Thank you, Marc

Well, the Grizzlies are 18-21. What started as a glimmer of hope has come crashing down in the recent weeks. The Grizzlies are 29th in points scored and in total offense but they rank second in total defense. Unfortunately, this is not the early 2000s or the late 1990s and offense means more. The Grizzlies have lived by playing tough defense and trying to keep up on offense, but the game has changed so much within the last ten years. They just can’t keep up to the other teams mainly because they never have a pure shooter.

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Sure Conley and Gasol are franchise players, but Conley just is not a consistent 30+ point player like what you need in the NBA today. Almost every team has that one guy that can do it, the Grizzlies don’t. That is not a knock on Conley or Gasol or even on Jaren Jackson who has been a surprising contributor to the team this season, it is just facts. The Grizzlies have no chance of making any noise in the postseason and they need to realize it now and just make some moves, but what moves?

Trade Marc Gasol.

Look, Marc and Pau have done so much for Memphis basketball, but there comes a time where you finally find a way to thank them properly, which would be trading him. There are plenty of teams that will trade young players or picks for Gasol and he would extremely benefit their team. Give Marc an opportunity to win a championship, a chance he would never get in Memphis.

With those picks or young players, they have a solid team for a rebuild. If they tank and trade Gasol, they’ll get a top pick to play with Conley and Jackson. There could be a lot of hope in Memphis, but they have to trade Gasol in order to gain any traction.


Titans Recap: Bye Bye Mariota

First off, this is in no way an overreaction to how the season ended, in fact I am proud of this season. The Titans finished 9-7, which extends their streak to three straight winning seasons. The Titans also were under new leadership and were one converted 2 point conversion away from 10-6 and playing next weekend. All in all, I am happy but there is one thing that stands in my way, Marcus Mariota.

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From the beginning, I was a huge Mariota fan. In fact, I own two of his jerseys. But since his injury in his second season, he has been nowhere as effective as we thought he would be. Now, with his contract coming up (ends after next season) there is no way I would sign him past 2 years. Mariota is extremely injury prone, which we saw this season after he got a stinger in Week 1 and in Week 16. He has never had a healthy season and at this point it has gotten too annoying and even when he plays he is wildly inconsistent. What bothers me the most is his team fought, Blaine Gabbert fought to win in Week 16 to put them in a do or die game but their Franchise QB did not play due a stinger in his LEFT elbow. If you’re a franchise QB, you play no matter what. The Titans probably would not have won, but they had a much better chance with Marcus running the offense. But, this season brought some good things too, especially the beginning of Derrick Henry’s beautiful career.

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Henry rushed for over 1,000 yards for the first time in his career. He finished 2nd in rushing in the AFC behind Joe Mixon and 6th in the NFL. In December alone, he rushed for 625 yards with eight touchdowns. It is absolutely wild to me that they did do this all year. The offensive line for the Titans was questionable at times, but during December they made Henry the best RB in the league. I said this since week 1 of the season, Henry is the clear starter, not Dion Lewis and they finally made the switch and it paid off.

Next season, I expect big things from the Titans. Their Defense will hold their own and should remain top 5 in the league. Their running game will continue to dominate as long as Henry is the feature back. The Titans will need to get some help at WR and will gain Delanie Walker back at tight end. I look for a 11-5 record with a schedule consisting of the NFC South, and then the usual AFC foes. Tennessee finally goes into an offseason will a bright future under Mike Vrabel.

Tulo to the Yankees, Plus Harper to NY?

As I reported last week, the Yankees have finally got their guy in Manny Machado but this excites me so much more. Tulo is a huge Yankees fan and tried to find his way to New York after Jeter retired. Now, Tulo is old but he is also very consistent and the Yankees got him for cheap. So cheap, that it is the Veteran Minimum and the Blue Jays will be paying him $20 million to play for the AL East rival. What I love about this move is it says one thing and one thing only: Manny is playing third base. Cashman is letting everyone know that hey we’re signing Manny for less money and he isn’t playing his desired position. I love it.

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With Manny presumably at 3rd, Torres at 2nd, Voit/Bird at 1st, and Tulo at SS (until Didi is back in August), the Yankees have no room for Andujar, which I love. The Yankees are back to the Evil Empire but I expect that they are not done…

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A report last week told us that Manny and Bryce are both preferring NY. With Manny signing for less than what everyone imagined, Bryce Harper will sign with the Yankees as well. The Yankees have a young talent in Andujar and they have a wasted life in Sonny Gray and Jacoby Ellsbury. I expect the Yankees to get rid of these rid through trades and to free some money. Which would then lead to the Yankees signing Harper, thus giving the Yankees the 2019 World Series.

Breaking: Machado to NY

Well, we’ve waited since free agency started to finally get a decision from Harper and Machado and it seems we finally have one down. According to Dan Clark, Machado received his final offers from New York, Philadelphia, and and the White Sox and has chosen to wear Pinstripes. This news shouldn’t shock anyone. Manny has been dying to be a Yankee since day one and it’ll be interesting to see how he clicks.

