Lakers Will Be Hard to Hate with Three Kentucky Favorites in the Lineup

The Lakers have always been one of the more hatable teams in the NBA. Add LeBron James to it and now you have a squad that people not only despise, but actively root against. As a lifelong Celtics fan, the Lakers are my least favorite team by default, but as a lifelong Kentucky fan, it is going to be hard to hate them this season and here’s why:

The team most likely to win the title in the NBA has three of the most beloved Kentucky players of all time on it. Of course, the team that we all wanted to fail has made it very hard to root against them. Rajon Rondo was the best Kentucky player in years at the time he arrived, Demarcus Cousins was an irreplaceable piece in Cal’s first team at UK and Anthony Davis brought the NCAA title back to its rightful home for the first time in 14 years. Truly unforgettable players.

See if you can still hate the Lakers after watching their highlights as Wildcats.

Couldn’t find any Rondo Kentucky highlights without a Creed song in the background so hopefully his Louisville games suffice.

I wrote yesterday about how other NBA teams are jumping on the BBNBA backwagon and I can’t tell if it is because Kentucky players are taking prominent positions in NBA rosters or if there are just so many of them that it is unavoidable having 3-5 Wildcats on a team. Either way, we really should have seen AD and Boogie teaming up with LeBron coming.

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Oklahoma City Is the New Phoenix

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The 2019 NBA Offseason has been proven that no one is safe when a team wants a superstar. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but those Los Angeles teams sure were. In their quest to stay relevant against the almighty Lakers, the Clippers have just traded with OKC to obtain Paul George in order to secure Kawhi Leonard. But in the process, they had to give up a player that has given everything to their organization in Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

Originally, he was tagged as an untradable player, but it is hard to pass on Paul George especially if it means Kawhi Leonard is involved. So, SGA is on his way to Oklahoma City and Oklahoma City is on its way to becoming the new Phoenix. Not in terms of actual city importance, but in terms of how their NBA teams are massing Kentucky players.

The Suns have had incredible amounts of former Wildcats including Tyler Ulis, Archie Goodwin, Devin Booker, Brandon Knight and Eric Bledsoe. Now, Billy Donovan has decided to take the same route trading for SGA. OKC now has Patrick Patterson, Nerlens Noel, Hamidou Diallo, and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. Effectively assuming the title of the Oklahoma City Wildcats and leading the BBNBA charge.

Let’s hope this strategy works out better for the Thunder than the Suns.

Patrick Towles Reveals Handwritten Letter He Received from Jared Lorenzen

Patrick Towles has looked up to Jared Lorenzen his entire life. Both having gone to school and played quarterback at Ft. Thomas Highlands High School, Patty Ice knew exactly who he would want to mentor him on his way to playing football at Kentucky. It is a truly special moment when you find someone on the same path as you. After Jared’s passing a few days ago, Patrick decided to share this handwritten letter he received from Hefty Lefty when he was just a sophomore in high school.

Game recognize game.

There is something so special about handwritten letters. Those simple yet powerful mementos that the author never realizes the impact of. I am sure Towles held this close to him since the day he received it and even closer now that tragedy has struck.

Thank you for sharing, Patrick. I know you made Jared proud.

Why Joe Lundardi’s Early Bracketology Is Absurd

Joe Lundardi is ESPN’s resident Bracketologist. And if that sounds like a made up position, it’s because that’s exactly what it is. How does one even become a bracketologist? Do you have to have a fake degree from a fake school like Hogwarts, Trump University or South Harmon Institute of Technology? Anyway, I digress.

Lunardi has released is way too early predictions for what 68 teams will populate the 2020 NCAA Tournament bracket. You can see the full bracket and previous predictions here. Picture below.

Now, the Kentucky homer in me doesn’t care about Kentucky being a 2 seed or even that Louisville is too. The casual college basketball fan can usually guess at least 7 of the top 8 teams. There are two problems with this early bracket though: why is coming out 2 months before football season even starts and how can Joey Brackets realistically predict the low seeds?

The problem is with the 11-16 seeds. How in the world can this guy predict what teams will be there? He is essentially picking conference tournament winners since that is the only way teams from the SWAC, MEAC, MIVA, or SoCon will get into the tournament.

