Michael Jordan is Destitute Compared to the Highest Paid Athlete of All Time

When we think of the highest paid athletes in sports, we think Lionel Messi who makes $40M+ a year just off his contract alone, and LeBron James who seems to have his hand in just about everything now. But how do these players stack up compared to the athletes before them or even before Christ?

The list is only about modern athletes. It does not taking into account ancient athletes like Gaius Appuleius Diocles, a Lusitania Chariot Racer. It is said to have earned 35,863,120 sesterces, by some estimation over $15 billion in today’s dollars. This means he would be the best paid athlete of all time.

Gaius Appuleius Diocles.jpg

Who would have thought that a baller from the Roman Empire in AD 40 would make so much money that Ronaldo would also have to divorce Jeff Bezos to catch him.

Bodexpress Loses Jockey in Preakness and Doesn’t Finish Last

Bodexpress may have lost the Preakness Stakes, but he won a very special place in all of our hearts. After losing his jockey at the very beginning of the race, he proved that he is a strong, independent thoroughbred that don’t need no jockey. Despite just about the biggest setback a racehorse could be hit with, Bodexpress not only finished the race without a rider, but did not finish last. Watch:

Crazy how the a horse with no jockey managed to abstain from impeding anyone else. Take notes, Maximum Security. Bodexpress still technically came in last because not having a jockey is grounds for disqualification, but that jockey who really finished last knows he lost to a jockey-less horse. How does anyone come back from that?

That’s like a NASCAR driver losing to a stock car with a cinderblock on the gas pedal.

Happy 14th Birthday to the Man, the Myth, the Legend, LEEEROOYYY JENKINS

What began as a typical game of World of Warcraft for the “Pals for Life” clan, quickly became one of the best videos the internet has had to offer.

Goddammit, Leroy. He basically made the Pals for Life clan look like the Dothraki versus the Army of the Dead. Turned that 32.33%, repeating, of course, to zero real quick. To think that 14 years ago today, a brave knight led a charge comparable to that of the Light Brigade and changed the world… both turned out the exact same.

So, we salute you, Sir Leeroy. Not only for the valiant effort on the battlefields of wherever World or Warcraft takes place, but what this did for all hilarious YouTube videos that came after it. For a lot of us, this was the first video we ever saw on the internet. Either this, Shoes, or Charlie the Unicorn.

For making gaming cool and the internet a better place, thank you but goddammit, Leeroy.

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Saturday Morning Sports Trivia: May Is an Underrated Sports Month

After a one week hiatus (I had to graduate real quick, my bad), we are back for another edition of Saturday morning sports trivia. May is an underrated month. The Kentucky Derby, the NBA Playoffs, Stanley Cup, MLB, Champions League semi-finals and all the NFL offseason drama a true sports fan could ask for. The Soft 7’s love our readers for their minds, so let’s end the week with another 15 questions. Follow us on twitter @soft7sports and retweet/share to challenge your friends.


  1. After the Kentucky Derby, what other two races comprise the Triple Crown?
  2. Country House was crowned the winner of the 145th running of the Kentucky after what horse was disqualified for impeding other horses?
  3. The Celtics have the most NBA titles with 17, the Lakers are second with 16; what two teams are next highest with 6 titles?
  4. In what decade was the 24 second shot clock introduced to the NBA? (19?0)
  5. What city hosted the first NBA All-Star game in 1951?
  6. Who was the youngest player in NHL history to have a 100 point season?
  7. What goalie has the most saves all time in NHL history?
  8. How many consecutive 40 goal seasons did Wayne Gretzky have to set an NHL record?
  9. On Thursday, Albert Pujols became just the fifth person ever to do what?
  10. What is the distance between the pitcher’s mound and home plate?
  11. Who hit the most grand slams in the history of the Yankees?
  12. What country are both teams in the UEFA Champions League final from?
  13. What club has the most UEFA Champions League titles?
  14. Kyler Murray was the first overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. Who was taken second?
  15. Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell are no longer with the Pittsburgh Steelers. What teams did they end up with, respectively?


  1. Preakness, Belmont
  2. Maximum Security
  3. Bulls and Warriors
  4. 1950’s
  5. Boston, Massachusetts
  6. Sydney Crosby
  7. Martin Brodeur
  8. 12
  9. Hit 2,000 RBI’s
  10. 60 feet, 6 inches
  11. Lou Gehrig (23)
  12. England
  13. Real Madrid
  14. Nick Bose- SF
  15. Antonio Brown- Raiders, Le’Veon Bell- Jets

Louisville Batter Gets Hit in Helmet and Called for a Strike Thanks to New College Baseball Rule

The NCAA really does have the best intentions when it comes to player safety, but this new rule in college baseball has a classic NCAA flaw. And just like every other new rule the NCAA implements, it completely blew up in their face.

The new rule leaves it up to the umpire to decide whether or not a player leaned into a pitch that hit them. While the rule is meant to discourage players from “taking on for the team”, the critical flaw is that players who are hit in the helmet can still be called for a strike. That is exactly what happens to this Louisville batter. The ball hits his head then hit his bat resulting in a foul tip strike.

I don’t care if you lean into the pitch, if you are willing to take a 90 MPH fastball to the head just to get on base, you should be allowed to take whatever base you want. Risking a concussion or a Giancarlo Stanton style injury deserves at least a runner on first. Putting it all on the line for your team is an understatement at that point.

I understand that players should not be rewarded for leaning into pitches, so if the rule is going to stay, players should not be able to strike out by getting hit in the helmet. If the catcher had caught the ball after the foul tip on two strikes, he would have been out on the at bat instead of on first base like every other league.

Just another case of the NCAA passing the buck and making bad calls anyone else’s fault but their’s.