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He even liked a picture of himself in a Yankees jersey

Manny wants to be a shortstop, but the Yankees have Didi. Didi will be out till about August with his Tommy John surgery, but after that I expect Manny to move back to third. Doing this opens a huge door for the Yankees to trade Miguel Andujar and get a starting pitcher. Andujar’s stock will never be higher and the Yankees could pair him and another prospect. I’ll have more out next week once it’s official.

Rusev Day has Finally Come


After months of not listening to the fans, WWE has finally crowned Rusev as a champion. In a pre-taped match, Rusev defeats Shinsuke in the US Title Match. Last week, the McMahon’s promised to deliver WWE back to the fans and to start listening to what they truly want. For months, people have wanted Rusev to reign and it looks like we finally have it. And yes, Lana is beautiful and does look good indeed.

The End is Near: AFC Playoff Picture

Well here we are. In what has seemed like two weeks, the NFL season has entered the final week: Week 17. In the AFC, we know four teams and have an idea of the fifth but the final team comes down to one final game, which has been flexed for the Sunday Night game. Let’s take a look.

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First off, we have the 1 seed. It is pretty straightforward, Kansas City wins they are the one seed. If they lose and the Chargers win, the Chargers are the one seed. If they both lose, and that is a major if, the Patriots need a win and they’ll be the one seed because of a tiebreaker against Kansas City. If you’re a betting man, bet the Chiefs highly. The Chiefs won’t lose to Oakland and they’ll lock up the one seed.

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The second seed is pretty simple as well. If the Pats win, they get the 2 seed. They’re a 13.5 point favorite against the Jets. Take the Jets. I think the Pats will win, but only by 10. That is too huge line for a rivalry game. If they do lose, however, the Texans need a win to be the 2 seed. If they both lose, the winner of Colts/Titans will be the 2 seed as long as Baltimore loses. Pats will be the 2 seed.

The three seed is easy. Texans and Pats both win it will be the Texans. If the Texans lose, the Colts/Titans winner will fall here. Pretty straightforward. The Texans play the Jags, so it will be the Texans. Take them at -7.5, because it’ll be a blowout.

The four seed is either Baltimore or Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh (-16.5) will obliterate Cincinnati so it comes down to Baltimore beating Cleveland which I believe they will.

The fifth seed is again either the Chiefs or Chargers, I think it will be San Diego (LA).

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The six seed is what the season comes down to. Colts vs Titans in primetime. I would love to see Tennessee win here, but it will be a hard game. Luck has never lost to the Titans, but the Titans have won 2 of 3. I would stay away from this game betting wise. Indy has a top 10 run defense but Derrick Henry has been killing as of late. The Titans need Mariota to play, otherwise it won’t be close. Truthfully, I think Indy wins here, but we shall see. I hope I’m wrong.

My AFC Prediction:

1: KC 2: NE 3: HOU 4: Bal 5: LA 6: IND

AFC Championship: KC vs HOU

Super Bowl: HOU vs NO with Brees winning #2.

This Week in WWE

This week, after the TLC PPV, the McMahon family decided to “take back” Raw and Smackdown from their GM’s due to their viewership declining. Well, it worked because their viewership spiked, likely to Vince being on TV. They decided to have Baron Corbin get squashed in his match at TLC and then the following night on Raw, which should have been done weeks ago. Corbin single-handedly ruined Raw by interfering with every match and just furthering what Vince did by squashing Finn. Smackdown is by far the superior brand, regardless what the result of Survivor Series was ( Raw has honestly just been too repetitive and it showed at the Tables, Ladders, Chairs PPV last sunday during the Dean and Seth match, which was just plain boring. But at least WWE has a major bright side, the Women’s Division.

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Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey are as hot as two superstars have ever been in the WWE. Ronda put on maybe her best match she has had at the TLC PPV against Nia Jax. She is learning and has won me over. Her ability to literally crawl all over Nia while Nia was standing up is just impressive as hell. She sells everything so well now, too. Becky has been the hottest star in the entire WWE since she won the Title from Charlotte. Becky broke her face, due to a punch by Nia and they then had BEcky attack Nia during the TLC PPV. I absolutely love this angle and it sets up an eventual Wrestlemania match, which should headline the Event. Another interesting angle is what happens with Flair.

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Flair is another superstar who is hitting another peak in her career. She is currently the second or third hottest star, depending where you rank Ronda. One thing Flair has that the other two don’t is some fans may be tired of her. She has been on the scene for awhile and she is one away from winning a record 8th Women’s Championship. I would love to see her win it at Wrestlemania, but it just does not make sense. I do not want another Asuka Flair match at ‘Mania if Becky and Ronda are fighting too. Flair may be in the waiting stage while Asuka gets her Title Reign and Becky and Ronda are built towards Wrestlemania.

There have been rumors of a Triple Threat involving Ronda, Becky, and Flair at Wrestlemania but to me, that does not make sense. Let Flair fight Ronda at the Royal Rumble and Becky fight her at Mania. They could both headline each event on their own.

The McMahon’s did take over Raw and Smackdown, but Paige is going nowhere and Shane made that clear on Smackdown. Rumors say she is moving into a Booker T role within the company, which would be a nice change. Vince promised new matchups and new faces, which he announced on Monday and also hinted at the return of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, which would be a nice change. With WWE going into crisis mode due to their ratings, hopefully they can change some things up and make WWE Great Again.