Should Zion Sit Out?

Last night in Durham, Duke got their butt smacked by North Carolina. North Carolina came in with a better game-plan and just played better all around for the whole game. Credit to Roy for formulating an amazing game-plan and his team for executing it to a T….but Zion did get hurt. 36 seconds into the game, Zion went down awkwardly and at first it seemed like he just broke his shoe but then he went to the locker room and every heart in America stopped.

Zion is the best player in college basketball, I do not think anyone will argue that. He is averaging almost 22 points, 9 rebounds, and 2 assists and his plus/minus is above 24. Duke has 3 of the top 5 prospects, yet Zion is still their most important and the fact that when he is on the court, Duke is 24 points better and that is just an absurd stat. Zion is going to be the number one pick regardless of how this season turns out, so should he be playing?

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Zion’s Shoe

In my opinion, Zion should sit out the rest of the year. Zion is the number one pick in the NBA Draft. That is at least over 41 million (Ayton’s contract) that he will get next season. If this injury drops him below pick 15, then he gets 8 million from Duke in insurance, but I do not see that happening. Folks, Zion got lucky, very lucky. His knee twisted and it could have been an ACL or MCL and he could be out for a year max, but he got lucky and it was just a mild sprain. My question is why would he risk it again?

I know what everyone is saying, “he wants to win a championship, he will play” and that’s probably true, but if I were in his situation I would not play. Zion is a freak of nature. He is 6’7″ and 284 pounds, yet he is in amazing shape and his muscles are bigger than I am. He is at one of the most prestigious colleges in America but he should leave and go train in LA or NY. Zion just needs to leave the college scene and focus on being 100% healthy and focus on bringing the Knicks their first title in forever. Keep in mind, I am a Kentucky fan and just went through this with Reid, but Reid isn’t Zion and unlike Zion, Reid is playing for a first round pick.

Yow know my opinion, now let’s hear yours. Please vote below.

Breaking: Reid Travis Out With A Sprained Right Knee

Some breaking news out of Lexington today, Reid Travis is officially out with a sprained right knee. This will keep Reid out a few weeks, but there is some hope he can return by the start of the SEC Tournament. Honestly Reid can be out as long as he wants, I just need him back for the NCAA. Kentucky has finally hit their stride and this just deflates everything. Now, Kentucky can still win out due to their insane depth in the front court, but it will rely a lot more on EJ, PJ, and Nick.

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EJ and Nick have been the people to come in and relieve PJ and Reid, but they now turn into key minutes and they have to be a lot smarter with fouls. With four talented bigs, Kentucky could be more aggressive but now they have to make sure they avoid foul trouble.

So what should you expect? Expect Kentucky to lose. That will happen. One of the reasons PJ has been so explosive is because Reid is so tough in the paint. Without Reid, PJ will have to be the brute in the lineup and if he does it well, EJ or Nick will go off. As I look at the schedule, we have five games left. Kentucky will finish the season winning at least 3 of 5, but I expect they only lose one to Tennessee. Ole Miss is a tough game to play without Reid, but I think Kentucky wins that without Reid.

All and all Kentucky will be okay. They might not win the SEC Tournament, but who cares? Cal does not even want to show up for the SEC Tournament, saying “who will notice if we skip it, it does nothing for us.” Kentucky will win the Title if Reid is healthy for the real tournament. They probably won’t be a one seed and probably won’t get the Louisville Regional, but I still expect them to make a huge run, to the final four and win it all. Just get healthy for the final push, Reid.

The Kardashian Curse Has Been Lifted: The Cavs are BACK

In a huge turn of events, the 12-46 Cleveland Cavilers are finally back to the Eastern Conference winners they were previously. As Tristan Thompson said at the beginning of the year: “We’re still 4-time Eastern Conference champions, so until you take us down from that, teams ain’t got much to say. Boston, Philly, they ain’t got much to say. Boston had home-court Game 7 and lost. Philly, you guys almost got swept. Toronto – we know that story.”

