Is Zion Williamson Fat?

Here at Soft 7, we stick to facts.  And the fact of this article lies in Duke’s official listings for their players.  Duke has Zion listed at 6 feet, 7 inches, weighing a whopping 285 pounds.  Absolutely unreal.  Coach K calls him a graceful giant, but that can’t be true, right? Lucky for you all, I investigated.

Zion would be the NBA’s 2nd heaviest player behind Boban Marjanović, who is 7 feet, 3 inches and also 291 pounds.  So, Zion is 6 pounds less and 8 inches shorter than him.  I will not sit here and call Boban fat, because he is not.  The average BMI 18.5-24.9 for everyone, but Boban fits in at 27, so he is a little overweight according to numbers.  But Zion, damn he’s fat.  His BMI is 32.1, which is higher than his points per game. His BMI is higher than Nathan Peterman’s completion percentage, and higher than Jameis Winston’s Uber rating.   If I were Coach K, I would be calling him an obese fuck and he is not the person I recruited.  Zion is obviously in game shape, he has to be, but when you’re challenged by PJ Washington and Reid Travis all night, you’re going to get tired quickly.  Coach K is going to be out of timeouts before halftime hits because Zion had too many Big Macs.

Soft 16: Duke Blue Devils

The Duke Blue Devils

Last Year: 29-8, 2nd in the ACC

Key Returners: None, they return zero starters

Key Losses: Trevon Duval, Gary Trent Jr, Grayson Allen, Wendell Carter Jr, and Marvin Bagley III.

Key Additions: RJ Barrett ESPN #1 Forward and Recruit, Zion Williamson ESPN #2 Recruit, Cam Reddish ESPN #3 Recruit, Tre Jones ESPN #10 Recruit, and Joey Baker, reclassified from 2019-2020.

Coach: Coach K (fuck spelling his name)

Key Games: vs/@ North Carolina, vs Kentucky, every ACC game

Duke is back and better than ever.  After a disappointing finish last season, Duke decided they were not fucking around anymore.  Coach K went out and got every recruit he could, bringing in another #1 recruiting class.  Zion Williamson is an absolute tank and will destroy anyone in the paint. He is who I picked as my player of the year.  Zion and RJ will have to play nice to one another, after reports that they hated each other.  If and only IF this Duke team can come together as one, they’ll be unbeatable.  There are so many talents on this roster, if they can all blend together towards a common goal, they’ll achieve it.  They remind me a ton of Duke’s 2015 Championship team.  I think they may struggle at first, but when it is all said and done, they may be champions.

Prediction: Duke will struggle early by losing to Kentucky in their first game.  Everyone will panic but Duke will bounce back, given that their non-conference schedule is essentially the School of the Blind minus Kentucky, but the ACC is no joke.  It is easily the best conference again.  Duke will finish 1st in the ACC and will be the overall #1 seed.  Here is my hot take: Duke loses to the 8th seed in their region in the Round of 32. Or they lose in the Sweet 16, either way, Duck Fuke.

PS: Fuck Duke go Cats. Cats win 77-69 tonight

Soft 16: Tennessee Volunteers

The Tennessee Volunteers

Last Year: 26-9, SEC Regular Season Champions, lost to Kentucky in SEC Tournament Finals, lost in the Round of 32 to Loyola-Chicago.

Key Returners: Grant Williams, Admiral Schofield, Lamonte Turner

Key Loss: James Daniel

Key Additions: DJ Burns, a four star 6-9 Center from South Carolina

Coach: Rick Barnes

Key Games: vs Louisville, in Phoenix vs #3 Gonzaga, @Memphis, vs West Virginia @Kentucky, vs Kentucky, @Auburn and @LSU

Tennessee is an interesting team.  Last year, they shocked everyone.  They were dominant in the SEC, beating Kentucky twice in the regular season while having people who were 3-4 stars that were all overlooked.  When the SEC tournament came around, they lost to Kentucky in the finals.  They disappointed in NCAA tournament, but they return essentially their entire team.  Admiral Schofield and Grant Williams were unreal last year and Williams was the SEC Player of the Year and remains the favorite for this year.  Rick Barnes was also the SEC Coach of the Year.  This year, expectations are high.  They start the year as a top 10 team, with the ceiling of a #1 team.  Unlike last year, this team has experience and I expect them to do some damage.  In my opinion, we’ll be able to tell how good Tennessee is when they play Louisville and Gonzaga.  Louisville can be anyone’s trap game and a neutral game against Gonzaga could possibly be a top 5 matchup of the season.

Prediction: Tennessee will finish third in the SEC behind Auburn and Kentucky.  They will go 26-4 in the regular season, losing both to Kentucky in the SEC, losing to Gonzaga, and to West Virginia.  They will get knocked out in the Semi-Finals in the SEC Tournament and eventually lose in the Final 4, to Kentucky.



Soft 16: Louisville Cardinals



Last season the Cards finished 22-14 (9-9 ACC) under interim head coach David Padgett. It was a disappointing season as they were bounced by Mississippi State in the Quarterfinals of the NIT. After a long year and off-season for the Cards, they look to bounce back with some familiar faces in V.J. King, Akoy Agau, and Ryan McMahon; as well as, some young standouts from last year in Malik Williams, Darius Perry, Jordan Nwora, and Dwayne Sutton.

