Louisville City FC Well Represented for Jamaica in Gold Cup Semi Final

Louisville City FC’s own Shaun Francis and Devon “Speedy” Williams started and played all 90 minutes of the CONCACAF Gold Cup Semi Final against the United States. While the Americans won the match 3-1, our boys represented Lou City phenomenally with clean performances. Pure class as per usual.

Since Jamaica gave up three goals in the loss, it is easy to place blame on the defenders for the poor result. And while I am sure Francis will accept some of that blame, he actually had a very solid performance. Sure, he could have been in a little better position for the first United States goal, but the second goal was in no way his fault. In fact, he played Jordan Morris perfectly and closed him down into taking a tough shot directly at the keeper. Unfortunately for the Raggae Boyz, the rebound dropped right to Christian Pulisic.

Wic’s match rating for Shaun Francis: 7.4

In the midfield, Speedy showed his class with smart touches and crisp passes. Williams even ignited several second half charges in an attempt to bring Jamaica level. So, basically exactly what we can expect from every Lou City game. Classic Speedy Williams performance.

Wic’s match rating for Speedy Williams: 7.9

One thing I noticed with both of the Louisville City boys, and especially with Speedy, was that they did not play like the rest of their team. I am not saying they weren’t team players, but when teams are overmatched, like Jamaica was against the US, they will do whatever they can to get ahead. Like flopping of fouling players immediately after they realize they are beat, but this is how not Speedy or Francis played.

Speedy and Francis played with true class. Even in a 2 goal loss, they still made Louisville proud.

Author: Wic

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