Nobody can actually predict who the double digits seeds will be 4 months before the season. And the people that think they can probably didn’t realize that one of the four conferences above is actually a men’s volleyball conference. Basically, don’t make a prediction on a conference champion when a 5’10” white dude could get hot from three and wreak havoc on a tournament. So, let’s pump the brakes and let football have at least one month of spotlight before we start making such bold predictions.

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Louisville City FC Well Represented for Jamaica in Gold Cup Semi Final

Louisville City FC’s own Shaun Francis and Devon “Speedy” Williams started and played all 90 minutes of the CONCACAF Gold Cup Semi Final against the United States. While the Americans won the match 3-1, our boys represented Lou City phenomenally with clean performances. Pure class as per usual.

Since Jamaica gave up three goals in the loss, it is easy to place blame on the defenders for the poor result. And while I am sure Francis will accept some of that blame, he actually had a very solid performance. Sure, he could have been in a little better position for the first United States goal, but the second goal was in no way his fault. In fact, he played Jordan Morris perfectly and closed him down into taking a tough shot directly at the keeper. Unfortunately for the Raggae Boyz, the rebound dropped right to Christian Pulisic.

Wic’s match rating for Shaun Francis: 7.4

In the midfield, Speedy showed his class with smart touches and crisp passes. Williams even ignited several second half charges in an attempt to bring Jamaica level. So, basically exactly what we can expect from every Lou City game. Classic Speedy Williams performance.

Wic’s match rating for Speedy Williams: 7.9

One thing I noticed with both of the Louisville City boys, and especially with Speedy, was that they did not play like the rest of their team. I am not saying they weren’t team players, but when teams are overmatched, like Jamaica was against the US, they will do whatever they can to get ahead. Like flopping of fouling players immediately after they realize they are beat, but this is how not Speedy or Francis played.

Speedy and Francis played with true class. Even in a 2 goal loss, they still made Louisville proud.

Best Memories of Jared Lorenzen

It is with a heavy heart that we say good bye to a Kentucky football legend, Jared Lorenzen, at the age of 38.

He may be gone, but Hefty Lefty holds a special place in the hearts of every Wildcat fan that got to see him play. He will not only be remembered for his stature and tenure as Kentucky’s QB, but also for his plethora of nicknames that made him an instant crowd favorite including Pillsbury Throwboy, Hefty Lefty, the Abominable Throwman, J-Load, and my personal favorite, the Round Mound of Touchdown.

So, I feel like the best way to honor him is to look back on his life and relive his greatest moments. His 4 touchdown game versus Louisville, the 7 overtime game against Arkansas and his Super Bowl victory as a backup against the undefeated Patriots are just some that come to mind.

Even though Kentucky lost this game, this was the most heart I had ever seen anyone play with in a Kentucky uniform. Inspiring.

Rest easy, Jared.

Apparently Some Englanders Didn’t Like Alex Morgan’s Tea Sipping Celebration

Classiness, or lack thereof, is the most tired complaint in all of sports. Anything that the losing team doesn’t like is automatically considered “classless”, or is this case “distasteful”, and it all of the sudden gives them the moral high ground.

So, she is a big fan of how the Americans celebrate and is an advocate for celebrating any way you want as long as it doesn’t reference a war from 250 years ago? Got it. In the words of the coolest white person of all time, Justin Timberlake, “Cry me a river.” Don’t like it? Maybe don’t lose the game or spend a whole week calling the other team’s best scorer arrogant.

America’s women have been besting England at it’s own sport for years now. Why is now the time they get butt hurt about it? She was probably they same person that called for Jill Ellis’ head for running up the score on Thailand. Don’t get all high and mighty on us now especially when VAR gave you a penalty as a consolation for a correct offside call.

Had England won, she would have been jumping around yelling “pip pip cherrio” or “ello guvnuh”, or whatever English people say, thinking she had defeated American arrogance. But since she lost she now has to give the Coach K speech of telling the other team how they should act when they score or win. Give me a break.

Her complaints are falling on deaf ears; mainly Alex Morgan’s who will be too busy celebrating with her Golden Boot to care about the opinion of an butt hurt media personality. On the bright side, the view of the World Cup Final is going to be pretty nice from atop her high horse.