The Juice is Loose, Should We Panic About Kentucky?

First off, I know what you’re thinking…where hell have you been, Juice? Well, I moved to Nashville and the real world got chaotic. But I’m back…kind of. Kentucky basketball coverage has been my dream and I’m happy to say I’ve secured an amazing job and recently started a side hustle which will be announced later but I wanted to come back to the roots, to the place that started it all. Now let’s get to my point.

As we all know now, Kentucky got flat out embarrassed by Evansville. You can blame who you want, but it’s simple to see how we lost: we were unprepared.

I love John Calipari, but we lost this game because of him. Now stay with me. Cal has shown since day one he doesn’t really care about Kentucky and I respect that. Okay, he cares but he wants more than just notoriety for the school. His type of coaching/recruiting is unprecedented and his goal isn’t a championship, a perfect season, or to even make the tournament, he coaches for the kids futures which is why this past weekend was weird, especially for Cal.

Early season with a young team can be stressful. We’ve seen Cal stress this and it’s been proven especially when we lost to Duke last season by 34 but we still should’ve made the Final Four. Early season is so important for Cal which just makes his visit to NC State this weekend even more weird. He knows how important prep is for games, especially the weaker opponents because it’s a chance to run their schemes and get prepared for April but Calipari spent 2 days away from the team to cheer on his son. I’m not saying that’s an issue, I support Brad and I’m sure every member of BBN does but this early in the season you can’t be lazy and unfortunately that’s what Cal was last weekend.

I’m not knocking Calipari for visiting his son, that’s awesome and I’d want to see my kid play his first game (outside of Kentucky). But we need his full attention and I believe this is what captures it.

Look a loss is a loss who cares. We’ll be fine. We’ll beat Ohio State, we’ll beat Utah and we know damn well those Dirty Birds aren’t beating us in Rupp. We’re banged up. Hagans needs to rest, EJ and Allen need to get healthy, and Maxey and company need to find their stride. This team reminds me a ton of 2011 with Knight. We struggled, especially on the road and lost to some inferior opponents. But they’ll turn it around, give it some time.

This team still can win it all. We got spoiled with a great performance against Michigan State but it’s early. We should expect some bumps along the road and I know Calipari is more focused than ever now. We’ll be where we need to be, when we need to be there.

As always, Go Cats.

PS…Morning Juice will be making a comeback early December. I’ll be writing more here until I can share the exciting news.

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