Yesterday, news broke that Tristan and his baby mamma Khloe Kardashian had ended their relationship. In a shocking turn of events that no one could have seen coming, Tristan allegedly cheated on Khloe again (who would have ever guessed). But this is the kicker…the girl Tristan cheated with was Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner’s best friend. Kylie literally has given Jordyn everything to her name, including allowing her to stay in a billionaire’s mansion. Now, Kylie has to kick her to the curb and in 10 years Jordyn will be an answer to a trivia question or on a special of “Where are they now?”

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Jordyn Woods (left) and Kylie Jenner (right)

So how does this help the Cavs? The Cavs now can return to their winning ways. The so-called Kardashian curse has come to an end in Cleveland so bring back King James and let’s run it back. With Tristan, Sexton, Love, Clarkson, and Cedi this team returns back to championship contention, especially with the curse lifted. The Cavs will go on a run and maybe even finish this season with 20 wins, all thanks to Tristan.

In another non-shocking move, this comes out right before Keeping Up With the Kardashians season 16 starts this Sunday, so what better way to build hype than with a huge cheating scandal. The devil works hard, but Kris Kardashian works harder.

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P.S….. isn’t it ironic that Kendall is in a serious relationship with an NBA star, yet Simmons is striving right now and there is little talk about a curse, but the Cavs got rid of their curse and they are still just awful.

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Afternoon Juice, Rivalry Week

Even money yesterday, 2-2. Brings us to 20-13-1. Got four more bets for you tonight, so let’s get started. 4 picks, plus a special upset alert just for y’all at the end.

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#16 Louisville @ Syracuse

Up in New York we have a very underrated matchup between two very similar teams. Louisville comes in off a last second win against Clemson and with little momentum. Syracuse averages 70 points per game while allowing 64.3 and Louisville averages 77.4 while giving up 68. Nearly every statistic they have is similar, which is why this game will be fun to watch. For Louisville, Nwora needs to get better defensively. He had a last minute block on Saturday, but his defense is sketchy at best. His offense is unreal, so if he can be consistent on the defensive end, Louisville wins this game. For Syracuse, Tyus Battle needs to go tf off. Syracuse will be riding him all game, so if he is knocking down shots it’s over. My guess is Syracuse wins this game. I’d take Syracuse moneyline as well as the under 133.

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#8 North Carolina @ #1 Duke

Tonight in North Carolina, we have one of the greatest rivalries in sports occuring. North Carolina marches into Durham to face the #1 Duke Blue Devils and boy are they on a wild ride. Everyone knows Duke. Everyone knows you have to play your best game against them to even keep it close. With Zion, RJ, and Cam, this team is extremely hard to beat and I think of them like the Golden State Warriors. If they lose, it’s a rarity and a surprise. For Duke, this game does not come down to Zion, RJ, or Cam…it comes down to Tre Jones. Jones is the leader of this Duke team and when he is not playing well, neither does the team. Yeah Zion and RJ can take over a game in an instant, but it all starts with the defensive play and the outlet caused by Tre Jones. For North Carolina, you cannot let the little runs get to you. Kentucky got blown out by Duke mainly because they hadn’t been punched in the mouth yet and the little runs Duke made just demoralized Kentucky. Carolina cannot let that happen and it starts with Maye and Johnson. They have been here done that, especially Maye so if the veteran can lead them in and get them started early, we may have a good game but I doubt it. I think Duke wins 88-76. So take Duke -9 and the over 159.

Lastly, I have a special upset alert. Michigan St against Rutgers. Izzo is on the hot seat ( and this is the type of game they should easily win. Rutgers is not a very good team, but they can be if they knock down their 3 pointers. The spread is MSU -15 but I would take Rutgers +15 in this one plus the under 133.5. See y’all Saturday.

Please Don’t, WWE

There are tons of rumors surfacing right now but there is one I do not want to deal with. The rumor is that Kofi Kingston will not be facing Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania, instead WWE is planning on bringing someone back, such as John Cena, Bray Wyatt, Kurt Angle, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, or Batista. This is complete and utter bulls**t.

Kofi has been apart of WWE since 2008 and during his time with the company, he has had the WWE Universe behind him the entire way. It was shown during Sunday’s PPV when Daniel Bryan and him were the last two people in the Elimination Chamber and it ended with Bryan retaining. But, what was impressive about that match isn’t how well Kofi did in the ring (he is always a show stopper) but it is that Kofi lost. Kofi had everyone in that arena on their feet anticipating his first WWE Title, but the WWE had him fall shot, which is fine. But when that was the best match of the year so far, why would you not want to run it back?

