Keldon Johnson Shows Out in Summer League Against Grizzlies

Keldon Johnson had a disappointing start to his NBA career. In his Summer League debut, he only posted 4 points. The Kentucky and Keldon Johnson haters were riding pretty high seeing such an underwhelming performance. I’d like to see all of them now after his game on Tuesday versus Memphis.

The 29th overall pick dropped 29 points, 7 boards and 3 assists. Basically by Summer League standards, He. Went. The hell. Off. Falling so far in the draft must have gotten to him, because he looked like this game was personal. Take a look at the highlights:

There’s that outside game we always knew he had. Also, seeing Keldon Johnson consistently getting out in transistion, especially when he is leading the charge, is going to be one of the most fun things to watch this summer.

Gregg Popovich has a way of figuring out exactly what was wrong with a player and turning them entirely around in 24 hours. And he just proved again why he is the best coach in the NBA. If Pop takes Keldon under his wing and develops him the same way he built Kawhi Leonard, then Joshson could end up being one of the league’s best players. (yes, I know that is a hot take after one good game in the Summer league.)

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