Sunday Watch: Game of Thrones FINAL EPISODE

All right boys and girls. This is it. This is the end. I am both happy and sad if I have to be honest. This season in my opinion as is the opinion of others, has been a dumpster fire. I think we all had the same problem, we came in with too high of expectations.

Game of Thrones has always been such a captivating show that has been groundbreaking for TV storytelling as well as everything that goes into the show. From CGI to character development, this show has been a masterpiece. However, my deepest fears have come true. I fear that this is going to end almost as badly as Lost ended. Everyone is so committed to the show, so in love with the characters, and it all will be for nothing.

Without ranting for the entirety of the last few episodes I will say I apologize for the absence, but I’m back for the one that matters. Or the one that will disappoint larger than any other. So now to do a quick recap of last episode. Dany is an absolute psychopath. She is full on mad queen killing everyone, but can you really blame her? She has lost everything that gave her power. All she has left is 1 dragon. No other support except maybe from Gray Worm who is on his own killing spree in honor of Missandei. Tryion is 100% going to die for freeing Jamie. Jamie and Cersei die in the worst goodbye I have ever seen to such developed characters. Crushed by rocks. Wow. While on the subject of Jamie as well, his fight with Euron was completely pointless. Plus, we watched Euron get blown up when Dany destroyed the entire Iron Fleet. Jon is scared and is going to betray Dany. My homie Vary’s got torched like a marshmallow, and finally my favorite part of the episode, the battle of the brothers.

The Hound cemented himself as a top 5 character for me in this episode. He saved Arya’s life and simultaneously got revenge on his brother by ending their lives where the strife between them began, in fire. Arya should have died about 1000 times in this episode and honestly I’m on the skeptic train that she’s actually dead. I have seen many people report this and the evidence is kind of good. I am all about conspiracies so let me explain this. The horse Arya got on was dead, recap when all the Lannisters army got torched and the horse was stabbed. Arya as engulfed in flames on her last “escape”. She rides away into the sunlight where everyone else around her is dead but she somehow lives. Finally, in the preview for tonights episode it seems that no one can see her and no one will talk to her. AKA she’s totally dead and the conspiracy is real.

Back onto my ranting though. I love this show as so many others do, and I just hope they end it in some justice. I think that Dany is going to die. I think Jon is going to still say no to the throne and return as Warden of the North. I think Tyrion will die, Arya is dead, Gray Worm will kill himself or Jon will kill him, and somehow Sansa or possibly Gendry is going to end up on the throne. It would be some kind of poetic justice if Sansa ended up on the throne since she was suppose to marry Geoffrey in the first place.

For the first time I actually hope that Bran is in an episode so we can understand what the hell is supposed to happen. Here’s where I’m lost. There are too many holes left in each characters stories that I think won’t be explained in this last episode. So Brienne is just a broken heart knight now. We have no idea what happened to Sansa recently. Jon is pissed. Dany is crazy. I’m just lost. I Honestly think this has been such a crazy season in many good and bad ways and I just hope and pray they will end it well. So just to finally predict who will end up on the Iron Throne, I think it will be Sansa…ugh.

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Sunday Watch: GOT Season 8: Episode 2: “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”

If I have to be honest, this might be my favorite non action episode of GOT ever. Jon finally tells Daenerys that he is a Targeryen and thus making him the rightful heir to the throne. Gendry lays the pipe on our girl Arya. Tyrion is scared. Brienne of Tarth makes me cry, and Podrick is the Thrones equivalent to Shawn Mendez. I don’t have enough words to explain the happiness that this episode brought me.

The episode starts with Jamie making his plea that he is there to fight against the White Walkers despite the fact that Cersei pulled a not surprising wildcard move and didn’t show up. Danny goes savage as always calling him out and also Tyrion when he goes to defend Jamie. She is questioning Tyrions loyalty to her against his defense of his brother…who Danny’s dad. Brienne pulls a power move and says she would fight along Jamie and that he has helped her along the way. Then Bran steps in as well as Jon to say they need as many men as they can to defeat the White Walkers. Danny agrees to let Jamie stay, but follows this by essentially telling Tyrion he is losing his touch. She soon forgives him and says that he is extremely vital, but we can all see, he is scared and with an unknown foe, one he doesn’t know how to outsmart, he is lost.

