Birmingham City Player Visits Fan in Paddy Wagon Who Was Arrested For Celebrating with Team

Everyone loves a good court storming. One man in particular in the Birmingham City crowd loves them a lot more than the rest of us and will do it regardless of whether or not we follow.

More of a court drizzle than anything else.

It takes some serious balls to be the leader of a field rush. What if no one follows? The whole “they can’t arrest all of us” mentality goes out the window. When there is only one of you out there, they can, very easily, arrest all of you. And that is exactly what happened to the Birmingham City superfan who rushed the field today after BCFC’s last minute, game winning goal.

The one man wrecking crew know as Jase Stokes did not have his celebrations efforts go unnoticed. He earned a visit and thank you from Birmingham City’s own class act, Che Adams, after the match. Take a look:

Streakers, while earning a rare chuckle, are always assholes. Court stormers and field rushers, on the other hand, are the kinds of fans that everyone should aspire to be. They are heroes and deserve to be visited by the players they relentlessly support in the back of the paddy wagon after the game.

From what it seems like in the tweet, Jase and Che already knew each other, but still, the point remains that these guys rule.

Forget the War on Football, Soccer Fight Leaves 3 Injured

Do me a favor and figure out how many professional football players got injured yesterday. Now, tell me how many soccer players got injured in just 16 seconds in this clip. WARNING: this video may be disturbing to some viewers.

Three players writhing in pain, because of how dangerous of a sport soccer is. Soccer is supposed to be a non contact sport; where is the outrage, America?

We put so much stock in how football causes concussions and career ending injuries that we are blinded by vicious attacks that happen in other sports. CTE is a very real thing, but it is not unique to football especially when soccer players are getting clocked roughly every 5 seconds according to that video. And we are letting out kids play this?

To the Europeans who call American football “barbaric”, where is your god now? While we are on the subject of sports that are more dangerous than football, professional basketball players are now being attacked by actual demons who are on the court with them.

It’s beginning to look like football is one of the safest sports that your child can play. It may officially be time for the #WarOnFutbol.

AS Roma Players Prohibited from Taking Pictures with Drake as Drake Curse Spreads to Europe

There are two things that Drake loves more than anything in this world. Not his bed and his mama, but doing world tours and pretending to be friends with athletes.

Nothing wrong with world tours (or his girl’s tour), but his relationships with sports teams has brought very negative attention. The “Drake Curse”, indigenous to the US and Canada, is far worse than anything that the Kardashians could do. First, it was Kentucky. Then, the Raptors, Zion, Alabama, and now, European soccer. And the epidemic is taking the continent by storm.

Just a picture is all it takes.

Italian side, AS Roma, is doing the smart thing and getting out ahead of the disease. They have prohibited all players from taking pictures with Drake until the end of the season. Right now, Roma is in fifth place in the Serie A table which puts them just out of reach of making Champions League. They need all the help they can get, but one picture Drake could send them to relegation.

Don’t believe in the Drake curse yet? Here is all the proof you need:

English Soccer Fan Celebrates Too Hard, Needs Ankle Operation

Leeds United of English Soccer’s second division had a major win over the weekend defeating Sheffield United 1-0. The win secures 2nd place in the table which will surely result in promotion to the Premier League next season. This is an exciting time for Leeds and one of their biggest supporters in particular.

When Jack Harrison put away the game winning goal in the 65th minute, the crowd erupted. One fan went a little too hard in the celebration and ended up with his ankle perpendicular to the rest of his leg.

Look at him smiling through the pain as his ankle doubles in size. One sure fire way you can tell a soccer player from a soccer fan is the way they handle injuries. A small trip sends a player on the ground while a fan toughs out a broken ankle until the end of the game even though he requires surgery.

This is what a true fan looks like. This is what all fans should aspire to be. Even with his ankle going the wrong way and an impending operation, this true supporter of Leeds United needed to stay to see his squad lock up their Premier League bid. Gotta love it.

