs Batista- Hunter wins

The New Day Secures Kofimania, Plus One Women’s Title?

Last night on Smackdown, Vince McMahon gave Kofi Kingston one last try at his dream Wrestlemania. In a surprising turn, it was no longer in Kofi’s hands but Xavier Woods and Big E. Vince announced that if Xavier Woods and Big E can win the Tag Team gauntlet match, then Kofi would be going to Wrestlemania. At first I didn’t understand why he’d involve Big E and Xavier, but it all makes sense.

The New Day has always been about one thing: family. That’s what they are or that’s at least what they portray. The best thing about them? They’re the one tag team that has not been broken up and that’s mainly because the WWE Universe just loves them together more than they would separate which is a key reason we want Kofi to win the title. Vince sees this as an opportunity to put over an underdog but he may also see it as an opportunity to split up the New Day. Now, I don’t know what Vince has in store for Wrestlemania, but anything less than a Kofi win would demoralize the entire WWE.

Last night Vince portrayed Kofi as the underdog… again. He even had the entire locker room come out and celebrate with him afterwards. But the thing that was the coolest wasn’t even Kofi earning his shot… it was the Usos. During the gauntlet match, the Usos gave a speech on how Kofi deserved his shot and then they just forfeited. We’ve seen the Usos and the New Day in some amazing battles, but at the end of the day it is all about respect and that is what the Usos did. I’ll attach the video, but Kofi is finally going to Wrestlemania and I could not be anymore excited. Let’s move on.

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Last night, for some odd reason, Asuka gave Charlotte her Wrestlemania rematch even though she won in the first place. Fine, whatever but why last night? The Women’s division has never been better, but WWE is giving us the same people night in and night out. A title unification makes sense but what to do with Asuka? Personally, I hope she feuds with Becky after Becky wins the Title at Wrestlemania, but please do not ruin the Triple Threat match by adding her. Asuka is amazing and I do think she can do some big things in the WWE, but the storyline with Flair and Becky and then Becky/Ronda is just too damn good. Adding Asuka would be a mistake.

In the meantime, here is a bold prediction. Xavier Woods and Big E will beat the Usos at Wrestlemania and all of the New Day will be crowned champions. Or so I hope. We’re almost a week away, let me know your thoughts or if you have any bold predictions.

Kofi Loses Wrestlemania Hope

Last night on Smackdown, Vince made Kofi go through a gauntlet match in which he fought the Bar, Samoa Joe, Randy Orton, and Erick Rowan. He was the last man standing and when Big E and Xavier Woods came out to celebrate with their New Day teammate, Vince announced there was one more person Kofi needed to beat… WWE Champion Daniel Bryan. Of course Kofi loses that and it led to him not qualifying for Wrestlemania.

Now, all hope is not lost. This is what we are getting at Wrestlemania, but what is interesting is they brought back Heel Vince. Now Vince has always been a heel, but he rarely shows it anymore. But since the McMahon family made an effort to be there weekly, Vince has controlled this feud. We saw this happen with Daniel Bryan back when he fought Triple H at Wrestlemania, it is the exact same underdog story. I have no doubt Kofi gets in this match but it probably doesn’t happen until Wrestlemania itself. He’ll have to win a match to be added to the match, I’d say with Kevin Owens and Daniel Bryan. Now to other news.

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Ronda Rousey is beating the hell out of everyone. This week she destroyed Dana Brooke and then wouldn’t let go of the armbar. She then attacked security and so did her husband. I get turning Ronda heel because Heel Becky did not work. Ronda is a perfect person to turn heel, just like Brock, but with Ronda she can take it too far. She is an ex MMA fighter and there are concerns she could actually hurt Becky or Charlotte which is why it is a triple threat match at Wrestlemania. This build up just ensures that these women will be headlining Wrestlemania.

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Lastly, Randy Orton. Randy Orton and AJ Styles will have the best match at Wrestlemania. Those two in the same ring will be electric. Their promos are absolutely insane, with both mocking the other. You can tell how excited they are for this fight due to the emotion they both bring. This needs to be changed to a falls count anywhere or a cage match. I just wish a match of this magnitude would be for a belt, but nah Vince had to stick a belt on the worst, most annoying person, Samoa Joe.

Kofi Kingston Continues to Get Screwed

Sunday night at the most pointless PPV in the WWE year, Vince announced that Kofi would be partaking in a Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship, but to his surprise it ended up being a 2 on 1 handicap match against the Bar. Not surprisingly, he got completely squashed and made himself even more lovable to the WWE universe. Big E and Xavier Woods tried to come to his defense, but they were knocked out by Rusev and Nakamura.

