Liverpool Fan Banned from Matches for 3 Years for Pushing People in Fountain

The NBA has some of the pettiest fans in sports. And while it normally begins and ends with twitter arguments and comment sections and never anything face to face, they are still beat out the baseball purists for the pettiest in the United States. But the NBA stans are nothing compared to European soccer fans. They are the crackheads of sports fans and are actually afraid of nothing. Unfortunately for them, this does have its consequences.

The Liverpool faithful made the trip to Barcelona for the Champions League Semi Final including Anthony Mullen, a lifelong LFC fan. Instead of just getting way too drunk, talking shit, and jumping through a table like a normal fan; he decided to act like a 13 year old girl at the mall. Mullen has been banned from matches for 3 years for pushing people into a fountain in Barcelona. Watch the classic prank below:

The sopping wet Spaniard told BBC Sports that he felt “targeted and humiliated” after the soaking.


A Day to Remember for American Soccer

As a diehard sports fan, few things are better than waking up to American Soccer. There is something about patriotism in the AM that makes getting out of bed and cracking open something domestic that much easier. First of two US National Team games on the docket was the Women’s World Cup Final against the Netherlands.

The WWC Final started out pretty slow. And by slow, especially by USWNT standards, I mean they didn’t score in the first 12′ like every other game in the competition. As poised as ever, the Americans never faltered. They picked their chances on offense and never got frustrated. They were so concise on defense. I have never seen a back line play so consistently and converge as a unit on every ball played in the box.

In the second half the floodgates opened. A high boot to the shoulder of Alex Morgan gave the US a penalty kick and a Megan Rapinoe goal in the 61′. Moments later, Rose Lavelle ran past a Dutch defense that looked like it had no interest in defending her as she netted a bottom corner beauty. Don’t let the 2-0 score fool you though. After wearing down the Dutch, the US squandered about a dozen more chances. Should have been 6-0 US easily. Either way, our women proved once again that they are the best in the world. And deservedly celebrated as such.

Not only is the USWNT winning on the pitch, they are winning off of it too. They bring home just about every trophy every season, but also are starting a discussion. Equal pay, LGBTQ rights and overall equality for all. They are an amazing positive in the United States and gives young girls the hero they never knew they needed. Pure class as always.

Several hours later, American Soccer headed back stateside. More specifically, Soldier Field and the Gold Cup Final with another installment of the US v. Mexico rivalry. Everything was going the Americans way to start the game. Opportunity after opportunity all culminating in a disappointing 0-0 tie at the end of the first half.

The second half went almost entire Mexico’s way. There just wasn’t the same spark as in the first half. Less runs to the box were made, possession was spotty, touches were less clever and Christian Pulisic had far less of an impact. For the US to have success, Pulisic needs to be involved in the build up of every chance and that did not happen until after the game’s only goal by Mexico in the 73′. Yet another Gold Cup silver medal.

If the USMNT played the second half the same way they played the first, this game could have been an easy victory for the Americans. It is hard to consider a second place finish a success even though it did show promise. The Americans that went abroad to continue their professional careers had a great tournament. McKinnie, Pulisic and Miazga in particular had impressive showings. Hopefully this encourages other players like Morris and Cannon to take the leap and play in better leagues. Also, the Americans refused to be pushed around by Mexico. The Mexicans have reigned supreme in CONCACAF for too long and we finally showed that we aren’t going to take it anymore. The chippiness in the first half of the final better stick around for more than just rivalry games.

Congratulations to the USWNT on their fourth World Cup Championship. The most important day of American Soccer in a very long time did not disappoint.

Louisville City FC Well Represented for Jamaica in Gold Cup Semi Final

Louisville City FC’s own Shaun Francis and Devon “Speedy” Williams started and played all 90 minutes of the CONCACAF Gold Cup Semi Final against the United States. While the Americans won the match 3-1, our boys represented Lou City phenomenally with clean performances. Pure class as per usual.

Since Jamaica gave up three goals in the loss, it is easy to place blame on the defenders for the poor result. And while I am sure Francis will accept some of that blame, he actually had a very solid performance. Sure, he could have been in a little better position for the first United States goal, but the second goal was in no way his fault. In fact, he played Jordan Morris perfectly and closed him down into taking a tough shot directly at the keeper. Unfortunately for the Raggae Boyz, the rebound dropped right to Christian Pulisic.

Wic’s match rating for Shaun Francis: 7.4

In the midfield, Speedy showed his class with smart touches and crisp passes. Williams even ignited several second half charges in an attempt to bring Jamaica level. So, basically exactly what we can expect from every Lou City game. Classic Speedy Williams performance.