Soccer Fan Gets QR Code Tattoo of Team Highlights and It Goes Horribly Wrong

A fan of the Argentine soccer team River Plate had an idea for a tattoo. Just like every tattoo, it began as what seemed like a great idea that ended up being terrible.

What kind of tattoo would a true River Plate fan get? Their favorite player? The jersey number of a River Plate legend? The RP crest? Nope. This super fan got a QR code linked to a highlight video of his favorite team’s goals over their rival, Boca Juniors.

Legendary. Well, at least at the beginning. Since the tattoo was linked to a Youtube video, it was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened. Surely enough, the video was taken down due to copyright issues. The tattoo that once actually had a meaning to it, is now just a square occupied by a bunch of smaller squares.

Now, there could be a bigger conspiracy going on. As the tattoo made national headlines, the news had to have fallen on the ears of rival fans. If you thought the NBA was petty, you have seen nothing yet. The pettiness of soccer fans is unmatched. I’m sure fans of some other Argentine club saw the tattoo and decided it was time to ruin it all while giving him a giant middle finger to the face.

Image result for aaaand its gone meme

13 Year Old American Soccer Player Signs with Nike

Olivia Moultrie, 13 year old soccer phenom, has officially turned down a scholarship with North Carolina to turn pro. She signed a multi-year endorsement with Nike Soccer. This past weekend, she was featured in a Nike commercial entitled “Dream Crazier” narrated by Serena Williams during the Academy Awards.

North Carolina is a weighing station en route to the US Women’s National Team for many of the best American soccer players. So, this was a bold move passing up the opportunity. The likes of Tobin Heath, Heather O’Reilly, Meghan Klingenberg, Ashlyn Harris, Crystal Dunn, Mia Hamm and Kristine Lilly have all come through Chapel Hill. So why does Moultrie feel the need to blaze her own path?

Well, because she is possibly the best this world will ever see. As more opportunities open for women in sports, the need for American women to use the NCAA system becomes less and less necessary. This 13 year old will most likely become the youngest player to be called up to the USWNT shattering Mia Hamm’s record.

Watch these highlights:

Yeah, she’s legit. The Portland Thorns of the NWSL are even ready to ignore the age requirement in order to allow her to join their development academy. There are so many things to love about her going pro this early. First, she basically told the NCAA they can f*** off; she does not need them. On top of that, she is blazing a path for female athletes in the future showing that women are worthy of more athletic opportunities.

The only thing I did not like was what her father said. K.C. Moultrie said, “I tell her all the time, ‘Nobody cares that you’re the best at 12’… If you’re not the best at 17 or 18, nobody’s going to care. You’re going to be one of those child actors that nobody cares about. You’re going to be Macaulay Culkin.”

I just felt like that was a very rude and uncalled for shot at Macaulay Culkin is all.

Sarri Not Sarri: Chelsea Manager Has Lost the Locker Room

The Carabao Cup final between Chelsea and Manchester City was, in a word: Boring. For the first 120 minutes at least. All of regulation and extra time was exactly what Americans hate about soccer. No goals, no chances, no drama. Then, the end of the second extra period came.

Sergio “real slim shady” Aguero took a shot that was saved by Chelsea keeper Kepa Arrizabalaga. While landing after the save, Arrizabalaga writhed in pain, as footballers do, for long enough to cause a delay in the game. So, of course, Chelsea Manager Maurizio Sarri tells back-up keep Willy Caballero to sub in, but Arrizabalaga refused.

Watch what ensued:

Arrizabalaga with the wild disrespect.

From my experience, soccer is built on the foundation of respect. Respect entails a lot of things, and leaving the pitch when you are subbed off is definitely one of them. Arrizabalaga showed that Chelsea does not respect Sarri and that Sarri has officially lost the locker room.

Chelsea later lost the Carabao Cup final in penalty kicks 4-3 with Arrizabalaga in goal. I still blame the “Big Useless” David Luiz.

Expect Sarri to be fired at the end of the season if Chelsea does not make Champions League.