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Vince is a genius. He knows exactly what he’s doing with Kofi and honestly so does the entire WWE universe. Kofi will somehow get his shot at Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania and will deliver probably the best match of the night, behind maybe Becky, Ronda, and Charlotte. We all know Kofi will get his chance, but you have to love Vince resorting to old school him and squashing a fan favorite to build his popularity even more.

Now, I don’t know if Kofi will actually win at Wrestlemania, but he’ll get his shot at the grandest stage of them all. Even if he does win the title, he won’t keep it long because you can’t incorporate the New Day into a title picture unless you break them up which Big E could do with Kofi if he wins. There are tons of rumors, but the only one I hope is true is that Kofi wins the title at Wrestlemania.

When I first got into the WWE (thanks Alex), I used to always use Kofi on WWE16. Kofi was just the perfect wrestler to use due to his agility. We saw a glimpse of it against Bryan and truth be told, we’ve seen it every Wrestlemania when he avoids elimination due to his acrobatics. I have no doubt in my mind that Kofi and Bryan will put on a show, but I hope they don’t add anyone else. Those two can be unreal, but if they add Kevin Owens it would, in a way, be a rerun of Sunday Night by just switching Kofi and Mustafa Ali.

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Another thing about Vince’s story telling… Ronda interfering in Flair vs Lynch last night was amazing. Ronda punched Becky, this causing a disqualification to Charlotte and Becky winning and joining the championship match at Wrestlemania. What an amazing sequence, one no one could have guessed.

Lastly, just a stat to keep an eye on, Rusev has now lost 17 times in a row on a pay-per-view. That ties him with the Great Khalid for the most losses on a PPV in WWE history. No wonder he tweeted this…

PS… Fastlane sucked. If you watched it you knew. I just recapped the best parts for you. Now that it’s Wrestlemania season, I’ll update every week on matchups and what happens on Raw and Smackdown… see you then.

WWE Fastlane Preview

It is time for the most useless PPV in the WWE year, Fastlane. Typically, Fastlane sees no title changes or anything too odd, but this year we may have something new in store for us. There are a few good matches on the card, so I’m only going to do a few. Let’s take a look.

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Asuka (c) vs Mandy Rose

February 19th, Mandy Rose pinned Asuka for the biggest win of her career so far. Sunday, she gets a chance to do the same, but this time for the Title. Like I mentioned earlier, this is Fastlane so nothing can happen, but I fully expect this to be the Asuka show. Asuka was hidden for a year and now she has her chance to keep the title, which she’ll do easily. Mandy may get a few shots in, but Asuka needs to run away with this. I expect her to go on a lengthy title run after Wrestlemania and show the WWE Universe what she is really made of. I expect Lacey Evans to come out and walk the runway which could lead up to their Wrestlemania match. Asuka Retains

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Boss and Hug (c) vs Tamina and Nia

This is a silly rivalry to start with the first Women’s Tag Team Titles. Sasha and Bayley have been stuck in this storyline for a good year now but they finally have the titles. On the other hand, Nia and Tamina are just moments away from their demise and it probably happens after this match. There are rumors that the Bella Twins will challenge Bayley and Sasha at Wrestlemania, so keep an eye out for them. Bayley and Sasha win this and retain their titles.

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The Usos (c) vs McMiz

Miz lost them the titles their last time out, so expect something of the same to occur here. McMiz will definitely be the aggressor, but the Usos are just too good and too much in sync. This match will probably be the second or third best of the night, solely because it will set up the inevitable feud between Miz and Shane for Wrestlemania. What probably happens is that the Miz costs them the titles and Shane will turn on him afterwards. The Usos are rumored to fight the Hardy Boyz at Wrestlemania, which might end their title run. Usos Retain.

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Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch

If you follow me, you know how I feel about repetitive matchups in the WWE. Well, that is not the case with this. I am absolutely thrilled for this match because they perfectly depicted Becky as an underdog. We all know Becky is going to get into the title match and win at Wrestlemania, but that does not mean we shouldn’t enjoy this match. Becky and Charlotte have put on instant classics ever since SummerSlam and this will be another one. This will probably be a 25 minute match and we will see Becky conquering Flair and entering the Raw Title Match with Flair and Rousey. An interesting fact though, Flair has not won on a PPV since SummerSlam, so she may win and they may find another way for Becky to enter, but it’s unlikely. My guess is easy, Becky wins.

