Damian Lillard “Not a Team Up Type of Person”

According to Toronto Sports Network, Damian Lillard is “not a team up type of person.”

Lillard says that he wants a challenge. However, the Warriors made it pretty clear that teaming up can still bring all kinds of challenges in itself. In order to win NBA Championships nowadays, you need a minimum or three all stars or for the other teams all stars to all get devastatingly injured at the same time. Basically, teaming up is the only way to control your own destiny unless you’re Zaza Pachulia.

Damian Lillard has made it very clear that he is not leaving Portland. Loyalty is important to him which is refreshing in today’s NBA. If he is going to be on a championship team, players will have to come to him. Since he isn’t a “team up” guy, this means no monster trades or free agent signings. So, the only other way to get championship caliber players to the Blazers is by the NBA Draft. And if Portland’s history tells us anything, well, good luck with that.

Drafting Lillard and McCollum out of Weber State and Lehigh, Portland can find a diamond in the rough better than most teams. But when faced with top lottery picks, they have accounted for both of the two worst draft blunders of all time.

In 1984, they took Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan. If you don’t know who Sam Bowie is, that’s my point. Then, later on in 2007, Portland took Greg Oden instead of Kevin Durant and we all know how that turned out.

In order for Lillard to bring a championship to Portland now is to pray and hope that the Blazers find a couple more diamonds in the rough like a Nikola Jokic or Kawhi Leonard. Guys who are incredible but don’t get the recognition they deserve because they don’t have the name Duke or Kentucky associated with them. Until then, it looks like the Blazers will continue to fall victim to the ever growing Western Conference.

The Takes on Louisville Pitcher Luke Smith’s “F*** You” Video Are Wild

Last night in the College World Series, Louisville took on Vanderbilt for the second time in Omaha. After losing the first matchup, the Cardinals were poised to force an elimination game with the #2 overall seed. They even took a 2-1 lead into the ninth inning.

But for that to happen, Louisville ace Luke Smith needed to get out Vanderbilt’s Infante to end the top of the eighth inning. And he did just that with a nasty curveball. What happened next will go down in CWS history forever. Watch:

Not going to lie, that was awesome. But that’s just what I think. Let’s see what Twitter had to say about it. At least one person agrees with me.

Baseball purism is the worst thing in sports. I’m all for hating Louisville, but at least hate them for a good reason and not just because of one kid. And how in the world can you hate Luke Smith in particular for talking trash when almost every other athlete to ever play a sport has done it too? Don’t think for a second that Vandy didn’t have anything to say before or after.

Sure, it was a bad look being caught on ESPN saying “F*** you” to a player you just struck out. But very few people, especially the ones with negative opinions about this, have played in a game with this kind of intensity. This includes the “stay classy” crowd first and foremost. Smith’s emotions just got the best of him in a very emotional game. Bottom line is if you hate every athlete that talks trash, then it’s going to be very hard to enjoy sports with a hate list that long.

I sort of wish Louisville would have won this game so that the “stay classy” wouldn’t have gotten any vindication.