Ya Boi Is Back Plus NBA Recap Going Into December

“Life sucks, and then you die.”

I was told that when I was in high school by one of the greatest teachers and men I have ever known. Boy was he right. Since me posting that Soft 7 was back, I was let go (company was bought out), hired somewhere else (making less money than anticipated), started a weekend job to make more money (love serving), started volunteering to give back, and still maintain a full class load. So yeah, have not had the freest schedule recently.

However, with me finally now getting a scheduled break a few days a week to get back into writing, i can now finally get back to what I really love: writing about the NBA.

We have had some huge headlines break in the NBA world. Adam Silver wants to completely change the league. Ratings took a nose dive. Giannis dropped 50, then James Harden dropped 60 (in 3 quarters). Luka looks like he is the MVP. Rookie of the Year talks mirror MVP talks in how wild they are. Zion is STILL gaining weight. The Kings shit the bed in a Western conference that lowkey sucks. Andrew Wiggins looks like he deserves the nickname “Maple Jordan”. Carmelo is back and somehow better. The Raptors look like a repeat worthy team.

Lemme take a breath cause these are just the major headlines, and this is without mentioning any of the major market teams (that exist in, say, Boston, New York, LA, etc.)

I’ll be picking up my writing starting next week. Thought I’d take a break during my studying for finals to let you all know. I shall see you all soon.

Author: soft7buck

Just a dude with sick flow writing about his favorite things in the world...well, in the sports' world that is

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