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The Shield vs Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre, and Bobby Lashley

This is kind of just a throwaway, but it is going to be unreal. What better way to send Dean out of the WWE than with one final Shield PPV. Look, Dean may or may not leave, who cares, but if he stays they’ll finally be done trying to pin everyone against one another. Bobby, Baron, and Drew have constantly picked on Braun Strowman, a mutual enemy with the Shield. But, with Roman being back they have tried to recapture their original “no bullies” attitude that the Shield brought to the WWE when they were introduced. So, naturally they’re trying to knock them down. This match will have everything to do with Shield nostalgia and it will be epic for them. But I could see them losing. If they lose, Dean vs Roman at Wrestlemania would be awesome but I do not see them losing, mainly because they wouldn’t bring them back if they planned on them losing. The Shield wins, one final time.

The other matches won’t carry much weight. Rey will probably lose to Andrade, while the Revival will retain. The only other match worth anything is Daniel Bryan vs KO, but I think Kofi or The New Day interferes with this match which will set up a triple threat for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania… with Kofi walking away as Champion.

See y’all Sunday

WWE Continuing to Get Things Right

We have entered a weird time in the WWE. We have a PPV on Sunday, but it is just the one before Wrestlemania so nothing cool will happen, right? Wrong. The Authority has finally listened to us and they seem to have made a relevant Fastlane PPV.

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First off, Roman Reigns being back is just so cool. He went in detail of his Leukemia, saying how much he appreciated the WWE medical staff because they found the cancer so early on that he was able to just take a pill. Roman dropped the title when he found out, ironically when Seth finally won the title he had to do the same due to injury. So naturally, Rollins addressed Reigns saying how Roman also deserves a shot at the beast. Hell yeah, triple threat, right? Not exactly. Roman took the mic and then began to say how Rollins has been holding down his spot, so Rollins deserves it without any animosity from Reigns. But that’s not even the best part.

We all know Dean is leaving, WWE announced it months ago. Roman pleaded to Rollins about getting the band back together for one last fight. The Shield goes for one more… but he had to get Dean and Seth to agree… you know, the two that have been feuding the last months. Rollins agreed, but they spent all of Raw convincing Dean. Eventually, he did. How awesome is this going to be? Roman, Seth, and Dean on one last ride before Dean leaves (if he does at all). The Authority killed the booking here and this will be a dream match at Fastlane. But the awesomeness did not stop there.

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Ronda came back like a bat out of hell and got her title back from Stephanie saying “I wanted you to include Becky, not exclude me.” Sure enough, Stephanie announced that this Sunday at Fastlane, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair will fight. If Becky Lynch wins, she gets added to the Raw Women’s Championship match at Wrestlemania with Ronda and Flair. This comes as no surprise, but they built up Becky being an underdog when Ronda almost tore off her arm at the end of the segment.

Look, I’ve never been excited for a Fastlane PPV, mainly because nothing cool ever happens. But I love their attempt here. We’ll still have KO vs The New Daniel Bryan which will be awesome, but they added two top tier matches. This Sunday will be a blast. I’ll have my preview out at midnight tonight.

Did WWE Finally Do Something Right?

First off, welcome back Roman Reigns. Roman announced Monday that he would be returning after being off since October due to his battle with cancer. Roman told Raw that his Leukemia was in remission and the WWE universe rejoiced. In an all-time feel good moment, Seth came out and hugged him when it was over.

Raw was surprisingly good this past Monday as Roman and Seth protected Dean. Then Ronda laid down her title so she could fight Becky, who had just been arrested. Crazy. On Smackdown, Charlotte Flair proclaimed she was coming to Raw next week to claim the title. Silly but makes sense. Lastly, WWE was celebrating Rick Flair’s 70th birthday, but it was actually a ploy to set up a Triple H vs Bautista match at Wrestlemania as Bautista took out Rick Flair and said “Hunter, can you hear me now?” This was a great move as it gives fans something they want, a Bautista return and a fight against Hunter (HHH). That segment was awesome, but still not what WWE did right…

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Kevin Owens is back. They brought him back the best way possible… giving him a title match at Fastlane. As Kofi and Bryan were signing their contract for Fastlane, Vince interrupted and said he had someone more deserving and a “bigger star”. Then, Kofi and Owens came out. This proves that Vince is in fact listening and sets Kofi up as an underdog and he will get his match at Wrestlemania for the Title. I say this because Vince has been paying attention and said everything the fans have been saying for Kofi. He’s given 11 years, let him win one. Vince used that as to why he would replace Kofi in Fastlane.

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Look, I love this. Fastlane between Owens and Bryan will be amazing and we’ll get a Kofi appearance, probably to interrupt the match. Vince wouldn’t take the title off Bryan at Fastlane, but he will at Wrestlemania against Kofi. So thank you, Vince for setting up a Kofi win at ‘Mania.