Latest N’Faly Dante Update

At this point you know who N’Faly Dante is and what he brings to the table. In case you forgot, N’Faly Dante is the 2nd ranked center in the 2020 class but his family seems to be pushing for him to reclassify into 2019. While he is from Wichita, Kentucky is also pushing for a reclassification due to his ability to own the paint and it doesn’t hurt that he is long as hell. While he is technically 6 foot 11 inches, his wingspan stretches to 7 foot 5 and some measurements even think it is bigger. With Calipari still looking to add to his already stacked 2019 class, Dante could be the final piece of the championship puzzle.

While the Kerry Blackshear saga continued for weeks, the N’Faly Dante sweepstakes could take even longer but at no fault of his own. Being a junior in high school, N’Faly has perhaps his most important AAU summer and he’d be a fool to skip out on it. With the Peach Jam about to begin, we could see him make a decision anytime after July 14th but hold on and keep your hopes to a minimum.

N’Faly is an amazing player, there’s no arguing that and he is one of those players that could leap into the 2019 class because his skill set is so special. There is a holdup though and for him, it’s harder than most situations. With him being originally from Mali, english is his second language. Reclassifying is hard enough but he’ll have it harder. A ton of media reports came out saying he was staying in the 2020 class…they’re wrong. N’Faly wants to reclassify and he is awaiting a few test results as well as the Peach Jam. But as the Peach Jam begins soon, he’ll face media and we’ll be able to get more answers.

Again, N’Faly would be a stud. His length, his shot blocking ability, and his speed are a few things to look out for. I feel like Dante is the closest to Bam. Bam was an absolute tank but he wasn’t the best shooter. His defense will set him apart from the others as he is a complete package with shot-blocking and rebounding and the ability to switch off the pick. The issue Dante may have is his outside shot. While he drains threes in his videos, his shot is just so inconsistent. With his height, he has the ability to again rebound and dunk but he’ll need to develop an outside shot and it will take patience from everyone. He has the peak of a Karl Anthony Towns with his athleticism and he can grow into a shot and with Kenny Payne, this is possible.

Here are my thoughts…if and it’s about 70/30 right now, IF N’Faly reclassifies Kentucky is in the driver’s seat. He could potentially stay home at Kansas and even Oregon is atop of his list, but Kentucky is the school he has his eyes on and his host family feels the exact same way. If I had to take a guess, I think he will reclassify but it would happen after Peach Jam and those AAU events. This gives him more time to visit, work on school work, and show off his skills against the elite of the elite. It may be a waiting process, but I think the Cats wrap up their 2019 recruiting class with N’Faly.

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