Vince Should Leave the Company If He Loves It

There comes a time in every person’s’ life when you need to know what you’re doing just isn’t right anymore, and sadly we’ve seen that time come with the Chairman, Vince McMahon. Hear me out, Vince is amazing. What he has done for the WWE and the entire wrestling circuit is unparalleled and you could argue the success is due solely to him, but last night proved that he is no longer in it for the fans but just the money.

Last night during Money in the Bank, Brock Lesnar showed up out of nowhere and won the Men’s Money in the Bank match. It what was an amazing, gut wrenching display from the men involved, to have it stolen from them has to hurt. The entire match I felt like Ali was going to win and he should have, but it seemed like it was stolen. Brock is Brock. He retired from the MMA due to the fact that Vince offered him so much more money, presumably due to the Saudi PPV. You can hate him all you want, but he is doing his job. But there is only one reason this move was made; money.

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Fox has agreed to a deal with WWE, everyone knows that, but they had some request and it had to do with Ronda and Brock. They are both two high profiled athletes and money seems to follow them and Vince knew he needed to get one of them to Smackdown which explains last night. Brock will most likely defeat Kofi during the Saudi PPV and it will lead the WWE into their Fox deal with a huge profile leading the way. But to have him steal an up and coming talent’s biggest moment was not the way it should have been done.

This week there have also been rumors of Triple H complaining about Vince, not being happy with what is going on. If that is true, I do not think Vince will be around much longer. Hunter is a much better businessman and he knows how to get the fans engaged, much like Vince did during the attitude era. So I’m asking, nay, begging Vince to step away. All he is doing is making fans cancel their subscriptions and run to the AEW. So what do you think, should Vince step down?

Breaking: Ric Flair In Danger

Breaking news today as TMZ has reported that Ric Flair, the 16 time WWE champion, has been hospitalized in what is being deemed as a “very serious medical emergency.” He was hospitalized this morning in Atlanta where he was “rushed” to the ER just as a precaution but it may have saved his life. There is no further update at this time.

Flair was hospitalized in 2017 for a serious issue after his intestine ruptured. Thankfully he pulled through after an eleven day coma.

Hopefully Flair pulls through. I love how WWE has been utilizing him recently, especially in the Wrestlemania buildup. I also am concerned for this Sunday’s Money in the Bank match involving his daughter, Charlotte who has a title match but with the health of her father in jeopardy, what could this mean?

Pray for Ric and a full recovery. We’ll keep you posted as best as we can.

A Couple of Champions

Yesterday Seth Rollins confirmed what many had speculated…that he and Becky Lynch are dating and it seems like they have been for awhile. The picture posted on Instagram showed the two embracing after Seth’s victorious moment over Lesnar at Wrestlemania. Of course later that night, Becky Lynch became Becky Two Belts and has completely stolen Rollins’ thunder but what a powerful couple they are. The question is, how long do they hold the titles?

This Sunday the Money in the Bank PPV will be held in Hartford, Connecticut. But this one seems different than ones in the past. There has always been build up, but it seems it’s been primary focused on the three major fights…all three involving the new power couple in the WWE. First off, Seth Rollins will go up against AJ Styles in what probably be one of the best matches of the year…unless WWE messes it up. Both Seth and AJ are unreal talents and with them pairing up anything could happen, well except Seth losing his title. It took him long enough to get his hands on the title, I don’t think he loses it quite yet. It’d have to be a bigger PPV like Survivor Series before I’d worry about him losing it. Becky, on the the other hand, is different.

Becky is going up against two talented women, one who has one the most titles in female history and one who is new to the scene. There’s two things that could happen. She could win both or spilt and I hope she splits. I love Becky, I love what she has done for the Women’s movement in wrestling but she should not keep both titles. Flair should win and take the Smackdown title. By doing this, it allows Smackdown to have their title as well as push new people forward. While I hope she loses to Flair, I hope that she smashes Lacey Evans. There are rumors Vince is so high on Evans, but I don’t think he’ll have her win yet…wait till Wrestlemania. I think Flair and Becky will be the better match but I think she only beats Evans. Keeping Becky on Raw is what they need to do, considering there is so much more talent there with Nikki Cross, Lacey Evans, Alexa Bliss, etc. It’d be dumb to have her back on Smackdown. So here’s to hoping Vince doesn’t mess this up…again.

WWE Tough

I have officially had it with people saying the WWE is not a sport. In fact, it is the complete definition of a sport and that was shown last night. Last night during a NXT match, the ref snapped his leg right in half. But, he continued to call the match until the very end. Grit.

I mean look at this leg. It’s literally bent. He took it like a champ though. Besides the fact that his leg is bent almost 90 degrees, you wouldn’t be able to tell he broke it by his actions. Here is another look.

If you ask me, Kevin Ware and Paul George could learn a lot from this referee. WWE isn’t a sport? Then why did a ref break his leg. The thing about WWE is clear: you get hurt, get over it and finish the match. The NBA and College Basketball could sure learn a lot from this ref.

Here’s the video if you want to see it.

That moment you realize your town is cursed. 2 leg injuries in 1 night #NXTOmaha— Michael Davis (@TheRealMikeD23) April 26, 2019

Dream Match on Raw

Former 2-time WWE Champion AJ Styles was moved to Raw during the Superstar Shakeup last week. It was a big move then, but it was expected due to the failing ratings of Raw. In 2016, AJ said his “dream opponent” would be Seth Rollins and he practically begged Vince to give him his match. Well, last night we had the build up.

Seth and Triple H opened up the show with an explanation on how Rollins would get his next opponent and it was announced it would be 2 seperate Triple Threat matches and the winners would then take on the other to set up a match with Rollins at Money in the Bank. AJ won the first one while Baron Corbin won the second… then AJ won between them. Personally, this was a great idea. AJ Styles is one of the most beloved wrestlers out there right now but he’s coming off an injury from his match against Orton at Wrestlemania. Seth has also been injured recently so this match may not be everything we dreamed of, but at least we’re getting it.

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AJ is not going to win the title at Money in the Bank… sorry if I ruined that for you. Seth will walk out as champion and he will be for awhile. But this match is 3 weeks away. If WWE is smart, they do not let Seth or AJ fight major matches during the next few Monday’s. Let them build up their match and then be able to give 100% because if that happens, it could easily be the match of the year. Two incredible talents and both people make the person they are fighting better as well. It could be an instant classic and I am here for a long time feud between the two.