This is followed by an epic reunion of my guy Tormund jumping in and giving Jon the biggest hug in all of the Seven Kingdoms. Also he has bad news, Ned Umber got got by the Night King and he’s going to be there in the morning. Which set up the most epic anticipation of any show ever. This cuts to the most rag tag planning session of how to defeat an impossible foe that will be arriving by dawn. Hurricane Bran talks up and says their best strategy is for him to be at the Weirwood and for the Night King to come to him. Theon try’s to make up for all of the horrible things he has done by saying he will hide in the tree’s like Robin Hood and protect Bran. So they’re all going to die for sure.

The Night King has the connection to Bran, ever since the touch on Bran’s arm he has been chasing after him. Bran has all of the history of the world, as the Three Eyed Raven he knows all that has ever happened and all that will. Losing Bran means losing all history that is either known or unknown, like Jamie pushing his ass through a window after he caught Jamie and Cersei making babies. Theory – I still somehow think the Night King is actually Bran because their faces look a lot alike even though they have explained that he’s the first of the White Walkers from a long time ago.

After this there are long talks at a round table of Tormund, Jamie, Tyrion, Ser Davos, Podrick (the goat), etc. Tormund tells the story of how he got the name “Giantsbane” which I’ll leave to everyone’s viewing pleasure instead of writing it out. Tyrion is pouring everyone drinks at the fireplace talking about how he never thought he would end in Winterfell after his family had feuded with the Starks for so long. He also hilariously heavy pours Podrick some wine when Brienne says a half cup for him, not important but pretty funny. In a last ditch effort to tear our hearts out before everyone dies in tonights episode, Jamie Knights Brienne of Tarth and you can see the emotion on her face that this is all she has wanted all her life. Jon pulls his ultimate dumbass move and decides to tell Danny all he knows about how he is truly a Targaryen right before the fight. You see her reaction, the anger, the betrayal, and then a horn is sounded. It is time.

I am not spiritually ready for tonights episode. In the end I am now thinking that Jon is going to die and that eventually Danny might as well. I have no idea what’s going on anymore and honestly anyone could die at any minute. I decided to make a list of who I think will die in the most epic battle scene in all of cinematic history. So here we go;

DEAD: Jon, Theon, Brienne, Podrick, Davos, Beric (fire sword guy), The Hound, Varys, Night King, Jorah, Greyworm, Ghost, Rhaegal (one of the dragon’s), Gilly, and the little girl that said she would protect the crypt.

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Sunday Watch: GOT Season 8: Episode 1 “Winterfell”

Well since Thrones last Sunday officially made me confused, scared, and excited as it always does, I thought I would give my review on Episode 1: Winterfell, before Episode 2 comes out.

First off, what the hell. That was my reaction as well as excitement throughout the entire episode. So Jon and Daenerys are in Winterfell and Sansa is not about it. She’s giving that look like she’s gonna mess everything up as always. Arya is still a little thug thats playing with my guy Gentry’s heart, and Bran is still the creepiest character in all of film. Now, I thought this was a pretty ok episode especially to start off a new season.

Not a shocker but Cersei is still the worst. My unpopular opinion here however is that I actually love Euron Greyjoy. He’s the first villain in the show that doesn’t make my skin crawl. So back to what happened in the episode, Jon and the Starks Reunite in Winterfell with Daenerys and everyone else in the clan, including my favorite Tyrion. The spark is still there between Jon and Danny but things are not transitioning well in the North. People are mad that Jon is no longer King of the North and that they have to obey a Targaryen. Bad look for our girl Danny by storming in saying you all are mine now. Sansa is going to mess everything up I can feel it, she still has the ice in her veins that you can see when she talks to Tyrion. Jon realizes that Bran is not the same anymore and he goes off to ride a dragon and hook up with his new Queen/Aunt.

Arya is still awesome. Here is my next hot take, that dagger thing that she asked Gentry to make her, its to kill the Night King’s Dragon. Which would be so awesome but we will have to wait to see if that even remotely comes true. Our boy Sam is back and him finding out that Daenerys torched his family damn near made me cry, but he comes back swinging telling Jon that he’s a Targaryen and the rightful King to the iron throne.

The Night King is coming with a Fury and I can’t be more terrified then what the hell the symbol was on the wall with that dead kid. That 100% looks like the Targaryen symbol. Is he saying he wants Jon? Danny? Who and what is his motive. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH HIM?

I know this episode had a lot more that I left out but without getting bogged down in every detail of the show, I wanted to hit some key points that I could see being important. However, this is my hottest take of them all.