Wic’s match rating for Speedy Williams: 7.9

One thing I noticed with both of the Louisville City boys, and especially with Speedy, was that they did not play like the rest of their team. I am not saying they weren’t team players, but when teams are overmatched, like Jamaica was against the US, they will do whatever they can to get ahead. Like flopping of fouling players immediately after they realize they are beat, but this is how not Speedy or Francis played.

Speedy and Francis played with true class. Even in a 2 goal loss, they still made Louisville proud.

Apparently Some Englanders Didn’t Like Alex Morgan’s Tea Sipping Celebration

Classiness, or lack thereof, is the most tired complaint in all of sports. Anything that the losing team doesn’t like is automatically considered “classless”, or is this case “distasteful”, and it all of the sudden gives them the moral high ground.

So, she is a big fan of how the Americans celebrate and is an advocate for celebrating any way you want as long as it doesn’t reference a war from 250 years ago? Got it. In the words of the coolest white person of all time, Justin Timberlake, “Cry me a river.” Don’t like it? Maybe don’t lose the game or spend a whole week calling the other team’s best scorer arrogant.

America’s women have been besting England at it’s own sport for years now. Why is now the time they get butt hurt about it? She was probably they same person that called for Jill Ellis’ head for running up the score on Thailand. Don’t get all high and mighty on us now especially when VAR gave you a penalty as a consolation for a correct offside call.

Had England won, she would have been jumping around yelling “pip pip cherrio” or “ello guvnuh”, or whatever English people say, thinking she had defeated American arrogance. But since she lost she now has to give the Coach K speech of telling the other team how they should act when they score or win. Give me a break.

Her complaints are falling on deaf ears; mainly Alex Morgan’s who will be too busy celebrating with her Golden Boot to care about the opinion of an butt hurt media personality. On the bright side, the view of the World Cup Final is going to be pretty nice from atop her high horse.

This 96 Year Old WW2 Vet’s National Anthem Performance Was Amazing

Before the USWNT’s match versus Mexico, our ears were graced with one of the most moving National Anthems we have ever heard. Take a look at the performance by 96 year old World War II Veteran, Pete DuPre.

I never thought that a harmonica would be able to bring a tear to my eye. The word “chills” does not do this performance justice. The only thing that could have made this better would have been a jet flyover or an eagle’s screech in the distance. Perfect way to honor our veterans. Thank you to all that served our country.

“Anyway, Here’s Wonderwall” -All of Minnesota

Every team has a song. Wisconsin has “Jump Around”, the Red Sox have “Tessie”, Kentucky sings “My Old Kentucky Home” after every game and the Bills Mafia screams “Shout” as they jump through flaming tables. Team songs aren’t just American either. Arsenal fans used to replace the lyrics of “Hey Jude” to say “Giroud”. Now, Minnesota FC is getting some skin in the game by claiming their own team song and singing it as a crowd after every home win. Take a look:

Basically, after every home victory, they say “Awesome win guys… anyway, here’s Wonderwall.”

But why that song? If I had to guess what song a team from Minnesota would all sing in unison, it would be anything by Prince or Mr. Brightside. Apparently, Minnesota United’s assistant coach Carl Craig is an ex-punk rockstar from Britain and started the tradition back when they MUFC was still in the second division of American Soccer. He would play all kinds of songs from British bands and “Wonderwall” was the one that stuck. Go figure.

Now, it is the song sung by all fans of MUFC and brings a tear to the eye of former rock star turned soccer coach.

Vincent Kompany Nets an Absolute Firecracker against Leicester

Down two points to Liverpool before the last weekend of the EPL season, Manchester City desperately needed a goal to break their gridlock with Leicester. Who do they turn to? The tried and true striker Sergio Aguero? No, he had been relatively contained all game. Sometimes, to win a game, you need a spark from anyone or anything. They got their’s from the captain of the last 30 years (give or take) Vincent Kompany. He pulled up from 25 yards and put it in the top corner. Safe to say, this was an absolute firecracker. Watch:

Yes. The goal is absolutely better with the astounded Englishman in the background respectfully losing his mind. Still need to show some decorum to the beautiful game. “He must have a foot like a traction engine.” That sounds made up, but I don’t know enough about engines to refute it. Personally, I’ve been ripping these in FIFA since 2010 with Kompany and my reaction to actually hitting one of these would have been 10000x more ridiculous.