Related image

WWE has gotten into a routine of the same Championship matches, especially when it comes to AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan. If you ask anyone if they want to see Bryan vs AJ or Bryan vs Joe, it’d be a resounding no. As we head towards Wrestlemania, there is no clear opponent for Bryan so why not include one of the most celebrated non-title winners in the history of the WWE.

Kofi has won the US Title (3 times), the Intercontinental Championship (4 times), and the Raw and Smackdown Tag Team Titles with the New Day a record 7 times with Big E and Xavier Woods. Kofi is one of the most athletic wrestlers in the game and he’s put 12 hard years into the company, so why not give him the chance against Bryan? He just put on the greatest 10 minutes one on one match this year, give him a shot!

Have Kofi win at Wrestlemania then you can break up the New Day and then maybe give Big E a shot at the title. Regardless, if Kofi does not walk out of Wrestlemania as a Champion, my time with the WWE may come to an end.

BREAKING: Manny Machado to Padres

Breaking news today as we finally have a signing to report. Manny Machado will finally report to spring training as a member of the San Diego Padres. This comes as a huge shock as the Yankees and White Sox were the favorites. He signed for 300 million for 10 years.

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This obviously makes the Padres better but the question is how much better? They have Kinsler, Urias, and Hosmer but other than that they pretty much stink. It will be interesting to see if he makes any impact, given their rotation is awful anyway. He probably adds 10 wins max, but I still think they’re under .500.

It was very clear he only wanted the money….

Now we wait for Bryce. I’ll have more on this later.

Morning Juice, Rivalry Week

We are back and better than ever. After a 2-4 performance last Tuesday, I led y’all to a 5-1 record on Saturday and a 6-1 record on the weekend if you took my All Star Over 311. We have two great days of basketball ahead of us in today and tomorrow, so we’ll do two games each day. My overall record is 18-11-1, so let’s go.

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#24 Maryland @ #21 Iowa

We shall start in Iowa City, Iowa where we have another top matchup in the Big Ten. Maryland is coming off a huge loss against Michigan this past weekend, while Iowa is coming off a big, last minute win against Rutgers. Both of these teams can score, but both play amazing defense too. Maryland averages 72.8 points per game while allowing 64.6 and Iowa is averaging 81.2 points per game and allows 73 per game. As in the Michigan game, Maryland needs Cowan Jr. to go tf off. They need their leading scorer and leading ball handler to take control from the beginning and they will have a chance. They will also need Fernando to cause some discomfort for the Iowa bigs. Iowa just needs to contain those two. Most of Maryland’s offense runs through them, so hold them tight and you’ll win. I think Iowa wins 78-69, so take Iowa -2 and if you’re feeling risky take the under 151.

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#4 Kentucky @ Missouri

Wow, what a game from Kentucky on Saturday. After a loss to LSU last week, Kentucky came out strong and demolished the #1 ranked Tennessee. If Kentucky can play like that every single game, no team in the nation can beat them, not even the team that beat them by 34. They played so strong and aggressive and LOOK AT KELDON. I told y’all that Kentucky needed PJ and Keldon to go off and then Keldon goes on a 4 out of 5 run on three pointers and PJ added another 20. Reid bullied Grant Williams and almost got himself a triple double and Tyler Herro got his first double double. For Missouri, I think they need to play the game of their lives. Let’s be honest, they are not a good team. They score 68 points a game while allowing 68.9 and Kentucky is averaging 78.6 while allowing 65.6. Kentucky is just going to dominate this game, but I would be cautious of the spread. In their last ten games, Kentucky is 8-2 against the spread, but coming off a huge win and going into enemy territory is always difficult. I expect Kentucky to win, to win big actually, but keep an eye on the spread. I’d take Kentucky -11 and the over 133 because I think Missouri scores more than expected. Kentucky 75-61.

We will see y’all tomorrow morning for UNC @ Duke and Louisville @ Syracuse. In the meantime, follow us on twitter @soft7sports so you never miss your Morning Juice.