In the first Season Robert Baratheon says that his family and the Starks would be joined together, everyone thought this to happen with the marriage of Sansa and Geoffrey (RIP but not in peace). I think that Arya is going to marry Gentry who is Robert’s actual son even though he is a bastard, and that the words Robert Spoke will actually come true. Every week I am going to change my mind on who is going to end up on the iron throne because this show is mind bending, but right now I think it will end up with Arya and Gentry on the throne, Tyrion still being the hand, and everyone else pretty much dead. Maybe Sansa and Tyrion get back together but that’s a stretch.

If you have your own theories or takes on what is going to happen, leave a comment or tweet at me @soft7pork as well as follow our account @soft7sports and I will give a shoutout to my favorite one on the next post. Winter is here and I can’t wait for tonights episode.


It’s finally happening. After what seems like centuries of waiting, we have finally come to the beginning of the end. If you don’t watch Game of Thrones, do yourself a favor, stop reading and go do something useful with your life like watching Game of Thrones.

Thrones is everything to those of us who love this show. Now I’ll be honest, I haven’t read any of the books and don’t plan to. Not a big reading guy over here, but the show is just so in depth and so fantastic (not to mention its past where the books go to) that I feel there is no need to read it. Game of Thrones is set in the land of Westeros where 9 families have been battling for the Iron Throne for all of time. Now, however, through White Walkers (ice zombies), dragons, and war, all has changed. You have all of the families fighting for power and in the end there really can only be one true King/Queen of the north.

Quite possibly the greatest tv show ever made, Game of Thrones is a masterpiece that I refuse to believe it will disappoint in its final season. Now, I don’t have the time and neither do you to jump into all of the theories behind the last season, but I will throw out my personal theories that are based on basically nothing. Tyrion is going to end up on the iron throne. Sansa, John Snow, Daenerys, and Cersei all die. Night King is gonna get killed by someone other than John, all of the dragons will die, and that’s about all I got right now. I really wanted to make this brief because I will be reviewing each and every episode as they go.

Please send me what you think will happen. Drop some comments. Like I said, I am going to be reviewing all of the episodes of this final season as they go so they will be full of spoilers for those who haven’t watched yet.

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Sunday Watch: Us

Well, I’m officially scared to look at anyone and anything the same way that I did before watching Us. This might be one of the most original movies I have ever seen and honestly, I loved it. Funniest part is, I saw the movie and hour ago and as I walked out I genuinely couldn’t tell if I loved it or hated it. It was like when you get in a car crash and immediately just have to process everything that happened and wrap your brain around it. That was me in a nutshell.

If you somehow have avoided every TV screen, social media outlet, or pretty much any other device we all use everyday and haven’t heard about Jordan Peele’s second film “Us”, let me give you a quick and very broad synopsis. Adelaide Wilson as a child encountered “herself” while walking away from her Dad who lovingly paid no attention to his young daughter and focused on playing Whack-a-Mole on the Santa Cruz boardwalk. This is the start of the horror that Adelaine carries with her constantly feeling she is being chased by herself. As the movie progresses you see that she isn’t the only one with a counterpart.

As you can see from the trailer, the family has their own carbon copy, and their fight for survival and understanding is what drives the main plot. Now that’s about all I want to dive into because it really was a phenomenal film and I want as many people to see it as possible. I will warn you however, go into this with an open mind. This film is deep, there is a lot to take in, a lot to understand and process rather than just blankly staring at a screen and waiting for cheap jump scares. There’s holes in this film, and thats what makes it great. There is so much to interpret and theorize and that alone makes the plot so much deeper.

What I will say about this movie is, if you don’t have a lot of patience, it will feel very slow at the beginning. The film starts by developing the story and the characters thoroughly, and I think that adds an intimacy that you can share with the characters. You understand them more than if they just told you their names with one flashback and then right to the action. I want and need to see this movie a couple more times because even after an hour of thinking about it, I start to picture scenes and say “wait did I see this? did this character do that? could they have…”.

This is what I loved about this movie. Not only the fact that I know there are dozens of easter eggs I missed because Director Jordan Peele added many into Get Out, but the fact that I have so many questions, so many feeling and uncertainties. It leaves me feasting to know more and to gain more perspective on the story. Next time I watch “Us” I need to bring a pen and paper to just see what all I can pick up on. I give this a 9/10 and want your opinions and comments on all things “Us”.

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