Porzingis to the Mavs

Breaking news: Porzingis has been traded to the Dallas Mavericks after requesting a trade with the Knicks. Story is developing but apparently they traded Porzingis for DSJ, DeAndre Jordan, and a pick. Buck will have more later on what this means later.

First off, wow. From a meeting to a trade in less than an hour. Absolutely wild to trade the biggest part of your team. Wild move, interesting to see how it plays out.



Knicks receive:

Dennis Smith Jr.

Wes Matthews

DeAndre Jordan

Draft pick.

Mavericks receive:

Kristaps Porzingis

Courtney Lee

Tim Hardaway Jr.

Uncultured Michigan Fan Begs Mayor to Sign Lean Cuisine

As you can more than likely guess, said occurence took place in a parking lot. In what city you may ask? Well Detroit of course. What took place could only be described as magically…and then depressing.

A video got leaked of America’s unanimous mayor getting asked to sign an object from the crowd, too which he obliged since he is the people’s mayor. Of what town? Flavortown of course.

So what is the sports’ story in all of this? After all, we are a sports’ blog.

Simple: TTUN sucks.

Go Bucks!

Championship Review

Yesterday we had the best Championship Weekend of all time. First, we finally got the four best teams playing for their own respective conference championships. Second, it featured the top 3 quarterbacks in the game (Brees, Brady, Mahomes), maybe top 4 depending where you rank Goff after this. Third, we have controversy. And lastly, they both went to overtime, which is just unreal if you think about it. We’ll start in New Orleans…

Image result for goff mcvay

First and foremost: Thoughts and Prayers to our co-founder, Parmesan Don. Die hard Saints fan, you just hate to see him down. Secondly, I told you all to take the Rams +3.5 and the under 56, so I hope to God you did. This game, like I said it would be, was my game of the day. The game was absolutely unreal and it started with the Saints pulling out to a 13-0 lead. I remember telling Wic, “the Saints need a TD here after the Goff interception”, but they kicked the FG and it all could’ve been different if they had scored a TD there. Everyone says the Saints are different in the dome, which they are, but the way Goff kept his composure and the way McVay made adjustments is just amazing. In this game, we saw everything. We saw unreal throws, great defense, great kicking, but we saw horrible officiating. In fact, the game changed because of it.

While the Saints were driving under 2 minutes left, there was a missed pass interference call as well as a missed helmet to helmet call, both on the same play. While this doesn’t necessarily determine the outcome of a game, it killed the Saints momentum and allowed the Rams to have a chance to tie, which they did. Afterwards, league officials apologized to the Saints but what does that accomplish? Things need to change, but I don’t know. I’d like to say they review every penalty in the final 2 minutes, but there was no penalty so it doesn’t change anything. Who knows what the fix will be, but it was an embarrassing display from the top NFL officials. But credit to McVay and Goff. They remained so calm, in the face of adversity and pulled out a HUGE win in the Dome. McVay and Goff may be the new Brady-Belichick but they have to beat them first. Now we go to Arrowhead….

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Okay, I’ll say it. I’m jealous of Tom Brady. Brady is like that one kid you hated in grade school but everything went his way so you had to respect him. Brady is just unreal. He’s a human cheat code. I said in my preview that I’d take Patriots -3 and the under 56.5 which would’ve hit it @barstoolbigcat hadn’t”t jinxed it at halftime. So I finished my day 3/5, netting some big money. But anyway, Brady controlled this game. From the first snap, they ran it down KC throats. Some absurd stat, Brady and Belichick are 60-1 in games where they have a 100 yard rusher, which Sony did today. It’s just crazy to me how dominant they are. The game was decided with 2 minutes left to go in the first half. Andy Reid finally calls a timeout, which he should not have and the Pats score to make it 14-0 at half. It was 17-7 in the fourth and then it got crazy. This is where the officiating took over.