Louisville is still very young, but they have some notable additions that will help with leadership to help develop these young guys. The one graduate transfer that everyone is talking about is Christen Cunningham. Cunningham is a graduate transfer from Samford where he scored double figures in 71 of his total 110 games there. It is likely that he will be the starting two guard this season. Another player that the Cards are adding is graduate transfer from Richmond Kwan Fore. Fore is one of the more electric players on the team and gives me vibes of Donovan Mitchell. The man can jump out of gym and could be the guy to give the Cards the boost they need on the court. Cunningham and V.J. King were named the team’s captains, and Cards fans hope that they will be able to bring back the intensity that the backcourt once had with Peyton Siva and Russ Smith.

Another guy that would like to bring back the intensity that Louisville once had is new head coach Chris Mack, previously the Xavier head coach for 9 years (2009-2018). It is a perfect situation for him. He basically gets to start over fresh after all of the problems surrounding the program and make a team that he wants. Not to mention that Louisville is one of, if not the, richest program in college basketball. He definitely took a step up, and I think his wife may have had something to do with the decision as well, being that she’s a Louisville native.

This program is really just trying to put the past behind them and rebound after a rough couple of years. Unfortunately they still play in the ACC, which means they have to play the likes of Duke, North Carolina, and Virginia. The conference is loaded this year and I really don’t think there is any way that this team can be anything more than what they were last year.

Here are some games to watch:


11/21 – Tennessee (6) – Neutral

11/27 – Michigan St. (10) – Home

12/29 – Kentucky (2) – Home

1/12 – North Carolina (8) – Away

2/2 – North Carolina (8) – Home

2/4 – Virginia Tech (15) – Away

2/9 – Florida St. (17) – Away

2/12 – Duke (4) – Home

2/16 – Clemson (22) – Home

2/20 – Syracuse (16) – Away

2/23 – Virginia (5) – Home

3/9 – Virginia (5) – Away

Yeah that’s right, Louisville plays 12 games against ranked opponents, and might have the worst month of February I’ve ever seen. With the Cards only returning one full time starter and probably one of the toughest non-conference schedules in the country, I just don’t see this being more than a transition year for the Chris Mack-era. I think Louisville will finish the season 6th in the ACC with a record of 21-9. They’ll probably be bounced in the Quarterfinals of the ACC tournament, by the 3 seed which I’d predict to be North Carolina. As a Louisville fan, I’d be happy to see the team make the NCAA tournament and to the second round. I think that is a possibility, especially with Chris Mack.

Soft 16: Press Virginia Mountaineers

Last season, Villanova ended West Virginia’s championship hopes and Jevon Carter’s 100th season as a basketball player in the Sweet 16. I think this is the third time I have written about a team that got knocked out by VU in this Soft 16 series. They were kinda good, I guess. Any time I see Bob Huggins lose, it makes me sad, except when they lost to Kentucky (suck it). I am excited to see this team play again. I want them to upset Kansas despite the referees clearly fixing the game. I want them to press the hell out of everyone and cause 30 turnovers per. Above all, I just want college basketball back. And college basketball is back when WVU is back. Let’s take a look at the 2018-2019 West Virginia Mountaineers.

Head Coach: Bob Huggins

Key Returners: Sagaba Konate, Esa Ahmad, Lamont West, James Bolden

Key Additions: Jermaine Haley and Andrew Gordon (JUCO), Derek Culver, Jordan McCabe

Key Losses: Jevon Carter, Daxter Miles

Key Games: @Kansas State, @TCU, Kansas, @Tennessee, @Kansas, Kansas State, TCU

I freaking love Bob Huggins. Ole Huggy Bear just makes me happy. I really have never heard someone say anything negative about him. He created a whole new brand for WVU, Press Virginia. That is so beautiful. I also will never get over how he wears a jumpsuit instead of a suit. Comfort over everything, unless you are trying to bring the ball up the court against him. There will be a little problem with setting the press this year though. He lost two main pieces to that defense. Daxter Miles is in the G-League and I think Jevon Carter retired and is living off social security. He does, however, get to keep his top rebounder and top returning scorer, Sagaba Konate. To make up for the lost shooting, Huggins still has James Bolden, who shot 41% last year from 3. Press Virginia starts off the season very slowly. They don’t play a ranked team until conference play. This may actually be good for them to get some confidence and chemistry after losing such big players.

Prediction: 23-6. I think they will win their matchup with Tennessee in the Big 12/ SEC challenge. Lucky for them, they don’t have to lose to Kentucky in the regular season again (suck it, again). The slow start could come back to bite them though. It could cause some of the younger guys to struggle in the first part of conference play. I want WVU to win the Big 12, but I can’t see anyone dethroning Kansas. Press Virginia takes second in both the Regular Season and Tournament. As for the NCAA Tournament, I like Huggy Bear to take these guys to the second weekend and make it to at least the Sweet 16.