Edelman muffed a punt or so we thought. Looking at all the angles, his thumb moved back and to the left but the officials saw otherwise and reversed it saying it didn’t touch him. The most annoying part of it all, all the calls went New England’s way. But, as Tony Romo messed up on the broadcast, the ball never lies and Brady was picked plays after. The game went back and forth but we all knew Tom would pull it out. Which sets up maybe the best, on paper, Super Bowl in the last few years.

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In two weeks in Atlanta, the Rams will play the Patriots, exactly 17 years after they met the first time. This time it’s different. The Rams are the young, dangerous team with a genius at head coach and a very good quarterback. To me, this game seems easy. Patriots all the way. The early line had the Pats -1, which I took immediately. I will also take the over, what ever it is set at. This game has the potential to be a classic, just like last nights games were. But only time will tell….

Huge Win for Louisville, Chris Mack

The Louisville Cardinals PUMMLED the North Carolina Tar Heels, 83-62. Not only was this the worst regular season loss the Tar Heels have suffered since 2012, this is Roy Williams’ worst loss at home ever. Louisville jumped out to an early lead and never looked back. Leading by as much as 21 points, the Cardinals dominated all. game. long.

This was the best I have seen Louisville play since Pitino left. Four players in double digits including two double-doubles. Dwayne Sutton and Jordan Nwora finally looked like they knew what basketball was and Steven Enoch, off the bench, dropped 17 points and 11 boards. These bigs were simply unstoppable. They completely bullied the bigs of UNC. The real genius behind this game, though, was Chris Mack.

More like Chris Snaccc amirite??

This man is one hell of a coach. Mack showed us during his time at Xavier that he can take a ragtag group of guys deep into the tournament. I would be scared to play Louisville in the tournament. Mack straight out-coached Roy Williams today. He forced Roy to play a half-court game and rely on guys like Luke Maye (who I can beat one-on-one). When you rely on bums, you get bum results, like a 21 point defeat.

I would not say Louisville’s program is back yet, but they are definitely on my radar. And probably a lot of other ACC team’s as well. I am not saying that Mack will take Louisville to the Elite 8 like he did Xavier just yet, but I want to guarantee another upset in ACC play this year.

This made me very happy.

Titans Recap: Bye Bye Mariota

First off, this is in no way an overreaction to how the season ended, in fact I am proud of this season. The Titans finished 9-7, which extends their streak to three straight winning seasons. The Titans also were under new leadership and were one converted 2 point conversion away from 10-6 and playing next weekend. All in all, I am happy but there is one thing that stands in my way, Marcus Mariota.

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From the beginning, I was a huge Mariota fan. In fact, I own two of his jerseys. But since his injury in his second season, he has been nowhere as effective as we thought he would be. Now, with his contract coming up (ends after next season) there is no way I would sign him past 2 years. Mariota is extremely injury prone, which we saw this season after he got a stinger in Week 1 and in Week 16. He has never had a healthy season and at this point it has gotten too annoying and even when he plays he is wildly inconsistent. What bothers me the most is his team fought, Blaine Gabbert fought to win in Week 16 to put them in a do or die game but their Franchise QB did not play due a stinger in his LEFT elbow. If you’re a franchise QB, you play no matter what. The Titans probably would not have won, but they had a much better chance with Marcus running the offense. But, this season brought some good things too, especially the beginning of Derrick Henry’s beautiful career.

Related image

Henry rushed for over 1,000 yards for the first time in his career. He finished 2nd in rushing in the AFC behind Joe Mixon and 6th in the NFL. In December alone, he rushed for 625 yards with eight touchdowns. It is absolutely wild to me that they did do this all year. The offensive line for the Titans was questionable at times, but during December they made Henry the best RB in the league. I said this since week 1 of the season, Henry is the clear starter, not Dion Lewis and they finally made the switch and it paid off.

Next season, I expect big things from the Titans. Their Defense will hold their own and should remain top 5 in the league. Their running game will continue to dominate as long as Henry is the feature back. The Titans will need to get some help at WR and will gain Delanie Walker back at tight end. I look for a 11-5 record with a schedule consisting of the NFC South, and then the usual AFC foes. Tennessee finally goes into an offseason will a bright future under Mike Vrabel.